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The Equation Of Mr. Arab Moi Will Not Be Compatible With Somaliland’s Inspirations
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The Equation Of Mr. Arab Moi Will Not Be Compatible With Somaliland’s Inspirations

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By Ali D.Yassin

The president of Somaliland Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin is creating a system which will be based on permanent future corruption and protection of personal interests. This system has been copied of Mr. Arab Moi’s equation which worked perfectly for the ex-president of Kenya who became the second president constitutionally when the first president of Kenya (Mr. Keniyata) died. Mr. Arab Moi stayed in power for 20 years because he had put around him a group of yes men, easy men, greedy, and uneducated men collected from Kenyan people.

It is time for Somalilanders to think twice about whom they will give their vote in the next presidential election because the current government that you’ve voted for is weak, corrupt and most of them are Afweyne’s group. In saying what is the alternative one may ask? How strong are the opposition leaders like Kulmiye? Could they learn from the mistakes of the current government and get ready to be the leaders of the next government of Somaliland. My answer is that they need to re-organize the internal structure and administration of their party and prepare themselves to be the alternative government for Somaliland Republic. The opposition party of Kulmiye must present themselves as an elect-able, responsible and future leader of the Somaliland Republic who can form a strong and better team than Mr. Rayale’s yes men and his guul-wadayaal. The other opposition party Ucid can also play their cards by exposing the weakness of the current government so that they can emerge as a strong party.

An interesting incident happened recently when the President of Somaliland Republic Mr. Rayale came to London on an official visit in August 2006.

The Somalilanders in London have prepared a big event at such short notice to welcome their President but Mr. Rayale has refused to attend the Event.

Most Somalilanders in London couldn’t believe it. When we tried to find out the reason why the president of Somaliland has refused the invitation of his own people to our shock we found out that Mr. Rayale and his group have formed a group of uneducated group to be their guul-wadayaal in the UK in order collect information from the Somaliland community in London and report to them. The head of that guul wadayaal has reported to the President that the event was facilitated by Kulmiye supporters after which the President has refused to take part in the event and didn’t meet with his people. Afterwards however, we found out that Mr. Rayale has met with his UDUB supporters at his hotel. Can we say that Mr. Rayale is a president of one party supporters only ( UDUB )? How is it possible for Somalilanders in London to swallow the fact that their president didn’t meet with his own people because of baseless information he had received from his guul-wadayaal in London? Can we say that a Master Plan or the Mother of All Paranoia Plan has been devised for president Rayale to alienate him from his own people. Has Mr. Rayaale fallen into the trap of his own failures.

Mr. Rayale’s recent visit to the UK and his refusal to meet up with his people because of the advice given by his guulwadayaal has reminded us of a previous allegation which have been reported in Hargeysa where we were told that Mr. Rayale has formed a committee called “Gudiga Ilaaliya Nabad-geliyada Qaramka “who kidnaps citizens from Hargeysa streets and keeps them in secret jails in Hargeysa. Somalilanders are afraid that this group will extent their services to kidnap people from their home at night like afweyne’s regime. This committee is similar to afweyna’s group called “Hanqash” and backbone breakers (kooxda dhabar-jabinta). This Committee is out side of the Somaliland’s Constitution and it is illegal committee and should be dismantled immediately.

Somaliland has judicial system and doesn’t need an other secret judicial system. Mr. Rayaale has formed this committee to protect his regime and to put down the free speech of Somalilanders.

During my visit to my country (Somaliland Republic) in June/July 2006, I have observed that the structure of Mr. Rayale’s government looks like an extension of Afweyne’s regime. Mr. President Rayaale has cleverly selected for ministerial posts from his old friends in the Afweyne’s regime except two or three positions in order to protect his regime and their interests.

In conclusion, everyone should know that Somalilanders will not accept Mr. Arab Moi’s or Afweyne’s style regime from president Rayale or from any other leader after him.

We paid very very high price to get back our government and we will not compromise our independence, peace, stability and our free of speech to anyone or group.

Long live Somaliland.

Ali D.Yassin

ku cadeeye

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