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Discussions On How To End The Use Of Somalia’s Money In Somaliland
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Discussions On How To End The Use Of Somalia’s Money In Somaliland

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By Staff Reporter

The Somaliland Times on November 25, 2006

It looks like Somaliland’s government is getting serious about ending the use of Somalia’s currency in the eastern regions of Somaliland. A delegation composed of members of Somaliland’s parliament, the ministry of finance and Somaliland’s bank traveled to Buroa earlier this week and held meetings with some of Buroa’s businessmen, Sultans and intellectuals. As reported by Haatuf’s correspondent in Buroa, Mr. Ahmed Adan Yusuf, the meeting took place at Buroa University and was also attended by government officials including the governor of Togdheer region, Mr. Abdi Hussein Dheere. The following points were highlighted: (a) the usage of money from Somalia in Togdheer has created extra problems for that region and hurts Somaliland’s economy and sovereignty, (b) ending the use of Somalia’s currency must come as a result of careful planning, (c) information about the extent of the use of Somalia’s money should be ascertained, (d) attention must be paid to the fluctuating value of the currency.

Source: Somaliland Times  


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