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Rayaale Is Acting Against The National Campaigns Of Somaliland Independency

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Rayaale Is Acting Against The National Campaigns Of Somaliland Independency

By Saeed Osman London, UK

The president of the nation is the highest post in the land. When there are external hostility and aggression directed towards the nation, the head of state normally encourage people as well as trying hard to persuade the general public that its best of the nation interest to undertake a particular course of action. For example the president motivates his people to show them there is way out of this problem. But today in these turbulence and difficult time our nation is going through, clearly Rayaale is acting deliberately against Somaliland people. Each time people thought it maybe different, he sabotage our efforts, and engaged in formulation of Anti-Somaliland policy and that is what happen last week when Somaliland ordinary people and opposition parties organised a general public protest for the lack of recognition raising our concerns to the international community.

In an ideal world, the rationale man would expect the president and his government to be more proactive than anybody else since the Rayaale is the president of the country and the whole nation is in his care theoretically as well as practically speaking, and therefore, people expecting him to lead by example. But in reality the man is acting the opposite to all of that required and expected from the head of state. To be in that position, the president must be a leader that can lead the nation and earn their respect not through terrorising, not through threaten them with the guns, violence and politically motivated long imprisonments which are all the signs and reminders of yesterday dictator Siyad Barrie. Now knowing Rayaale, he is opposed the notion of Somaliland, obviously, if he care, but as some says he is lacking knowledge and experience of course he would have sought advice and support from those around him and willingly would lend him a hand without seeking any return but dedicated time for Somaliland advancements and noble causes, but the question is whether the statement of intent is there?

The real leader must act as role model for his subordinate and fellow countrymen. I wonder what was our motive of allowing him to robe the nation and when we were certain the outcome of his term in office would end in a disaster. Rayaale craved to leave remark of destruction behind him whatever the reason maybe. Rayaale has sworn with the support of thugs around him to kill Somaliland people ambition, our rights to self-determination as independent nation. Rayaale is using what I call the tool kit and worthy considering them as human that declared their oaths and allegiances to Rayaale to be his human shield and unless we kill them all first regardless the tribe they belong to, our grand ambition will never be materialised in my view.

I would to remind those freaks that are working with him tomorrow is another day. Remember, just like yesterday when we were fighting the Rayaale likes some people thought it was impossible to position we are in today and therefore, members acting as human shield must remember that their days are numbered unless they to choose voluntarily to rebel against him and save their skin, even though that would not necessarily give immunity from the criminal proceedings that will follow in the future as yesterday mistakes of crowning Rayaale SHALL NOT AND WILL NOT BE REPEATED.

I would like to share this simple question with the readers has the president some of us think he is doing a traffic job ever attended parliament sessions bearing in mind this is the only legitimate institution and elected parliament? And if out outright answer is big NO who the hell he is leading unknown creatures? And who the hell is he accountable for? To my knowledge the evil AWIL is used to bribe some members of the parliament who themselves selected through deceiving and deluding poor members of the public in Somaliland where spend their own collected taxes. We know its a normal process to brief and address the nation the parliament in an interval basis and least once a while instead hiding and seeking to fish some segments of the nation just Awil and Abdilahi Dhoola Yare alike. Therefore its an insult to the people who librated this country see the traitors leading the nation and at the same time they are so ungrateful to nation that makes all of us who fought and librated this country to be the wrong side of the equation to the eyes of Rayaale close friends and for that reason I think strong action should be taken against them in every feasible means.

The nation last made a great protest against the upcoming of the only known Col Abdilahi Yusuf with the support of Ethiopian invasion administrated and funded by the US forces and George Bush Governments. We know the president was not even aware that was taking place let alone talking about participation with protesting nation as symbolic gesture to the international community to do something lacking of recognition of Somaliland even though we completed all the process and request of democracy and requirements of statehood. The nation must this man called Rayaale I serving other people interest not the nation who made him that man. His loyalty and priority lies somewhere else and that is the reality, and empathize with the Somaliland notion knows that well.

How Rayaale is acting against our independency?

Ever since he was elected as president of Somaliland, Rayaale engaged in clear policy that meant to disrupt the process of democratisation and development in Somaliland. In the election first local election Somaliland held, it was to apparent to us that he is not the right person to lead Somaliland and clear pictures were emerging the direction he will take next. He made errors that were enough to discount his to become the president of Somaliland, but were there anyone to care about these things other the opposition? I think not, and once they speak and whistle blow, their advice backfired to them and we brand as these people are power hunger and no body seem to care. In the aftermath of the general election, he never hesitated to engage a wider campaign of disruption and vote rigging was the apex of this destruction policies directed towards Somaliland. We know back then, few fanatics and lunatics have made to driven seat to legitimise the Rayaale policies that meant to disorientate Somaliland bit bit-by-bit. He started utilising the public office to enhance his status and family profile to create dynasties for Rayaale’s that he never dreamt of becoming one. Those few fanatics mentioned above have become a tool-kit machines and his invisible hand to implement his ill designed policies of destruction and demolition of the nation land and heroism. When Rayaale was crowned by the nation he had a pre planed ahead policies and hidden agenda and these were.

  • Deliberate provocative manner directed towards Sool region citizens using his tool kit Mr Qaybe from that particular tribe
  • Endless fraud in the first election and legitimising his authority
  • Empowering the enemy of Somaliland and famous spy at all times Ambassador Awil to exercise his well crafted skills and zero morale obligation he regularly known when he was Siyad Barrie favoured support staff and rest is left for the readers imaginations.
  • General election day light robbery he committed and followed by endless a blander polices that were enough to cause a trouble but never mentioned
  • Creating 50 ministerial when the country capacity for ministerial need was less than 4 to 5 ministries
  • His constant contact with his superior Col Abdilahi Yusuf
  • Disengagement of legitimate Somaliland legislators and parliament
  • Discharging competent personnel committed in his movement and those were a clipper of Somaliland including Adna Adam and Eng Mohamed Hashi and it was a coincident but a deliberate policy to confront anyone that may act with sincerity because they were wrong type for a typical Rayaale administration.
  • He also empowered few so called (educated) personnel who maybe had a deficiency and personality disorder and for some reason lacking self believe and self-respect that never thought someone would listen to their opinion their entire lives. These groups made their points to please dictator Rayaale and legitimise his wrong and immoral actions and substituting rights to wrongs to including tribalism, regionalism and disfranchise the nation budget and public resources to few individuals and also giving him a green light that they will act as human shield for his regardless.
  • Citizens imprisonments such as Mr Gaboobe and other members of Haatuf News who allegedly jailed because they raised their voices/ or and printed important news important aspects public were shying away to talk about.
  • Imprisonments of tribal representative who disagree with the complete destruction
  • Berbera Port closure and diverting the public resources at one point to Djibouti and then to Bosaaso.
  • The sales of Nation Assets be it the factories that require repair and maintenances as well as the sales Scraps owned by the nation for his own personal finances.
  • The 1 million mansion buili in Egypt owned by the Rayaale dynasties which the public didn’t know about it and lately came to the public attention.

The long list is endless one if we try to see and observe what happen around us, and how the Rayaale policy is directed against Somaliland interest. All these step meant to derail Somaliland people’s newly found freedom, democracy as well as the justice Rayaale is enjoying now and that is due to the reconciliation which to which all of us proud we did it today, instead of being put to jail for his long over due criminal activates and massacre he committed in the past. But one is more important than all of those aspects happened in the past, we must as society speak for our rights, and take strong stand for those who just care about material world legal or otherwise so long it their own interest, and we shall never shy away to fight them if that is what it takes to destroy the enemy of Somaliland and corrupted administration. The Rayaale must be stopped by all means available to us including cue if necessary since he rejected very reason he elected and that is democracy. We must be to dismantle this government because they not serving the national interest of this poor nation and full stop. As prominent somalilander Ibrahim Mead quoted saying: ‘we are all in this disgrace’ and I am adding to that we are all disgrace unless we choose to act swiftly.

Finally if our original choice was to enrich Rayaale dynasty then so be it, after all the problem he is causing is not only directed one section of the nation but its in fact a systematic disruption, blood sucking of the poor nation through finances his lavish life style he never dreamt in his entire life and continues delusion to all nationals of Somaliland and therefore we all loose, however, I remember back to the SNM days not all Somaliland take the fight, but some brave men choose to act alone while rest of us were supporting the murderer Sayad Barrie and today is no different and therefore, history will repeat itself because whoever reject the tyranny and abuse directed towards the citizens never hesitate to act when it matters most and time will tell.

Saeed Osman London, UK



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