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World Teachers' Day Celebrated

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World Teachers' Day Celebrated

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Reply To The Article Titled: ''Security Threat To Somaliland From Islamic Courts'' By Rashid Nur


By Mohyadin A/lahi Saed, Hargeysa, Somaliland

On the fifth of October is the day the UN designated for teachers around the world. On this occasion I would like to extend my heart-felt gratitude to the hundreds of teachers in Somaliland who are dedicated and determined to improve the learning standards of their nation and are working as volunteers to eradicate illiteracy across our country as the world celebrates the world teachers' day.

Teachers are invaluable asset as they always devote their time, resources and efforts to diligently educate people. Teachers lay down the foundation of the future for the upcoming generations. They enable societies to attain prosperity. Without teachers there wouldn't be doctors, lawyers, intellectuals and honest leaders.

Unfortunately, however, teachers have not been given the respect, support and encouragement they deserve. This is evident in our country Somaliland where teachers work in difficult conditions, low salaries (they are lowly paid) and are completely neglected. It is time therefore the government uplift the status of teachers.

Most of the education infrastructure were destroyed in the consecutive civil wars happened in the country and everything has been started from scratch. The fact that a great progress has been accomplished ever since is undeniable. Schools have been rebuilt and are now open but on the other side of the coin, there are many obstacles facing our teachers and need to be overcome. The unsolved obstacles that Somaliland teachers frequently encounter and complain include lack of adequate resources and effective training.

Therefore there is a great task ahead our community at large and in particular the ministry of education to upgrade and develop the quality of education and teachers. There is a shortage of trained teachers so teachers should be recruited regularly so that our children can get better education. Recruitment helps the teacher to get the required expertise; it also eases preceptors to undertake their duties well.

The ministry of education must take appropriate measures to guarantee the discipline of teachers and ensure their academic performance. Teachers must be cared well to motivate them carry out their tasks well.

Finally, we should think first for our teachers not for our children.

What I have mentioned is nothing but tiny drop compared to the countless necessities facing our teachers.


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