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Challenge In The Red Sea

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"We Will Be Treating Somaliland As A Self Governing Region," Swedish
Ambassador, Jen Olander

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Food for thought


Rayale’s Impeachment Is Inevitable

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Challenge In The Red Sea

Ungovernable Somalia and the imminent collision of hegemonic interests

My Response To The Gov. Response To Petition 'Somaliland'

Obstacles to peace in somalia- unchallencgeable certainties

A Reply to Cabdale Faarah Sigad's Report on the detained Haatuf Journalists

Petition For Impeachment Of Dahir Rayale Kahin

Ali Mohamed Nour

So long as the Republic of Somaliland withdrew from the rest of Somalia and remained a peaceful and stable democratic State, it is shameful and regretful for the International Community to neglect the wishes of the people of Somaliland for self-determination and also expect to join willingly with their brothers in the south to reform a “Greater Somalia”.

Definitely, political analyst can’t over look that the Union can be only endorsed by the will of the two populations as in the case of former two Yemenis and Germanys. It is clear that Somalilanders were the founders of the Union into which they had voluntarily entered as an independent and sovereign State on July 1, 1960, with the former Italian Somaliland.

Today it is vise-verse, as they are willingly neither for federalism nor reunion. They also like to see a peaceful, stable, Somalia in order to act as a two brotherly States living side by side in a peaceful way. Then why the International Community neglects the people of Somaliland for Self-determination? Is it fair to do that? Does it deserve the International Bill of Rights?

I don’t think so. Article one of the International Bill of Rights refers to the right to self-determination, as does the UN Charter in Article 1and 55. Interestingly enough, Somaliland’s Self-determination is more conductive to regional peace and stability as Somaliland has strong capability of solving longstanding regional disputes with Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti due to its acceptance of the colonial boundaries.


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