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Issue 244 / 23rd September 2006
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President Rayale Said To Be Behind A Criminal Action Brought Against Haatuf Newspaper

Islamic militia seizes control of Somalia seaport

Abdillahi Yusuf Can't Rule Somalia

Foreign Aid

Financing Somalia's Islamist Warlords

Red Cross Suspends Activities Over Ethiopia Kidnap

7 Somalia President’s Guards Flown To Nairobi

Regional Affairs

Migrants Beaten To Death On Ships To Yemen - U.N.

Somali Militants 'Will Open Holy War Camps'

Islamists Ban Trade Of Khat During Ramadan

Special Report

International News

U.S. Has Direct Contacts With Somali Islamists

Pope Sorry His Speech Offended Muslimsr

Somali Refugees Fear New Deadly Violence In Cape Town


Al-Jazeera Int'l Vows 'Unparalleled' News From Africa

Who Says Immigrants Make No Contribution?

The Next Phase of the Middle East War

Somalia Denies CIA Presence In Bombing Probe

Somalia Denies CIA Presence In Bombing Probe


Somaliland: Time for Corrections & Police Services rather than Forces

Oil Is The Basis Of The Crisis In Darfur

In Somalia, A Boot Camp For Islam

Business And Islam: Allies Against Anarchy In Somalia

''Somalia Drifts Toward Fragmentation As Regional Powers Polarize''

Investors Bet On Rising Costs For Scarce Water

Food for thought


Why No Action In Darfur? Race

A Note Of Congratulation To SOPRI For A Successful Somaliland Convention 2006

Our cream

The Equation Of Mr. Arab Moi Will Not Be Compatible With Somaliland’s Inspirations

It Is No Easy Task Solving The Somalia Question

Somalia: International Religious Freedom Report 2006

The Theory of Backwardness and Somalia/Somaliland Political Stage


GENEVA, Sept 22, 2006 – Dozens of African migrants crossing the Gulf of Aden to Yemen died this month, many after smugglers beat them and threw them overboard, sometimes just for requesting water, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday.

Ron Redmond, spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said 35 people had died making the perilous journey in overcrowded boats since the beginning of September, and 53 have been reported missing.

Mogadishu , Somalia, September 19, 2006 – Islamic militants who control of much of southern Somalia said today they will open training camps for Somali students to prepare them for a holy war against any foreign peacekeepers sent to the country.

Mogadishu, September 20, 2006 – The United States government was quick to respond the Somali transitional government's appeal to find international help over probing the double car bombings that engulfed the lives of at least 11 and injured dozens. The blasts took place in Baidoa town that, temporarily houses government buildings.

Islamists Ban Trade Of Khat During Ramadan

Khat - (Qaad/jaad)

Mogadishu, Somalia, September 21, 2006 – The powerful Islamists controlling the capital of Somalia Mogadishu and other key parts of south and central the country have announced on Thursday that it would be forbidden the sale of the khat drug leaves in the daylight during the holy Ramadan month which is two days in time. It is mostly consumed in Somalia that imported from neighbor country Kenya.

Sports Coach And Six Female Students Jailed In Mogadishu

Mogadishu, Somalia, September 21, 2006 – The Islamic authorities in Somalia capital Mogadishu said on Thursday they have arrested the coach of the karate club and six of his female players in Hamarweine neighborhood overnight. Source says.

Mogadishu, September 21, 2006 – Reports coming in from Eritrea indicate that the official state- run media in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea spoke about the recent explosions in Baidoa aimed at to assassinate the Somali president of the transitional federal government Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed who narrowly escaped the explosions unharmed.

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After Five Years, Eritrean Journalists Still Jailed In Secret Prisons Without Due Process

New York, September 15, 2006—Five years after Eritrea’s brutal crackdown on the independent press, the Committee to Protect Journalists today called for the release of 13 journalists held incommunicado in secret jails and two other journalists forced into extended military service. Basic information about the jailed journalists—most of whom were swept up in a September 18, 2001, crackdown—has become nearly impossible to obtain from official sources in Africa’s most repressive country.

This undated photo provided Sunday, Sept. 17, 2006 by the family of Sister Leonella, shows Italian nun Sister Leonella in Rezzanello di Gazzola, near Piacenza, Italy.

MOGADISHU, Somalia, September 17, 2006 — Two gunmen killed an Italian nun and her bodyguard at a hospital Sunday, and a security official for an Islamic militia controlling the capital speculated the attack was linked to worldwide Muslim anger over a speech by Pope Benedict XVI.

11 Killed In Attempt On Somali President's Life

BAIDOA, Somalia   September 18, 2006--   At least 11 people, including six alleged assailants, were killed in Baidoa, Somalia, Monday in an unsuccessful bid to assassinate Somalia's interim president, the country's foreign minister said.

In an attack blamed on those responsible for the weekend murder of an Italian nun in Mogadishu, five members of President Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed's entourage and six purported assassins died in powerful blasts that rocked the town of Baidoa, the minister said.

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Flight To Kenya Continuing

Nairobi, Kenya, Sep 19, 2006 - Somali refugees continue to flee to Kenya. Yesterday (Monday), UNHCR transported 662 refugees who arrived over the weekend at the Kenyan border town of Liboi, to our camp at Dadaab.

On Friday, we received 442 people, up from about 300 a day earlier in the week. Since September 13, more than 3,400 Somalis have escaped growing tensions and fighting in their country

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Mogadishu, Somalia, August 16, 2006 – Fighters loyal to Somalia's Islamic courts will soon be uniformed to formalize their ranks, says an official, amid new signs that the movement will enforce strict Sharia law.

A spokesperson for the Supreme Islamic Council of Somalia (SICS) said that standard uniforms would be given to gunmen charged with implementing court decrees.

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Thousands of Somalis gather to watch the execution of a man accused of murdering a prominent businessman in the capital Mogadishu, September 22, 2006. REUTERS/Shabele Media

MOGADISHU, Sep 22, 2006 – An Islamist militia firing squad shot a young man convicted of murder on Friday in the first public execution the movement has carried out in Mogadishu since taking the Somali capital in June.

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Mogadishu, Somalia, September 22, 2006 – SOMALIA'S powerful Islamist movement says it will tighten Sharia law on its territory and has vowed to fight the proposed deployment of foreign peacekeepers.

In a series of edicts, statements and court rulings issued just days after a failed attempt to assassinate the President of the country's weak transitional government, the Supreme Islamic Council of Somalia (SICS) moved to strengthen its grip on power.

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President Rayale Said To Be Behind A Criminal Action Brought Against Haatuf Newspaper

Hargeysa, Somaliland, September 23, 2006 (SL Times) – There is a growing evidence that Somaliland president Dahir Rayale Kahin has been behind a legal action brought earlier this week against the Haatuf newspaper by the secretary of the Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti) Mr. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habane better known as Abdillahi Dhere.

One September 20, 2006, Abdillahi Dhere had formally requested Attorney General Hussein A. Ghalib to arrange an investigation of Haatuf newspaper for publishing on September 18 an article in which the secretary of the Guurti, president Rayale and some unidentified members of the upper house were said to have been involved in a campaign aimed at removing the chairman of the Guurti Suleiman Mahmoud Adan from his post.

Holy Month Of Ramadan Begins Today

Hargeysa, Somaliland, September 23, 2006 (SL Times) – The holly month of Ramadan 1427 begins today in Somaliland following a number of Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait.

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Hargeysa, Somaliland, September 23, 2006 (SL Times) – The UNHCR Director for Africa, Madame Marjon Kamara left Hargeysa on Wednesday after paying a two-day visit to the country.

Ms. Kamara held talks with Somaliland government officials on the issue of improving basic life conditions for returnees, internally displaced people and asylum seekers in Somaliland.

Takeover of southern town of Kismayo challenges fragile government

KISMAYO, Somalia - Hundreds of Islamic militiamen in heavily armed trucks took over the southern town of Kismayo, one of the last seaports that had been outside their control in Somalia, witnesses said Sunday.

“The Islamic courts have entered Kismayo,” said resident Abdi Gashan, adding that the warlords who previously ruled the area had fled. “We welcome the Islamic courts.”

Jerry Okungu

By Jerry Okungu

I may be a pessimist, but as early as the Somali peace deal was signed in Nairobi and warlords elected Abdillahi as interim president, I predicted disaster and failure. I did not do so because I had known him. I did so when I saw the circumstances of his election against his track record as a warlord.

Now, two years later, my prediction has come to pass. However, what worries me, and I hope other realists too, is why the international community, Africa and the rest of mankind cannot see that backing Abdillahi Yusuf to bring peace and stability to Somalia is like asking a goat to negotiate with a crocodile.

"Al Capone would have been envious at the way these people are cashing in," the former aid worker, Wolfgang Fengler," says, adding that anyone who believes that foreign aid is helping the poor in countries, such as Kenya and Tanzania is deluding himself. He wrote this in November 1999.

In their Study Aid as Obstacle, Moore Lappe, Collins and Kinley also stated, "Its (i.e. the World Bank's) loan decisions are manipulated to reward or punish regimes according to narrowly defined interests of the US and other economically dominant countries." They wrote this in 1980.

J. Peter Pham

By J. Peter Pham, Ph.D.

Since the fall of the sometime Somali capital of Mogadishu to the armed radicals of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in early June, United States policymakers and analysts have debated not only the appropriate response to the event, but also how it came about.

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ADDIS ABABA , September 22, 2006 – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has temporarily suspended its activities in Ethiopia's Somali region where two aid workers were kidnapped, officials said on Friday.

The humanitarian agency said it was in contact with the unknown kidnappers and hoped its two staff -- an Ethiopian and his Irish colleague -- would be freed soon.

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Somali passport brought by Immigration Service
A couple walks past the wreckage of one of the vehicles destroyed during an assassination attempt on Somalia President Abdillahi Yusuf on Monday, in Baidoa. Yusuf’s brother and 10 others died in the attack

Nairobi , Kenya, September 20, 2006 – Seven of Somalia’s interim President Abdillahi Yusuf’s bodyguards who survived an attempted assassination have been flown to Nairobi for treatment.

The seven include Gender and Sports assistant minister, Mr. Abdi Mohamed, his driver and security agents. Five of the victims were treated and discharged yesterday while two are still in hospital. One of those in hospital was still in ICU at the Nairobi Hospital while the other one had a broken limb.

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International News

Somali protesters shout slogans against the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) as they hold posters and Arabic books during a demonstration after Friday prayers in Somalia's capital Mogadishu 22/09/06.

NEW YORK , Sept 22, 2006 – The United States held a direct meeting in recent weeks with a key Islamist leader from Somalia and demanded the handover of "terrorists" believed to be in Mogadishu, a senior U.S. official said on Friday.

Pope Sorry His Speech Offended Muslimsr

Rome, Italy, September 19, 2006 – Pope Benedict told Muslims yesterday he was sorry they had found his speech on Islam offensive, expressing his respect for their faith and hoping they would understand the ``true sense'' of his words.

``The Holy Father is very sorry that some passages of his speech may have sounded offensive to the sensibilities of Muslim believers,'' Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said in a statement.

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A Somalian refugee, from Masiphumelele, northwest of Cape Town, where Somalian shops and properties were burnt and looted, sits, 12 September 2006, outside the Simon's town Mosque in Cape Town, South Africa. Refugees who fled war-torn Somalia in search of safety and a better life in South Africa now fear becoming the next victims in a string of murders of their compatriots in the Cape peninsula.(AFP/File/Gianluigi Guercia)

CAPE TOWN, September 17, 2006 – Refugees who fled war-torn Somalia in search of safety and a better life in South Africa now fear becoming the next victims in a string of murders of their compatriots in the Cape peninsula.

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Somalis living in Bristol say they are being targeted by police at the city's airport because of the color of their skin and their religion. Young Somali men say they feel harassed and that they have been treated like criminals by police officers operating at Bristol International Airport. Gulaid Magan, aged 23, who used to be a special constable for Avon and Somerset Police, said he felt angry about the way he was treated when he was stopped by officers from Special Branch.

Doha, Qatar, September 19, 2006 Al-Jazeera International has announced an extensive network of correspondents in Africa for its new 24-hour English-language news service.

The international   television network will have five African bureaus and correspondents in seven cities, giving it one of the most comprehensive networks in Africa of any news organization.

The launch of Al-Jazeera International has been postponed several times, but it is expected to begin broadcasting   this year.

Language not a barrier: Maryan Ahmed has been a lifeline to many of the local Somali community.

Language not a barrier: Maryan Ahmed has been a lifeline to many of the local Somali community.

London, UK, September 21, 2006 – A volunteer from Streatham's Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has beaten more than 100 nominees nationwide to win a UK volunteer of the year award.

Somalian Maryan Ahmed, 39, will be presented with her award by Princess Anne at a ceremony held in York on September 26. She has been chosen to receive the advice category award.

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The Next Phase of the Middle East War

By Professor Michel Chossudovsky

" Israel's war on Lebanon is an integral part of a US sponsored ""military roadmap’.

"The war on Lebanon, which has resulted in countless atrocities including the destruction of the nation's economy and civilian infrastructure, is ""a stage"" in a sequence of carefully planned military operations. "

" Lebanon constitutes a strategic corridor between Israel and North-western Syria. The underlying objective of this war was the militarization of Lebanon, including the stationing of foreign troops, as a precondition for carrying out the next phase of a broader military agenda. "

NAIROBI, Sept 22, 2006 -- The transitional government of Somalia on Friday denied reports that the U.S. Central Bureau of Investigations (CIA) were probing an assassination attempt against Somali President Abdillahi Yusuf early this week.

Government spokesman Abdirahman Dinari said the United States, which was accused of bankrolling former Mogadishu-based warlords, had not dispatched its CIA agents to Baidoa, the seat of the fledgling administration, to probe Monday's abortive suicide bombing on Yusuf.

Speaking by telephone from Baidoa, about 250 km north of Mogadishu, Dinari said the government only sent a general request to international community for help with the investigations.

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WASHINGTON, Sep. 21, 2006 – While her security contingent waits outside the Georgetown restaurant, Ayaan Hirsi Ali orders what the menu calls ''raw steak tartare.'' Amused by the redundancy, she speculates that it is intended to immunize the restaurant against lawyers, should a customer be discommoded by that entree. She has been in America only two weeks. She is a quick study.

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Somaliland Map
Somaliland map
Hargeysa Bridge Committee web Link


Abdillahi Dhere who works as secretary for the Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti) has given himself the liberty of asking the country’s Attorney General to initiate a criminal investigation of our sister newspaper Haatuf for publishing on September 18, 2006 an article exposing the alleged involvement of the former in a covert campaign to mobilize support for unseating the current chairman of the upper house Suleiman Mahmud Adan.

In a letter he wrote on September 20, 2006 to Attorney General Hussein A. Ghalib, Abdillahi Dhere accused the Somaliland press as a whole of getting into the habit of not attributing the sources of their news information. For reasons known only to him, he copied the letter to the president.

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Special Report


By Prof. M. Y. Ali

In this paper, seismic, well, and outcrop data have been used to determine the petroleum systems of Somaliland. These data demonstrate that the country has favourable stratigraphy, structure, oil shows, and hydrocarbon source rocks.


In November 2005, the Centre for Human Rights began investigating the possibility of a third destination for the LLM field trip. The reasons for increasing the number of field trip destinations to include Somaliland include the following:

Somaliland is a state in the making; it would be ideal for students on the programme to have a first hand experience of this.

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Why No Action In Darfur? Race

bashir Goth

Goth is a veteran journalist, freelance writer, the first Somali blogger and editor of a leading news website . He is also a regular contributor to major Middle Eastern and African newspapers and online journals.

Somalia/United Arab Emirates - Looking at the prolonged suffering of the people of Darfur, one wonders why the world fails to act? No matter how hard one tries to resist, there is a nagging explanation that pops to the African's mind. It is the question of race.

As one of the hundreds of people who attended SOPRI’s second Somaliland Convention held at the Doubletree, Hotel Crystal City, Virginia, USA, and in my capacity as the Chair of the Somaliland Society UK, I will like to congratulate SOPRI for the excellent manner that the conference was conducted.

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Our cream

I have seen and I have heard,
What’s been said debated, dejected?
Mad about this and that, that which you've
Haven’t a clue, ye scribes know not
You are to blame, nay are all the same?

Having read this entire Washington post Somali forum, from top to bottom. My thoughts were those words above. I am not a poet nor are these words intended as a poem but simply my inner thoughts and anger with many of those Somalis posing as intellectuals or mouthpiece for us poor ‘Godforsaken’ nation and country. I say ‘Godforsaken’ not because God has forsaken us (God forbid) but,

By Ali D.Yassin

The president of Somaliland Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin is creating a system which will be based on permanent future corruption and protection of personal interests. This system has been copied of Mr. Arab Moi’s equation which worked perfectly for the ex-president of Kenya who became the second president constitutionally when the first president of Kenya (Mr. Keniyata) died. Mr. Arab Moi stayed in power for 20 years because he had put around him a group of yes men, easy men, greedy, and uneducated men collected from Kenyan people.

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By Ahmed Aideed

The recent rush to solve the crisis in Somalia between the beleaguered transitional Government and the ever-expanding Islamic Courts Union brings to the fore the strategic differences of neighboring countries over the Horn of Africa country.

On one side is Ethiopia and Kenya whose main interests stem from their common borders with Somalia and a history of conflict. This geographical reality has made the two countries incur serious security and resource costs due to the refugee influx since the collapse of government in Mogadishu.

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Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

This report is submitted to the Congress by the Department of State in compliance with Section 102(b) of the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) of 1998. The law provides that the secretary of state, with the assistance of the ambassador at large for international religious freedom, shall transmit to Congress "an Annual Report on International Religious Freedom supplementing the most recent Human Rights Reports by providing additional detailed information with respect to matters involving international religious freedom."

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By Mohamed Farah Elmi, Borama


In 1960, Somaliland, a British Protectorate, and southern Somalia, an Italian trust territory, both gained their independence. Only days later, the two regions merged, forming the Somali Democratic Republic and a representative government was installed. The Somali people experienced only nine years of civilian multi-party democracy before the system was abolished.

In 1969 marked the beginning of the Somali dictatorship under General Siyad Barre, then, Somalia became involved in Cold War politics in the 1970s. In October 1970 Siyad Barre declared Somalia a socialist state and embarked on a range of socialist economic programmes, with the support of the Soviet Union.

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Somaliland: Time for Corrections & Police Services rather than Forces Comments on Somaliland Legal News: September 2006

On 27 August 2006, the Somaliland Armed Forces Court of first instance sitting at Hargeysa sentenced four Hargeysa Prison officers to prison for terms ranging from one year to nine years. The officers were at a prison watch when, on 27 March 2006, six prisoners detained for terrorism offences attempted to escape. This was a serious incident concerning dangerous prisoners, and the officers were accused of dereliction of duty and other charges under (we assume) the 1963 Somali Code of Military Criminal Law in Peace and War (as amended).

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By John Laughland

Darfur is a region which is rich in oil and through which pipelines are to be constructed. Moreover, the main investor in the Sudanese oil industry is the China National Petroleum Company, and China is Sudan's biggest trading partner overall. It has been alleged that there are Chinese soldiers in Sudan protecting Chinese oil interests there, and that these troops have engaged in skirmishes with the rebels. Moreover, while there are numerous foreign oil companies present in Sudan, it is precisely in Southern Darfur that the Chinese National Petroleum Company has its concessions.

'Allah Akbar!'
‘ALLAH AKBAR!’: Former warlord fighters march at the Hilwayne camp north of Mogadishu. The Bush administration worries that increasingly Islamist Somalia could end up with a Taliban-style government and serve as a training ground for terrorists.

MOGADISHU, Somalia September 22, 2006 — Beginning as a teenager, militiaman Abdillahi Mohammed Nur rarely ventured into the Mogadishu streets without an AK-47, which he often used to harass civilians and extort money at checkpoints.

But the 27-year-old hasn't held his weapon since June, when it was pointed at invading fighters with the Islamic Courts Union. The militia, now known as the Conservative Council of Islamic Courts, drove away the warlord he worked for and confiscated his gun.

MOGADISHU, Somalia, September 18, 2006 — In this sandy wasteland of palm trees and wrecked seaside villas, there are warlords and then there are moneylords.

Yusuf Muhammad is a moneylord, a shipping magnate who threw his weight — and men and money — behind the Islamic militias and helped bring them to power in June.

As forecast by PINR, the interim agreement that was reached on September 4 in Khartoum between Somalia's failing Transitional Federal Government (T.F.G.) and the Islamic Courts Council (I.C.C.), which is the dominant power in Somalia and seeks to establish an Islamic state in the country based on Shari'a law, did not signal progress toward political integration of the stateless country.

Far from ameliorating the polarized power configuration pitting the I.C.C. against Ethiopia, which is determined to defend the T.F.G. and prevent the emergence of an Islamic state in Somalia, the second round of the Khartoum process -- brokered by the Arab League (A.L.)

STOCKHOLM, Sept 18, 2006 – With a steady stream of bleak predictions that "water wars" will be fought over dwindling supplies in the 21st century, battles between two Sumerian city-states 4,500 years ago seem to set a worrying precedent.

Food for thought

MINNEAPOLIS , September 11, 2006 – Fighting for the Taliban. Dining with Osama bin Laden. Associating with Zacarias Moussaoui.

The accusations against Mohammed Warsame, a Minneapolis community college student from Somalia, were explosive enough to land him in a Minnesota prison with little contact with the outside world.

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