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Petition For Impeachment Of Dahir Rayale Kahin

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Petition For Impeachment Of Dahir Rayale Kahin

Faisal M. Aideed, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

To: Somaliland Parliament Sincerely,

This is a petition that will be submitted to the Somaliland parliament to start the impeachment process for the president, Dahir Rayale Kahin.

Due to severe complications of financial wrong doings by the president and his unconstitutional roles in over throwing or couping the National Election Commission (NEC) and confiscating their properties such as personnel mobile phones and vehicles in front of the public instead of recognizing and prizing their well-done job. This person has proved more than once that he has betrayed the laws of Somaliland constitution and has violated the trust of the citizens who brought him to the power.

Also, the president has abused his executive privileges by sentencing the freedom of the speech and closing all the doors to democracy and appointing corrupted personnel into key positions which most of those moves have clear conflicts of interest. He has introduced unconstitutional laws that would have given companies, including Total, a very special status. Several companies involved with the president and his finance ministries are making millions on the account of the people, once again violating the public trust. This person fails to be honest and trustful president.

Since Haatuf, released papers on corruptions of the president and his family to the public so that the Somaliland People can seek full disclosure about the president's wrong doings, you, as legal and law abiding parliament of the Somaliland, have to move forward to start the process of impeachment against Dahir Rayale. The president needs to provide answers on the following inquires.

  • Why the country has a democratically elected parliament and at the same time run by an emergency law committee?
  • Why the main income sources of the country’s economy are not incorporated in the government’s budget?
  • Why “Sool” and part of “Sanaag” region controlled and administered by so called punt land administration?
  • Why the administration of the government is limited to only three regions and not fully operating in the others.
  • Why the tens of resolutions approved by the parliament are not implemented by the executive body?
  • Why the minimum transparence is missing in all president’s international tours.
  • Why he is misleading his people?

It is obvious that Rayale has used his powers not to benefit the Somaliland People even one day, but to enhance financial and dirty business gains. The president has failed to address all these issues and has illegally blocked public discourse, so given his stance; The Somaliland Parliament have to move to have him removed from the Office of President of the Somaliland. If not I afraid the people will reach a point of no return and will move him out of the office peacefully.

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