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Attack against Spanish aid workers in Somalia

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Attack against Spanish aid workers in Somalia

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The two medics that were attacked are in good condition, but the motive behind the attack is unclear

Nairobi, February 16, 2007 – Unknown men attacked staff from the Spanish unit of Medicines sans Frontieres (MSF) in Bardhere, capital of Gedo province, near Kenya according to local sources.

The two medics that were attacked are in good condition, but the motive behind the attack is unclear.

The MSF staff was trying to restore the main hospital in Bardhere in accordance with the local elders. The hospital has been closed for ten years.

The episode is symptomatic of the increasing climate of insecurity, which some 24 hours ago the UN office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) had denounced, noting increased banditry, extortion and road blocks which seem to coincide with the re-appearance of the former warlords in various parts of the country.

Insecurity remains high in Mogadishu also, where two people were killed in the past 24 hours and another two were wounded in the latest violent outbreak.

A man was killed during a robbery, while two others were wounded during an attack as they were drinking tea near the Nasrudin mosque.

Another man, a Somali working for the Libyan embassy in Mogadishu, was killed overnight during an attack whose motive is still unclear.

Source: Missionary International Service News Agency (MISNA)

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