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The Neu-Siyadist's Attempt To Build Castle In The Air

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The Neu-Siyadist's Attempt To Build Castle In The Air

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By Ismail Ahmed  

Since mammoth demonstrations were held early in January in Somaliland's major cities in which Somalilanders in one voice appealed to their international community for the immediate reconfirmation of their independence that they achieved on June 26, 1960, while Somalia was still under colonial yoke, there has been a barge of undue condemnations by the newly formed Neu-Siyadist organization.

It has apparently became a customary habit for the Neu-Siyadist cliques, to spew all kinds of scathing condemnations against the people of Somaliland and their democratically elected leaders as fascists and nazistzs who deserve nothing less than annihilations from the surface of the earth. These diehard Siyadists who are muffling under the false guise of "union" that long ago has became a dead dude, have spared no efforts in spewing their venom-laced hate and envy with aim of turning away the international community from the current chaotic situation in Somalia. They heaped all kinds of insults on the people of Somaliland until they run short of all superlatives.

The man who became the centre of the current Neu-Siyadist's attacks is Engineer Faisal Ali Waraabe, UCID's Chairman, simply because he called the "spade a spade." What are the charges against Engineer Faisal? He was accused of raising questions whether Somalia's flag is still valid in all Somali-speaking countries in east Africa, including Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland, and the northern region of Kenya and the autonomous region of Eastern Ethiopia, to where most of the Siyadists belong. What Faisal said was that Somalia's flag should undergo immediate change as it has lost its original meaning for which it as been selected as a future national emblem of "Greater Somalia" that has became a dead dude. Many countries in the world have changed their national flags to face the reality on the ground in line with their people's wishes and aspirations. Since 1974, Ethiopia has changed its national flag two times with aim of fully implementing its federal constitution, approved by its people.

If the definition of a flag is an emblem flown as a symbol of nationality, whose particular nationality does Somalia's flag represents? It is rightly a national symbol for the people of Somalia.

To a give bird's eye as how Somalia's flag came into being, one should look back to the history of nationalist movements. Who were the original Somali nationalists who defined and decided the formation of national flag that would unite all territories under colonial rules? At a secret meeting held in the city of Jijiga in 1948, the then tribal chiefs and few intellectuals had adopted the current Somalia's flag with its clear-cut definitions that underlined what it stood for. The five-star pointed flag has been decided to represent each one of the Somali territories then colonized by foreign powers. Jigjiga was under British Protectorate before it came part of the Ethiopian Empire under the agreement signed between Emperor Haile Seleassie and the British government that ruled Somaliland. Almost all of those who conveyed that secret meeting in Jigjiga were former Somalilanders. The man who translated the nationalists' secret manifestos into several languages was the late Michael Mariana, a polyglot politician who contributed much to the fraternal relationship that existed among the Somali nationalists, both in Italian Somalia and Somaliland Protectorate.

Engineer Faisle's intention was only to remind our brothers in Somalia that the very flag that has been adopted by his kinsmen is no longer valid in Somali-speaking countries, as each has its own separate national flag.

It is true that Somalilanders have composed a lot of patriotic songs and poems in the past in appreciation of the five-star pointed flag. What we got in return: Under the same flag 75, 000 innocent civilians were massacred; all major cities were totally destroyed and over one million civilians sought refuge in Ethiopia.

Unlike what Dr. Ali Bahar said in his article in which he unreservedly demonized the Somaliland people as "secessionist evils", it is not the United Nations that prescribes flags for nations. It is the people of that country who have the right to decide and choose their own flag .Voting in the constitutional referendum of 2001; Somalilanders had overwhelmingly approved their national flag as a substitute to the Somalia's old emblem. Dr. Bahar, who was supposed to endeavor for the well being of his people is restlessly campaigning for the destruction of Somaliland.

There have been also ugly scenes and nonsense hullabaloos over the alleged flag desecration. If the Siyadist's aim was to extract sympathy and support from the countries where they live as landless refugees, they utterly failed. In the whole Western Europe and America, flag desecration is defined in their constitutions as the right to express freedom of speech. In the United States, flag desecration, referred to as the flag burning is not a crime under USA Constitutions. It is accepted as individual's right to express freedom of speech, according to the First Amendment .Gregory John's conviction for flag desecration in the State of Georgia was ruled unconstitutional by the USA's Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has ruled in1989 the protection of flag desecration as individual's freedom of speech.

The current higgledy-piggledy scribbles and other crabby articles disseminated by the remnants of Barre's fascist regime are akin to crocodile tears. All the Siyadists who are waging a war of words against the Somaliland Republic through a number of hostile websites have a common ideology of hate and envy. But hate and envy will never prevent the people of Somaliland from the right path they have chosen through the constitutional referendum, witnessed by the international community's representatives.

One of the Neu-Siyadists, by the name of Abdulrehman Hassan, who could not resist himself from hiding his ill feeling towards the people of Somaliland, breathed fire on the Chairman of the European Parliament for recently visiting the Somaliland's capital. What hogwash! He crossed the Rubicon. He is trudging helplessly with hate and envy. His article, under the title of "Somaliland?" which was given a prominent place on the Wardheernews.com on 22Janury, 2007, is a reminiscent of General Morgan's "Death Letter" of 1987, in which he underlined his genocide campaign against one particular clan in Somaliland.

Finally, it is a high time that Siyadists should break with past and face the grime reality on the ground. Yesterday is not today, and today will never be yesterday. That is the crust of the matter. That is the message that we are sending to the Siyadists. Let those who have not heard it before get it today. I repeat! Let those who have ears hear it once again. Bringing all Somali inhabited countries and regions, such as the Republic of Djibouti, the autonomous region of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, the northern region of Kenya, Somaliland and Somalia under the flag of "Greater Somalia", is like building a castle in the air. That is the grim reality that the Neu-Siyadists should have to live with it, whether they like it, or not. As for the hate and envy we read the following "Sura Al-Flaq" in order to spell out their evil feelings:  

In the name Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,  

1. Say: I seek refuge

With the Lord of the Dawn,

2. From the mischief

Of created things;  

3. From the mischief

Of Darkness as it overspreads;

4. From the mischief

Of those who practise

Secret Arts;

5. And from the mischief

Of the envious one

As he practices envy.

Ismail Ahmed,


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