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Bush suffers defeat on Iraq troop plan
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Bush suffers defeat on Iraq troop plan

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Washington, D.C. , 17 Febuary 2007 - George Bush has suffered a symbolic defeat over plans to send more than 20,000 extra US troops to Iraq.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives rejected the proposals in a non-binding vote following days of fierce debate.

It has drawn the battle lines between the President and Congress as Mr Bush tries to push through his pledge to bolster an unpopular war.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said: "It was a bipartisan, non-binding resolution that should send a very clear and firm message to the President of the United States, that the American people spoke in November, that they wanted a new direction in Iraq."

The Senate is due to vote on whether to debate the troop plan. Previous Senate attempts to debate sending extra troops to Iraq have been met with delaying tactics from Republican members.

Republican Representative Steve Chabot warned: "There are serious consequences to our national security if we fail in Iraq."

"Cutting off funding, limiting military options or pushing for immediate withdrawal will only make our future more dangerous. It is time to stop the politics, stop the games, stop the finger-pointing and do what is best for America."

Source: ITN





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