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My Response To The Gov. Response To Petition 'Somaliland'
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My Response To The Gov. Response To Petition 'Somaliland'

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By Ahmed Kheyre London, UK

23 March, 2007


Many thanks for taking the time to inform me of The PMO's response to the petition "Recognise Somaliland as a sovereign state".

I am sure that the Prime Minister and Her Majesty's government is aware of Somaliland's history and also its close links with the United Kingdom. I am also sure that Her Majesty's government is also aware of the desire of the people of Somaliland to re-assert their independence gained from the United Kingdom on June 26th 1960, at which time Somaliland's sovereignty was recognised by the our friends in the United Kingdom along with many other nations.

It is correct that the Her Majesty's government follows common agreements within UN and EU resolution to recognise the national integrity of Somalia, however, whilst we appreciate the awareness of the government of the United Kingdom vis-a-vis public opinion and the substantial democratic gains within Somaliland, it is not enough to formally say that the African Union should take lead in dealing Somaliland's situation. With all due respect to the African Union, or for that matter the Arab League, Somaliland's situation, specifically its democratic institutions are alien to many members of these to bodies. Therefore, it may be diplomatic to say that the African Union and Arab League should set the agenda on Somaliland and Somalia, but in reality, the matter is beyond the capabilities of both organisations.

It is also correct that Her Majesty's government maintains that immediate dialogue should take place between Somaliland and the Transitional Federal Government, but this is also impractical at the moment and for the foreseeable future. Somaliland has a democratically elected government, however flawed or even inept. The people of Somaliland voted for this government, voted for a national constitution, voted for the members of parliament and voted to assert the sovereignty of the nation. On the other-hand the Transitional Federal government was concocted in Nairobi, Kenya, has no jurisdiction over Somaliland, does not have a single member from Somaliland who has any support or base within Somaliland, and it is currently being supported by an invading army from a neighbouring country. How could anyone expect Somaliland to undertake a dialogue with such a body?

Somaliland has spent the last two decades trying to convince the international community that it deserves recognition. Somaliland has overcome every internal and external political hurdle. Somaliland's budget is minuscule, yet it manages to maintain peace, stability and progress. Whilst hundreds of millions has been spent on Somalia, and to this day, they are burning people on the streets, shelling innocent women and children, trying to contain epidemics, whilst the its political leaders are going around the world filling their pockets with monies meant for their starving peoples.

Somaliland and its people are grateful to the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland, and we will never forget all that Her Majesty's government has done and continues to do so for the people of Somaliland. The people of Somaliland are not asking that Her Majesty's government takes a stand or makes a political gesture that it doesn't feel comfortable with, but they ask that the United Kingdom continues to stand beside Somaliland and its people, and gives them support and encouragement during the upcoming political and diplomatic challenges.

As to whether there will ever be political and social stability in Somalia is open to debate. Somaliland and its people would like to see a peaceful and democratic Somalia, sadly, the chances of that ever happening is almost non-existent. No matter whether the Transitional Federal Government has international recognition, a peacekeeping force or even the obedience of its subjects, it will always be in the eyes of most Somalis a discredited entity.

Somaliland would like to live in peace with its neighbours in the region, but I hope that the international community doesn't expect Somaliland to throw everything away and re-enter the mayhem in Somalia. I am sure that that Her Majesty's government is aware that is a non starter.


Ahmed Kheyre

London, United Kingdom


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