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The Need For Somaliland To Be Vigilant...
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The Need For Somaliland To Be Vigilant...

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It is official, the   hypocrites of Baydhabo are officially at war with the Islamic Courts militias. It would appear that both Ethiopia and Eritrea are playing a role in this violent dispute. For us Somalilanders it is time for vigilance and preparedness. We must not   delude ourselves that   either the desperate gang in Baydhabo nor the Islamist have any love for us.

This fighting in the Bay region is expected to be   bloody, and no doubt some misguided Somalilanders will sacrifice themselves, not for the sake of defending their country, but by becoming vassals for those who would like to see the destruction of Somaliland.

It is not in Somaliland's interest to take sides, and as I have mentioned previously, one side clings to a defunct union, whilst the other-side doesn't believe in democracy and qadiyada Somaliland. However, it is imperative that Somaliland's masses both at home and abroad prepare to defend their country. It is time to put aside political and social disagreements, and to unite behind our flag and constitution. We must be aware of those   within Somaliland who are either too shortsighted to see they are being used by our enemies or have sold their souls for a few dollars coming in from Somalia.

Somaliland has prevailed over the Barre regime and InshaAllah we will prevail over the dangers that are looming over the horizon. Somaliland's cause is just, and Allahu subxaana wa tacaale favors the just, but my brothers and sisters of Somaliland it is time to stand up and be counted. We have had 16 years of peace and development, we must now prepare for months and years of hardships and struggle.

Our enemies   are under the impression that we have become complacent and satisfied. But, they are mistaken because the first liberation war was the beginning and it was not just about freeing the land from the Barre regime and rebuilding, but it is about securing the future our children and their children's children. Only Allahu subxaana wa tacaale is eternal, and with his benevolence may Somaliland last till   judgment day.


Ahmed Kheyre

currently in London, UK but on his way back to Somaliland.


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