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Rwandese Business Leaders are keen to invest in Somaliland
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Rwandese Business Leaders are keen to invest in Somaliland

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By Jawaahir Sheikh Madar

Jawaahir Sheikh Madar with the First President of Zambia : H.E. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

On 17th October 2006, I was invited as a Somaliland Representative to the Rwandese Community meeting with H. E. the President of Rwanda, Dr. Paul Kagami. It gave me an excellent opportunity to meet with the Rwandese Business Leaders, some of whom are keen to invest in Somaliland [a few of them will be visiting Somaliland in the very near future] as well as with H. E. President Kagami. I sought his support to our cause and he asked that we carry this forward in the near future.

President of Rwanda: Rt. Hon. Dr. Paul Kagame (left), the First President of Zambia : H.E. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (centre), The President of Uganda: Rt. Hon. Yoweri Museveni

I attended the World Business Leaders Forum at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg , South Africa , held on October 18 and 19, 2006. I again spoke with H. E. the President of Rwanda: Rt. Hon. Dr. Paul Kagame; and then with H. E. The President of Uganda: Rt. Hon. Yoweri Museveni and with the First President of Zambia : H.E. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, regarding: Somaliland's plight, the issue and the need of their support for our International Recognition and while we continue to wait for the said recognition, the need for Somaliland's economic development. I asked how we could participate in Africa's Economic Development and especially within the framework of NEPAD.

I am happy to report that during the conference Somaliland issue was mentioned with special reference to:

  • How we continue to thrive in spite of the World not recognising us, as yet
  • Resilience and Determination of Somalilanders
  • Business Acumen and Entrepreneurship of the Somalilanders

Both President Kagami and President Museveni agreed to discuss the Somaliland issues further with me on my future visits to their respective countries and lend their support to our cause for the betterment for our people. Dr Kaunda is already working with me, with other African Leaders, for the Somaliland Cause I also met with the celebrated SABC newscaster, political analyst and principal news anchor Peter Ndoro. We discussed various facets of the Somaliland issue and agreed that in the very near future I shall give him a detailed interview on Somaliland . He is willing to support our cause through such promotion of our Nation through the Media.

I went to the Republic of Burundi late on 19th October/'06, with a view to meeting with the Authorities. Prior to meeting with H. E. The President, I met with:

  1. H. E. The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
  2. H. E. The Minister of Trade & Industry
  3. H. E. The Minister of Finance
  4. The Port Authorities [though landlocked, access to sea is gained via Lake/River/land transport!!]
  5. Textile & Sugar Factories Business Leaders.

Subsequently, I traveled to GITEGA [where the new Capital will be built] to meet with H. E. the President. The meeting took place in the Presidential Palace in Gitega. I briefed H. E. The President fully on the Somaliland issue, the reality of Somaliland-Somalia, and its bearing on the Horn of Africa. We discussed how this is not an issue in isolation, but a regional and certainly an African problem, that requires an African solution. We also discussed various other issues vis-à-vis Somaliland, including but not limited to our Resources, relationship with Ethiopia, our peace and stability and how we are a truly democratic society.

The President congratulated our achievements and agreed to support our cause, stressing that FULL and COMPLETE African Union support for Somaliland will assist all other African Leaders, including him, to accelerate the Somaliland Recognition process. Meantime, I proposed possibilities of bilateral cooperation between our two Nations, which he fully endorsed and suggested that I further this with his Minister of Trade & Industry, as well as with H. E. The Minister of Foreign Affairs. I agreed to return to Burundi to see H. E. The President again in the near future to further our discussions and find more tangible means to support our cause for Recognition.

Upon returning to Bujumbura, the current Capital, I met with H. E. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and we discussed a wide range of issues related to our recognition. Like her President, she supported our Cause but stressed that:

  • we need to do very much more to educate the World about Somaliland, our plight, our needs and especially the difference between Somalia & Somaliland. She maintained that most of Africa and her people still cannot make the distinction between the two and the onus is on to us to let Africa know who we are and why are we different to Somalia.
  • Burundi will support our cause but it is imperative that the African Union supports us clearly, and unequivocally. She feels that this clarification is still lacking.

I also discovered, as I did find in Rwanda, that H. E. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and indeed the Burundi political hierarchy never saw the African Union Report on Somaliland - this I found incredible, especially being told the same thing by H. E. Dr. Charles Murigande, the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, during my visit there in June this year.

I agreed with H. E. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burundi to continue our relationship and further our effort for Somaliland's cause and in the interim, promote bilateral cooperation in every which way possible. The matter was subsequently discussed with H.E. the Ministers of Trade & Industry as well as H. E. The Minister of Planning & International Cooperation.

I returned to Johannesburg the following day to continue meeting with selected Business Leaders there, some of whom agreed to visit Somaliland in the very near future.

Source: Qarannews

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