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Here Again The Warlords Became-Islamo-Warlords!
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Here Again The Warlords Became-Islamo-Warlords!

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Reply To The Article Titled: ''Security Threat To Somaliland From Islamic Courts'' By Rashid Nur

Exposing The Lexicon Of The Anti-Somaliland Camp


By Osmon Jama

Strange, amakaag, Yaabka yaabkii. Yesterdays killers are today's Islamists. Yesterdays rapists are today' so-called Islamic courts. Yesterday's thieves, loothers, criminal killers, butchers of the innocent people are all of sudden change their clothes, wear some artificial beards and they are preaching a new gospel. They called themselves Islamic courts, they are armed to the teeth. All of sudden, Siyad Barre's operatives, men who took an active part in the grand Afweyn genocide on Somaliland, has just changes their clothes, and here they are again. Without even consolidating their illegal conquest of Kismayo are throwing their genocidal venom   towards Somaliland. These cold blooded killers, such as the so-called Hassan Turki and Abshir Bacadle-both of whom are disgraced Siyad Barre operatives. The so-called Islamic courts is their last trick from their magic box. But it will fail. These people never completed one successful project for a period of 16 years. All they produced were first dictators, warlords, Mooryaan, killers and now Islamo-warlords.

Amazing those who perpetrated the genocide of 97 innocent men and boys from the "Galgali Community" are preaching a new form of Islam. Their new Islam is endless war and chaos.  

The cold-blooded killing of those innocent and helpless men and boys in Mahmud Ahmed Ali Secondary   school in Mogadishu is well-documented, and the case has been filed in the international court of justice in the Hague.

Can these kind of cold-blooded killers have the morality to talk about a potential terrorist and a killer,   who was caught putting explosives in Somaliland polling stations.

How dare these type of killers can talk about a terrorist given all due process and lawyers in Somaliland? Since, 1991, this same people, before they changed into their new form were day in and day out killing, bludgeoning innocent people to death, raping innocent women inside mosques, loothing copper wire from electric poles, taking bronze metals from monuments and destroying cemeteries. Can these kind of people talk about Islam? Aren't these killers with all the trauma they sustained while they were mass killing, raping and loathing innocent people, should have to be in mental hospitals? How come, the people killed seriously injured patients in hospitals, places of worship, raping and killing wives in front of their husbands, became good Muslims all of a sudden?

Who these killers can fool? Aren't those Somalilanders who support these killers traitors?   To few Somaliland who can fall for the false gospel of these "Munafaqeen", remember these people will eventually burn you alive. The inhuman acts they did to hundreds of innocent Somalilanders and others is well-documented.

How come anybody with his right mind can support these kind of people. Any Somalilander who even gives a moral support to these animals is committing high treason against his country. I am so surprised about the naiveté of these murderers shamelessness of preaching their own Islam of bloodshed, murder and conquest of foreign land. These killers have nothing to offer. They have very little education, their humanity is questionable and they have nothing to offer but violence and mayhem. Anybody who goes to their killing fields will not come back alive.  

Their main slogans are Ethiopia is an enemy and we are unifying all Somalis. The people who so far for 16 years failed to make a city council for Mogadishu, are talking about reviving a long dead cause of unity. What a nonsense. There is no unity between the ruined Mogadishu neighborhoods. I am advising you to make a governance system for Mogadishu. If you succeed in that, you are successful.   

Among the ranks of these criminal gangs are Alqaeda terrorists, colonel Dahir Aweys, and Adan Hashi Ayro, a man suspected of taking part in the 1998 United States Embassy bombings of Nairobi and Dar-Al-Salaam. Adan Hashi Ayro is also implicated in the killing of the humanitarian expatriates in Somaliland. There about eight others who are in the international most wanted list.

The Hawiye militia acting as a Islamic militia has the greatest difficulty in Kismayo. This tribe who only live in central Somalia, estimated barely 20% of the population are no Taliban. As you see in Kismayo with the indigenous inhabitants mounting endless demonstrations, the Hawiye militia will soon face an all attack on Kismayo. They have waged a relentless propaganda against the peaceful Republic of Somaliland, but the people of that region who knows what colonialism and oppression means,   can’t buy the lies coming from the mouths of those shameless criminals.

The brave of Somaliland will teach an unforgettable lesson, If you dare to venture into the territory of the Republic of Somaliland.

There are already unconfirmed reports of terrorist camps in Mogadishu,   where hundreds of potential terrorists who would be sent to operations in Somaliland and other regions, are going under training and indoctrination of the strict interpretation of Islam. These criminal   warlords who already have too much blood in their hands, are plotting endless wars in the Horn of Africa. The people of Somaliland, their government, the opposition parties, the educated community, the normal religious community, not the Wahhabis/criminal impostors to get ready for the vigorous defense of their country from hapless criminals, who failed to properly govern and maintain even a village in their devastated country.  

Somaliland Friends


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