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Puntland Bans People From Southern Somalia
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Garowe, September 26, 2006 – The president of self autonomous state of Puntland Gen. Adde Muse Hersi has issued on Tuesday a warrant banning the arrival of people from southern Somalia to Puntland regions for security reasons.

The president said in his statement that all displaced people from south of Somalia can not enter Puntland state and those already stayed in Puntland regions would be repatriated to their origins.

He said the internal displaced people and travelers have created instability in the region and also brought insecurity to Puntland authority.

Thousands of people from southern Somalia have been fleeing to Puntland regions for the last 15 years, with most of them were smuggled to Yemen while some stayed in Puntland cities working there but faced threat and killing.

Many Somalis from southern regions in Somalia have been forced to jump into the water by the Puntland boat men.

Source: SomaliNet


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