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It is not yet a defeated fact

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It is not yet a defeated fact

Women And Political Power

Ahmed Abib Hayir

Once he was despised and let to descend to the depth of humiliation in Lebanon. The people with whom he was living among felt the capable attitudes and the rare talents he had as a threat to their personal desires and interests. And owing to that fact, he was interactively and overwhelmingly looked down and for years he had to struggle under the acidic feeling of envy he experienced among his own people. Conscious of his life abilities he fled to the United States of America. And not so long after all, he came to be the New York Times President. That was Ilou Abu Madi, the great Arab Lebanese composer whose name is ever and always alive among the pages and the minds of any living and coming generation. Lebanon was his home country but not his right environment to accept his potentiality. It was the US where his status and uniqueness belonged. Yes the United States of America where people are judged by their qualities.

In our homogenous society, anyone of us depends on another for intimacy and satisfying relationship. It is yet true that life makes meaning only this time the relations you establish with others serve to confirm your own value dimensionally as an individual. That is the relationship that accepts and invites your qualities; the relationship with which you count on for survival, approval and personal growth, the relationship that enhances your self-esteem and adds more to your appreciation of life. Despite this nonetheless it is ever remarkable that so many of our social members do not hold the agreed-upon perception of this fact. They are people whom social relations to them are to their self interest. These social members who are always among us are themselves psychologically disordered and not adjusted to real life. Owing to that they stay distance from the factual nature of healthy relations with others. These people are narcissists then and their desperate need for approval goes and breaks beyond the acceptable human greed. Socially, they want to compensate their inner feelings of diminished sense of self. They want to avoid their worthlessness come to light. And they want to overcome the fear of losing in life that potentially makes them feel hollow and jealous in life. In this way, they develop an everlasting degree of aggression against others to achieve success and power for satisfying their greed for name and status and not for social general interest. Their attitude toward life is “WE FIRST” yes “WE FIRST” building an inward defense and hatred against the acceptance and relations of others.

I had already started the first semester of my senior class last September. In this while I was under an apparent influence of emotional desires. I always looked forward to the nostalgic interest I would hold for Amoud as my University after my graduation; besides the mental pictures I was painting for my life after graduation, what was mounting inside me were, the beautiful memories I would bring up after graduation. The friends I would part, the teachers I would leave and the beautiful scenery of the campus were the thoughts that always made me smile for the future. And with an exquisite joy I was feeling impatient in my desire to see the graduation to come soon. Oh exquisite joy! How long can you endure!!! And by the same token, I was starting to wonder any likely events that would go recorded in a golden page for my senior classmates and me in Amoud University. For instance, the graduated senior students prior to our class had started and built the university tower that stands in the campus with the help of the management. And upon thinking what could be our role as senior students, I got across an article written by Mukhtar Hasan Maydhane who is an Amoud university graduate. In his article Mukhtar questioned the ever-possible hope Somaliland universities conventions in every May the second could be restored. Somaliland universities conventions were not held for the last three years due to the lack of attention given by no university management nor students. I then wondered if I could pioneer the revival of the Somaliland universities conventions. And with the help of Khadija Abdullah Sh. Mohamed, my classmate, who supported and helped me let go my attempt. I visited Suleiman Ahmed Guled, the president of my university, Amoud, in his office and with an inviting smile he welcomed me take a seat. It was then I started talking to him about Somaliland Universities conventions. Through his agreeable personality Suleiman showed me his commitment and support if students are united by that common desire to restart Somaliland Universities Conventions this year. The following morning when I suggested my class about that attempt and informed them the management’s reliable role, they all voiced their agreements with applause. My classmates and I all seemed to be in the same wavelength of agreeable commitment to breakthrough our attempts to revive May the second, the date for Somaliland universities conventions. And it was that one goal we presumably shared

To me the overriding importance was to ensure the success of all possible revival made for Somaliland universities conventions. And to work out for this possibility against all odds, I organized my class and suggested the importance of having elected student body. I held the keen intention that any elected student body would representatively and workably manage and pursue the definite survival value of universities convention’s revival. And when those sensible and ever-appreciative concerned university students, elected and urged me to hold the lead and the monitoring of that attempt, I honestly accepted through cooperative spirit. I say that attempt would have demanded my effective commitment and my transparent loyalty. And I wouldn’t have had the desire for personal worth from it. All I smelled was an instant success then. But the hopes I held were denied by narcissists in my class. These students who seemed to conflict with their rational thought, ignored the general fact that we were all oriented to one goal. Yes one goal, the resumption of Somaliland universities conventions. They saw that attempt an opportunity that satisfies their flaming needs for approval and name. After investing energy in their narcissistic thoughts for status in many different meetings they held, they finally saw me their only challenging force. And through their dirty plots and hatred, they overwhelmed me and made me get my hands out of the whole program, yes the program I pioneered and started to revive Somaliland universities conventions. They tell me I am defeated. True, I am defeated but as a sensible reader is it the fact beaten or rewarded!? Is Ilou Abu Madi is now a treasured pride for Lebanon or The United States of America?

Time extends ahead and the future holds the whatsoever life fated. Sure. The light will never stop emerging at the heart of darkness and the fact will ever remain natural. And sure once more, I will for ever treasure the pride my parents brought me this world, not going astride of my role in life against the faces of narcissists.

The pen of Ahmed Abib Hayir

Amoud University student

E-mail; hayir89@hotmail.com

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