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Somaliland: It Is Time For Action Before It Is Too Late
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Somaliland: It Is Time For Action Before It Is Too Late

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Ifrah Osman, Toronto, Canada

I love reading complex essays, opinions and articles blasted all over the Somaliland web pages about the obstacles and challenges facing Somaliland. Some of them are serious analysis of the situation, some offer solutions, some are political, some are genuine, others are nasty and discouraging, some more are depressing and show no hope.

If you have read this far and you are composing a response already, please hold your horses, I am not criticizing, I am in fact praising us for being focal and expressing our views and frustrations as Somalilanders for I believe that silence is the weakest action.

We should give credit where it is due; the credit for the existence and survival of Somaliland unanimously goes to its people, not its government since it is creation. There are so many people who are working day and night trying to get Somaliland on the world map, these are genuine Somalilanders who prefer to stay off the spot light and need nor expect recognition. To all those, we owe a thank you.

Somaliland survived so far and is here to stay without a doubt, but if something is not done soon, it might not withstand the pressures from within.

How does a President get involved in the nitty-gritty details of every affair of the nation? Isn’t that the duty of his so called trusted ministers? How does the president afford to spend millions of dollars in travel expenses when news comes from Somaliland day in and day out that the situation in the country is at its worst? How do we allow all of this to happen, is the critical question?

To the government sympathizers who will be spending much effort trying to defend the government of Somaliland, I ask you a simple question, what has Rayale done for the country since he was elected?

Name any changes, any success, a move towards recognition, even just a hopeful encouraging speech? He is traveling abroad for the 8th time without any tangible outcomes! Take a minute to think about this!!

People will tell you the country has changed, it is booming, who built all the beautiful houses you see on the internet websites, who owns the major businesses, the restaurants, who imports the thousands of cars that create a rush hour in the midst of a city without paved roads? Simply the people of the Somaliland!

The people of Somaliland especially the Somaliland diaspora are approaching the end of the road. How long can they invest in a country without a future? How long can they collect donations or create projects whose major obstacle or roadblock is the government?

It is time for the next generation of Somaliland to take over from the recycled politicians of Barre’s regime! It is time for new leadership to educate the people of Somaliland of their right to choose without being blackmailed with a so-called civil war. A concept so vague I don't even understand how it is brought up in the context of free elections! A war with who and between who and who?

And it is time for the opposition to get involved in bringing alternatives and fresh ideas to the nation. It is time for them to stop bashing the government and in wasting their time in exposing petty details about what the government is involved in. I believe the people of Somaliland are well aware of the government’s tactics and cheap plots by now but they need options. Start giving them concrete reasons to vote for you, educate them about the democratic process and reach their level and speak their language.

Like I said, the talking phase is wearing out, we need solutions and we need to desperately save our nation. No need to remind ourselves how this freedom came about. It came with many sacrifices and unity; we need that unity and motivation once more. And we need it now more than any other time. I urge you for action; I urge every die hard Somalilander wherever you are to take action, myself included. And even if you don’t have the capabilities or time to initiate, please support those who are trying to make a difference. If however for any reason you find faults in other’s efforts, please speak to the sources directly, make suggestions, and offer solutions!

We need solutions however the scale and we need change, although it will be gradual, but gradual changes will get us somewhere, they might in our case bring about a miracle and indeed Somaliland our beloved nation needs nothing short of a miracle.



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