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Somalia's AU ambassador pleads with elders to cooperate with Ethiopians
Issue 281
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BELETWEIN, Somalia, 6 June 2007 - The Somali ambassador to the African Union has asked clan elders in the central Hiran region to cooperate with ongoing security operations led by the Ethiopian army, sources said.

Ambassador Abdikarim Lakanyo met with elders in the Hiran regional capital, Beletwein, on Wednesday in an effort to strengthen understanding between locals and the Ethiopian army contingent in the regions, officials said.

Lakanyo is from Hiran region, which lies adjacent to the Ethiopian border. The region has experienced growing insecurity in recent months, especially along the major north-south highway that transverses through the region.

The Somali ambassador to the AU, who also holds the ambassador portfolio to Ethiopia, promised Hiran elders that he will personally take responsibility for any wrongdoing on the part of the Ethiopian soldiers.

In return, Ambassador Lakanyo asked the elders to cooperate with the regional administration and its Ethiopian allies.

Sources at the meet said the elders pledged to work with Somali and Ethiopian security forces and the meeting ended in agreement between the concerned parties.

Lakanyo's aides said the ambassador would stay in Beletwein for a few more days before returning to work in Addis Ababa.

Source: Garowe Online

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