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Young Mujahideen Movement in Somalia Issues Statement and Video of Suicide Bombing in Mogadishu in Revenge for Somali Muslim Woman

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Young Mujahideen Movement in Somalia Issues Statement and Video of Suicide Bombing in Mogadishu in Revenge for Somali Muslim Woman

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Mogadishu, Somalia, March 28, 2007 - The Young Mujahideen Movement in Somalia, a group which has claimed several recent attacks striking peacekeeping, Ethiopian, and Somali targets, issued a 3:38 minute video with a statement to its Somali website today, Wednesday, March 28, 2007, claiming responsibility for a suicide car bombing in Mogadishu. This message was also distributed to jihadist forums. The operation is indicated to be in revenge for a Somali Muslim woman, Suuban Maalin Ali Hassan, who alleged that Ethiopian forces raped and tortured her at gunpoint. Adam Salad Adam, named as the bomber in both the statement and video, is lauded for his good character and role as a field commander of the Mujahideen.

According to the message, which was dated March 26, Adam detonated his car bomb on the enemy barracks, shaking the ground beneath their feet. The group also states that this operation was the first of its kind in the Somali capital, and is evidence of their refusal to accept humiliation. Seventy-two Ethiopian soldiers were allegedly killed and hundreds more injured, in addition to burning fuel and ammunition warehouses. The video contains the same information in the introduction, but states that five vehicles were destroyed, rather than the seven indicated in the statement.

The video depicts Adam Salad reading from the Qur’an, speaking to the camera, and driving a truck. The scene of the truck moving along the road is clipped as the following scene shows smoke rising from the ground.

According to media reports dated March 27, there was an overnight suicide car bombing at the checkpoint of Ethiopian forces in Darmole, northern Mogadishu. A Somali military officer claimed that casualties to the Ethiopian forces were unknown, but the bomber was killed.

The video, and translation of the statement and introduction to the video are provided to our Intel Service members.

Source: SITE Institute


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