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The Prevention Of Recap Genocide

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By Yusuf Dirir Ali

Since the second Somaliland declaration of independence in the Grand Burao Conference (G.B.C), Somaliland has proven that it strongly stands on high moral and solid legal grounds to be recognized as a sovereign state. In pursuit of peace, good governance and eventual international recognition, Somaliland held a national referendum and internationally observed multiple democratic and fair elections.

On the other hand, Somalilanders terribly under estimated the significance and consequence of not raising their voices ear splittingly and comprehensibly to speedily attain international recognition. Somalilanders also neglected to appropriately package and rightfully brand name themselves as ‘survivors of malicious genocide’. In launching the marketing drive for their just cause, Somalilanders chose individuals who were self-interestedly unfaithful to the sovereignty of Somaliland. Subsequently, they elected individuals with no fitting public relations skills, who in turn could not reasonably present the grounds for the Somaliland-Somalia (union) disintegration. As a product of those awful mistakes, Somaliland failed to sale its legitimate cause to the decision makers that crowd the competitive and congested corridors of the international policy making centers.

Members of this administration are whispered to have had intelligence and diplomatic back grounds, but in veracity they give the impression of loosing the command of their respective fortes. After the announcement of their official visits to several African capitals, it was thought that, the present day administration was finally on the right track. It was anticipated that the administration was to launch a judiciously prepared media and international public relations campaign. Most importantly, the Somaliland delegation was supposed to hold morally hard-hitting press conferences especially in the eve of the African Union summit, to attract the international attention to the unmerited suffering of Somaliland. In the aftermath of the African union summit, a high ranking Somaliland introductory delegation was expected to be dispatched to the Arab and Islamic world, prioritizing countries that go up against our independence. Regrettably, none of those potentials were exploited or may be not even explored.

The reason this administration continuously avoids organizing press conferences in the intervening time between their lavish relaxations in luxurious hotels and their crazy shopping sprees in the European high-end boutiques, both at the expense of the miserable Somaliland-taxpayer, is an unsolved mystery.

Constantly, the Rayaale administration states that Somaliland is worn at work to be recognized, because without recognition Somaliland can not acquire loans from the international Banking Systems i.e. the African Development Bank and the World Bank. It is true that we are in dire need of both human and infrastructure development. We also appreciate the fact, that international recognition is a prerequisite for the attraction and infusion of foreign capital to the economy of our country. However, I disagree with the manner in which this particular two separate issues(recognition and credits) are lumped together and packaged as one issue, for the interest of winning the consideration and compassion of the international community - to put it mildly, in this formulation, the argument is completely unpalatable to the international community. It sounds: “via recognition we are trying to reach into your (international community) pockets”. This presumably alludes that our major target is to secure the flow of international money into our bank accounts. This is outrageously incorrect, because our first priority is not international credit or assistance, but our first and foremost priority is freedom. We are demanding an international legal status for our future generations. Thus, the objective of our struggle is not about foreign credits, it is about existence and the prevention of recap genocide in Somaliland.

Meanwhile, deliberately and for all too familiar reasons, this administration always forgets to mention the genocide, the rape, torture, the mindless destruction of our country and the other horrendous injustices that Somaliland incurred under the 30 year-old union with Somalia. These were the genuine reasons that made us leave and not look back at the failed union with Somalia. I have no doubt that we will hit the jack-pot much sooner than expected, if this administration could once forget about the acquisition of foreign money and concentrates on reiterating the stories of our horrendous experience with Somalia.

In his numerous and costly foreign trips abroad, the President is alleged to waste his time and the taxpayer’s money, holding fruitless meetings with ruthless embezzlers, who rob money from the developing countries, on the pretext of oil exploration /interest representation, such as, the man who was arrested in Norway on embezzling charges and the members of the criminal gang that founded the fake Rova Energy corporation Limited (REC), who publicly brag around for having the designation of “Rayale authorized representatives of Somaliland interests abroad”. Besides many other publicly unrevealed alleged illegal schemes, the President is also accused to be deeply involved in the affairs of the bogus Virginia telephone company.

In the meantime, it is disgraceful that a man of Mr. Rayale’s caliber, an individual with a very vast experience in intelligence work and a democratically elected President of a state to be allegedly associated with a host of highly immoral crooks. In such situation, I think it will be out of question for a self- respecting foreign politicians to risk loosing their creditability by being associated with the national interests of a corrupt President who purportedly enjoys the company of amateurish and brainless criminals both at home and abroad. If these allegations are true, then Rayale is more of an ominous liability than a bonus to the Somaliland recognition campaign.

I am not trying to blame all the tribulations in Somaliland exclusively on the Rayale administration. The responsibility is shared by all Somaliland citizens, because we failed to create proper and effective institutions to safe guard the interest of our country and as a consequence our recognition had fallen as victim to thoughtless and incompetent hands. The elected members of parliament seem to be cowardly dodging the ball and are no where to be seen living to their pre-election promises or fulfilling their oath of office. They seem not to understand that we the citizens of Somaliland have the legal power to hire a president and they as the legislators of this country have the legal power to fire him/her. For now, they are out of the equation, because they bungled to confidently carry out their above-board and honorable obligations.

Thus far, the Rayaale administration did not attest to a single head of state that it has the pragmatism or the ambition of an administration that can effectively and honestly run a credible and democratic country. Our present foreign policy strategists are not the goal-scoring strikers we were supposed to place in the front half of the play field. With their money-seeking attitudes they are not even likely to hit anywhere near the goal, therefore, our team is headed to loose, unless we get the right substitutes in place.

In order to fill the void that is left in Somaliland’s foreign policy by the former and current administrations, a more aggressive and comprehensive recognition campaign is needed to be waged at this moment, when all eyes are on the relentless military advances of the Islamic court in Somalia. Let us hope that the opposition parties together with nonpartisan politicians will immediately team-up, pull up their socks and begin knocking at the doors of all important foreign capitals. This move if executed in a decent and sophisticated manner; will certainly show the world that there is an alternative to the people who are currently charged to sale our cause. This will also amazingly rekindle hope in the hearts and minds of true and faithful Somalilanders.  


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