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Somaliland : Love It Or Leave It

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Somaliland : Love It Or Leave It

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“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You; But Ask What You Can Do For Your Country” (John. F. Kennedy)

Seven months and still counting. My stay in Somaliland has been a lifetime experience as anyone who has been away from his home and family for more than twenty years would have felt. Personally, I call Somaliland a “School of hard knocks” and to anyone who is not familiar with the phrase, it means living in tough environment and confronting all obstacles with pride.

Recently, I have been deeply concerned about persons making mediocre comments about Somaliland, such comments were Somaliland is a failed nation and it will never be recognized as independent state, or as one article I read on the Somaliland Times said

“Somaliland: land of misery and poverty”. Nothing short of being flabbergasted and dismay do I feel when I hear or read such insipid comments. I for one do believe in freedom of speech and for anyone one to express themselves, however when someone's whole demeanor and their subtle vibes speaks or writes a language of negativity about another persons living status or country, which anyone with the right set of mind cannot fathom, then and only then does it become personal and no longer freedom of speech. Many People have lost their lives, many more have lost family members for Somaliland to achieve freedom, peace and prosperity which is the most important I achievement humankind can achieve.

So, if you are coming to visit Somaliland for two or three months or have been here all your life criticizing on how your country is, then I invite you once more to read the top of this article's quotation by John F. Kennedy. If you cannot go by that rule, then with all due respect keep your bitter comments to your self, because last thing Somaliland needs is criticism. Keep the faith.

Finally Allow me to take the time to thank god for giving me the opportunity to come back where I belong, I would also like to thank my family for their advice that has echoed my own subconscious thought and boosted my morale.

Hashi Hassan Hashi Urdooh.

Contributing Writer for Somaliland Times.

Hargeysa, Somali land

E-mail: urdooh@yahoo.com

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