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What role would Ethiopia/USA play to tackle the Somaliland/Somalia issue?
Issue 282
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What role would Ethiopia/USA play to tackle the Somaliland/Somalia issue?

By Mohamud Samatar

There is no doubt that the Imbhagati made government of Somalia is contemplating how to create chaos and unrest in Somaliland to bring it under it's control, but the irony is Somaliland has a democratly elected government , has declared that she is no longer part of Somalia, withdrew it's union with Somalia and declared it's independent in May 18 1991. Somaliland has been peaceful and has held free and fair presidential election and Parliament. For the last 16 years since Somaliland declared it's independence, Somalia was in chaos and was ruled by clan/sub-clan Warlords, while in Somaliland there has been law and order.

Somaliland was not spared from Warlodism rule which reigned in Somalia for the last 15 years, because the current Warlord preident who ruled Majertenia his clan, currently known as Puntland claimed parts of Somalialnd , Sool and Eastern Sanaag regions , just because the inhabitants of this area belong to his Harti sub-clan of Darood. Somaliland and the clan militia of Putland has fought numorous time over the disputed territory of Somaliland.

Beside the disputed area between Somaliland and Majertenia/puntland , the people of
Somaliland built thier ruined citites by late dictator, who was clan leader of Somalia, like the current Warlord president of Somalia, A/Yusuf.

The people of Somaliland were subjected to attrocitees, genocide and clan cleansing in early eighties until late eighties, over 100,000 of Somalilanders were killed while half a milion were displaced and became refugees in Eastern Ethiopia, when the cold war was at it's highest peak. Where both USA and the Soviet union palyed a big role in the suffering of Somaliland people,when Africa was a proxy war place between the USA and the Soviet Union and weapon testing for both.

For the last 16 years the Warlords of Somalia who were at each others throat for power and resource have tried 13 reconcilation conferences in Djibouti, Ethiopia and finaly Keyna, which produced the current Imbaghati made government of Warlords or TFG. Somaliland has never participated in the so called Somalia Warlord reconciliations , but there were always some self nominated individuals from Somaliland, who are in the so called TFG of Warlords , who claim that they represent the people Somaliland , like Ismail Buuba and others.

Buuba and his likes are considered traitors in he eyes of Somaliland people and could be jailed if they set a foot in Somaliland. The people of Somaliland had spoken by the ballot boxes and have chosen thier leaders democraticly.  USA, European union, South Africa and international election observers had commended the way Somaliland Presidential and Parliamentary election were conducted.

Many Europen deleges has come and gone to see and witnnes what the Somaliland people have done for themself and all of them praised the job Somaliland has done for themself and what they have acompolished.

Two years ago an AU fact finding delegation visited Somaliland and apprecitated what the people of Somaliland has acompolished , the peace and the development the Somaliland people has achieved.

Few months ago members of the Kenyan parliament visited Somaliland and could not believe what they saw in Somaliland comparing , to the current Somalia they know, and have indicated after they returned to Kenya that the Somaliland issue be debated in the Kenyan Parliament.

Ethiopia , the current TFG allie , has good relation with Somaliland , both countries has economic and security coopration. For last the siteen years , sicne Somaliland declared it's independence countless delegates from both countries Ethiopia/Somaliland have visited each country to strenght thier relationship.

Ethiopia also has a good relation with Puntland/Majertenia , economical and security coopration both. Ehtiopia has trained some Somaliland military officials and now provides training for the Puntland militia.

However the Somaliland people and government, feel lost and worry, what the Ethiopian and USA role is going to be, after the unelected TFG of Somalia takes complete grip of Somalia, since both countries helped the TFG militarily and logisticly in ousting the marching Islamic courts from Somalia?

Last moth when the skermishes broke out between Somaliland and the clan militia of Puntland in DAHAR, Sanaag of Somaliland , the Puntland clan officials accused Somaliland for starting the war, to overthrow the TFG of Somalia.

The Prime minister of IMbaghati government, Gedi, also accused Somaliland of being terrorists and that terrorists were behind skermshes between Somaliland and Puntland , a rhetoric that became common fot the TFG officials to gain international support for their hidden agenda. While the Somaliland government condemned and sentenced the terrorist who were reponssible for the killing of foriegn aid workers , just few days before his allegation. 

There is no doubt that the unelected TFG of Somalia is contemplating a proxy war against the people of Somaliland through Puntland, by supporting the Puntland clan militia against Somaliland. It's not also a secret that the clan militia of Puntland possess a large amount of weapon supplied by Ethiopia.

The people of Somaliland believe that the current TFG leader, A/YUSUF and his clan administration of Puntland , are reponssible for the delay of it's recognition. The Somaliland people see the TFG leader, as clan leader and not as a nation leader, and it will be very difficult for the Somaliland people and it's government to hold talks with Somalia so long A/YUSUF is in charge.

The people of Somaliland could have been put against the wall by the international community to accept the TFG, and consider reuniting with Somalia. But that is not the case now , the backs of the so called international community is against the wall , because they are aware of what Somaliland has accopmlished , be it democray, good governance, the return of thousands of refugees , peace, stability and development without outside assistance or their help.

While on the other hand the internationally recognized TFG , is a government chosen by Warlords and led by Warlords , who have commited tons of human right violation and crime against humanity .

No doubt the Somaliland people might have been persuaded to join Somalia, if the current Somalia's TFG were a government chosen by the people of Somalia, like the government of Somaliland, where their right, freedom, peace and the progress would have been protected and they didn't have to worry what to loose except to gain , economically and development, if the people of Somaliland had to reconsider union.

Today if the international community imposes, the TFG of the warlords on the people of Somaliland, if the last Somaliland person dies resisting it , it would be a win win situation for the people of Somaliland, even if they are wiped-out from face of the earth , and it would be a disgrace, failure and shame for the so called international community.

Finally the mounting questions are, what role could Ethiopia play in resolving the Somaliland/Somalia conflict, would it protect it's neighborly friend from carnage of the TFG, or would it side with the TFG clan militia to run-over Somaliland, would it deployt it's troops between Somaliland/Somalia until the issue solved , would it be an honest peace broker between the two ?

What role WOULD the AU/IGAD/UN and Arab league is going to play, is their excuse is going to be again we could only deal the legitimate legal authority, TFG. OR are they going to respect the will of the Somaliland people for choosing their destiny?

What role is the AU peacekeepers going to play when the problem arise between Somaliland and the TFG that they protect from it's people? Would it deploy peacekeeping force between Somaliland/Somalia or would it keep protecting the unelected TFG of Somalia?
What role would the European Union will play in tackling the Somaliland/Somalia conflict? What role would England will play, in resolving the Somaliland/Somalia conflict?

And finaly what role would the USA play , would it protect the fledgling democracy of Somaliland and preserve the value she believes in, human right, freedom , democracy, free enterprise and freedom of speech. Or would it buy, the TFG rhetoric , "Somalilanders are terrorists".

Mohamud Samatar


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