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“I Am Not Surprised If One Of My Elder Members (Guurti) Had Used The Silly Tricky Words Of (Qodobadaasi Xeer Kale Ayaa Qeexi Doona).”

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“I Am Not Surprised If One Of My Elder Members (Guurti) Had Used The Silly Tricky Words Of (Qodobadaasi Xeer Kale Ayaa Qeexi Doona).”

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By Dr. Abdi Elmi Obsiye, Borama/Somaliland

Again our newly appointed parliamentary members have not critical discussion or have been ignoring the menacing (dangerous) items in our constitution. there are also certain type of people who do not consider and evaluate any developing changes occurring and are willing to let “things run” as they wish .We need some good parliamentary members who can manage well and can get things cleared up. The problem was particularly pronounced by one of my elder member MR. Abdi Warabe on his interview with the B.B.C. on 23\9\006. As a result its visibility and criticism would be highlighted probably more hundreds of people like me. I see it a good justification today, if one of my elder member had used your silly tricky words which you (MPS) do not want to correct. Government authorities who think that many unskilled elders may not find genuine intelligence to understand what “Qodobadaasi xeer kale ayaa qeexi doona” mean should of course realize the interview of Mr., Abdi warabe and on Haatuf news on23\9\006. The MPS have denied the facts, instead, they insisted that they are the simple servants of the people; But again I ask my dear MPS- how much more time do we need to agree such fool statements of (Qodabadaasi………………………).

Every body understands now, the least sincerity and honest in your personality and unless such words are debated and resolved, your community will assume you as traitors and paralyzed MPS.

It is clear that such monkey words can not be forgotten to propose it in your proceeding session, but those who don’t care such issues must know that –they feel indifferent any good remarks, Shame!!. I have already written similar argument and criticism in one of my earlier articles – (Mr. Judge, why do you want to bring my country into a dilemma? On issue 230 on 17 June 2006).

In my old days in the university, I had got a course of psychology –in this course when the child grows old he desires the approval of the society when he does “A good thing” or looks an approval of a particular group (parents, relatives, and friends.)

We understand that this tendency of social approval is always there and if our MPS do good thing we appreciate and approve if they do bad we disapprove. This gives our community an inspiration to perform better, and that every one should be proud of the other man’s contribution.

In fact, I am getting heartily sick of hearing the so mentioned words. Can any of my MPS try to break this gap and cure the Somaliland constitution!! What about our lawyers and judges? Don’t they see these funny words in the context of our constitution?


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