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Somaliland Is Regressing A Decade In All Fronts Not Progressing Mr. Rayale
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Somaliland Is Regressing A Decade In All Fronts Not Progressing Mr. Rayale

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By Saeed Osman, Berbera, Somaliland

Somaliland has not made any progress, and whoever is claiming progress today, they better advised to look around to come up with single shredded evidence. I believe we should be asking ourselves as to what constitute progress in our definition unless we using the Malpractice Academia of Rayaale. Progress normally means freedom, justice, law and order, equality, sense of economic development and prosperity, sense of security, confidence and also citizen’s confidence in their statehood. Now where on earth Somaliland falls in those criteria? I guess that is true if you read numbers the other way around and that is to regress and not progression Mr. President.

From the early stage when this man called Rayaale came to power, people were saying about him, he lacked sincerity and he doesn’t like it either sincere people with knowledge, but somehow he managed to obliterate that in the early days when he was a vice-president. Confused dear reader, check the Rayaale administrations history reshuffles. He sucked whoever he suspected were up to their jobs and were in fact doing an excellent jobs. We remember why [Mr. Rayaale sucked Eng Mohamed Hashi, Mr. Boos former defense and also the fine Lady Ms Adna Adam]. Do we think that was accidental or could we say they were incompetent ministers when we know the Rayaale cabinets abilities and academic qualifications. Never know anything is possible these days, but I wouldn’t hesitate for a second that they have been guided and directed by someone outside Somaliland be Col Abdilahi Yusuf or someone who shares the same views and interest, maybe Zenawi of Ethiopia. I believe the whole nation is in agreement about motives and loyalty of Mr. Rayaale and that he is no longer values the views of Somali Landers are worth to be given attentions and considerations, the question that follows would be who then the president of the nation is accountable FOR?

There’s no question that Somaliland has rewarded those ugly men the highest reward anyone could aim at, and that is the presidency, Economic Minster, and a foreign Minster and if for any reasons your are the puppet fans of those tyrants you have the right to examine closely with their credentials freely taking all the time you need. More time I must say because of our injustices and unfairness god imposed on us these tyrants and will stay that course until we change within and also subconscious levels.

In my understanding, as well as the majority of the Somaliland people, we have chosen democracy so that the law and order fulfill our court arenas, as well as streets in every city of Somaliland. We also have chosen democracy to improve the conditions of economics our society, and to alleviate the poverty where we can create jobs, prosperity and allow private social enterprises and entrepreneurs to flourish. We have chosen this democracy to improve the nations Hospitals, and also Education systems. Now my question is have we adopted this model of democracy just to keep few tyrants like Rayaale and Awil in power, and also just to make them wealthier and happier in life? Now compare that with the Rayaale destruction polices directed towards what could have been the hot spot of Somaliland economy { Berbera Port} that is now Rayaale and his Government are trying to create a wedge and a civil war between the region citizens.

I wonder what happened and where the accountability and transparency Somaliland was promised for disappeared, and equality in eyes of law that we told the world Somaliland already adopted? Why this president who is claiming that he was a product of democracy no is longer accepting the basics of constitution that brought him a power and wealth he never dreamt about. Intuitively speaking Rayaale, Awil, and Ina Dhoolayare wouldn’t make a messengers in an ideal cabinets of any government if we where in real democracy and the whole Somaliland knows as to WHY? I am not here to speak about their personal life’s, other than referring to their CV’s or résumé’s, however people of Somaliland have been very kind and generosity to Rayaale but he choose to answer them with another way of thanking them and in fact this meant; with no remorse of his past massacre, new forms of interrogations, and long imprisonments such those imposed on Haatuf journalist and regular revenge on SNM fighters and leaders alike, disregarding of the constitutions of the country that made him a president, and opening highest school that allowing his government to practice a corruptions called Rayaale [MALPRACTICVE ADADEMIA] in the land. Recent graduated with highest corruptions are; Cabinet ministers, Mr. Faisal Ali Waraabe of UCID who in view has achieved with distinctions, large members of Guurti House, and large chunk of newly elected parliament are all its first graduates and that is the reality of Somaliland today like it or not.

The Somaliland people must understand that by just having an elections wouldn’t necessarily means that we automatically have a full force of democratic systems, and therefore, have the right institutions in place. We know the fact that these institutions barely functioning one and most of the times they are rubbish. In fact, our Government is by all means dictatorship systems that we fought 25 years ago, and if anything Somaliland is fantasy and just dream but far from reality. Mr. Rayaale doesn’t need anymore from Somaliland than he already taken from her. He has the wealth and power and new status that certainly improve his bargaining power with Col Abdilahi Yusuf very strong. Therefore, he will prison whoever he wish and as the time progress, he will extend his authority and mark my word there the next elections people talking about will never materialized if you have the slightest understanding of the Rayaale type and mentality. If he accepts to hold next elections we know he already made all the preparations of ensuring a success outcome in his term.

Yes we have elected big two white Elephant but does it means they are functioning or powers? Without searching for answers look around you and see if that is anything worthwhile for having in place, they couldn’t say no for the half missing National Budget, we also know fir sure that they fail to ask Mr. Rayaale and his right hand man Mr. Espionage Awil to bring to the table the rest of the Budgets otherwise we will inform the publics. The question we need to ask ourselves is this WHY HAVE we elected a Parliament? What was purpose of having this parliament in place unless there was a good reason it had to exist? Why we didn’t use the right selection mechanism to enable us to have the right candidates at the end, and why we seemed paralyzed to take any actions against our elected MP’s who are not doing their job accordingly or perhaps recruited to Rayaale [‘MALPRACTICE ACADEMIA’].

Again, the creation of current parliament was rushed without planning effectively for it and the result is just emerging to Somaliland very clearly today, and for that reason nothing will stop Rayaale to continue HIS businesses as usual. We knew this parliament wouldn’t have the necessary tooth to account Rayaale and his Tyrants cabinets. Therefore, unless the Somaliland people ask themselves sensible questions and clearly state their real expectations and motives about the role of their parliamentarians, House of Elders Representatives and also the Attorney General as to why we believe it would benefits the nation, we will stay in that course. I am afraid things will remain the same and never change by accident. However, the change we would like to see must come from within the nation particularly those of us able to raise their voices loudly both HOME and AWAY.

Possible Change Leading towards prosperity?

First of all we must boycott the newly formed Rayaale Electoral Commissions. This is the first step towards our success. I know Faisal Ali Waraabe stabbed and betrayed Somaliland time and again, but we expected and predicted his behavior ever since he came to the Somaliland political arena and therefore, I must urge the other UCID members including Khadar Ambassador and Mr. Sanjabs to save their reputations and come out from the darkness of Faisal, and also KULMIYE leadership must NOT GIVE the WAY because if they do that is end of Somaliland.

Now what Somaliland need is a strong coalitions of forces including; legitimate members of parliaments, Kulmiye as whole, UCID excluding Faisal Ali Waraabe and those sharing him with similar views, and also some of dignified lower rank of UDUB members and also their supporters must diagnose the Somaliland current circumstances. These groups must be able to assess the new realities of Somaliland today. They must ask themselves a hard core questions such as could it be possible to have another election without correcting our past mistakes, and deal with our failures. I believe that two wrongs can not constitute rights and will not make Somaliland a better place just by installing a new Electoral Commission unless we seek to find the best possible alternative of having in place the right people be it Electoral Commissions, House of Elders and Court Of Appeal. These three steps are interconnected and very crucial to make our democracy worthwhile and successful one should we use our brains wisely and outside of Rayaale MALPRACTICE ACADEMIA. I must also add to that having a credible people in place can change people’s view about the good practices and can also show them there’s a light at end of the tunnel and that is one way of training the whole nation and educating them about bad practices.

How can we correct our past mistakes?

To do that we must go back to the drawing board, and re-correct the three identified items before we progress onto the future and that is to say we embark on new presidential and local government elections. I believe we must deal with the following items immediately:

The Electoral Commission

The first item is the major determinant for any successful democratic systems anywhere in world, and unless we choose and delegate the role and responsibility a to those who deserve our trust and mandate to members the leaders of the nation. The candidate of House of Elders must be a reputable individual outside the corrupted Government environment. Unless we do that it would not be any different from the last electoral commission we had in place. Unless the electoral commission is impartial and people with judgment and wisdom take the seats of the commission, what difference it make to have another panel that is lenient and close to anybody be it the corrupted Government of Rayaale, or his subsidiaries in the criminality and social disorder. The Electoral Commission must be a normally citizens a high morale stands and also with caliber judgments and above all with education qualification at acceptable levels, and therefore we should say no more to Rayaale Malpractices Academia graduates.

The question that citizens of Somaliland ask themselves is why should we trust a man or women with no formal qualification, and morally bankrupted people’s to be the leaders of the electoral commission, a man with no morale responsibility and above all whose aim and ambitions is to please Rayaale and don’t they know the country will remain not Rayaale?

The House of Elders

Before we elect a new commission we must resolve the problems of House of Elders (GUURTI). The constitution of Somaliland states clearly that HE or Guurti has no place in electing civil servants. Therefore, like Somali Lander, I don’t see any connection between the electoral commission and Guurti themselves. The electoral commission must be found within the democratic institutions or the semi democratic one that is currently exist i.e. political parties and parliament. I believe the Guurti House has no role to play in this process since they are not elected representatives and they have no mandate from the public of Somaliland and therefore have zero accountability.

The High Court: The Attorney General

The highest court must also be freed and given to an independent panels of judges and lawyers, and unless that is so, forget about any justice and civil liberty observed in Somaliland. The very reason Mr. Yusuf Gabobe is serving sentences is because, the attorney and head of police are appointed by the Rayaale and themselves are graduates of his school of thought. If we ever would like to see the justice to flourish in Somaliland lets tackle the high court chief and to make it independent so that we are all equal in the eyes of law and that is Islam principles. As I said earlier, these are the crucial steps towards achieving lasting democracy and this is the first step in our hurdle ‘ lets change the leader of the high court’’.

Finally, I know is easy said than done, I still believe the political equations can be balanced in Somaliland provided Rayaale School graduates are excluded and sidelined in all the dialogues. Genuine people with a high morale grounds and have the interests in improving Somaliland in all fronts and walk of life should be given a chance to exercise their authorities. The members of the parliament, and opposition parties of course excluding Mr. Faisal Ali Waraabe, and all members of current House Elders organize strong coalition forces to network the dissatisfied local communities in all corners of Somaliland not for political agenda but as symbolic gestures that Rayaale time is over and new coalition government will be established. However, the current Electoral Commission must be boycotted by all means and to my knowledge Kulmiye has not submitted yet and I believe that will give them with strong case and expectation from the public of Somaliland. To those tyrants serving Rayaale Government, its never too late to repent after all, Rayale had his time and made for himself a considerable sums of money, couldn’t care what happen next, but what have you got Mr. tyrants? And there will be a day when you ask yourself was it worth?



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