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The Independence Of Somaliland A Reality Not A Hope, UDUB

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The Independence Of Somaliland A Reality Not A Hope, UDUB

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, April 13, 2007 – Mohamed Ismail Bulale ,General Secretary of UDUP party said that the independence of Somaliland is no longer a hope but a reality and appealed for all democratic nations to fully understand what Somaliland deserves.

“There is no turning back the clock, what remains for the international community to come to terms with that reality and to arrive at the only possible and just conclusion-recognition of Somaliland as a rightful member of the world community of nations,” Bulale said.

The General Secretary who expressed Somaliland’s existence as an independent state as a historical fact and today’s reality stated that his state was granted independence on June 26,1960 by royal proclamation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. “The state of Somaliland was immediately recognized by 34 other UN member states including the five permanent members of the security council.”

Bulale said that the union with the south with the motto Great Somalia was detrimental to the country and the region and great harm to its people. “Since breaking away from Somalia in May 1991, the people of Somaliland have sought to build a new state by charting a path away from violent conflict to a complete and democratic political system. Revoking the old concept of great Somalia which has been the sole cause of our regional disputes.”

The General Secretary of the leading party who emphasized that Somaliland is growing strong in its economy and democratization process criticized the AU for not noticing it.

“World bank preliminary studies showed that Somaliland has made a 25% economic growth during the last ten years. We wonder how many countries in the world can boast of similar success story. Regretfully, even though Somaliland is a country that can be considered as a rare African success miracle, the former Organization of African Unity as well as the present African Union have spent more time and efforts over Africa’s failures and conflicts at the expense of promoting Africa’s rare achievements. A similar example we have in Somaliland,” he bemoaned.

Last week, the speaker of the Somaliland parliament had told SSI that the issue of recognition and independence was not tabled for negotiation.

Source: The Sub-Saharan Informer


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