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Somalis Die In Mogadishu Blasts

Issue 282
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Somalis Die In Mogadishu Blasts

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Civilians have been caught up in the violence in Somalia [AFP]

Mogadishu, June 15, 2007 – At least seven people have been killed and several wounded in two separate attacks in the Somali capital Mogadishu, witnesses have said.

Three civilians and two guards were killed on Friday when a suicide bomber rode a motorcycle packed with explosives into the convoy of Mohamed Osman Dhagahtur, Mogadishu’s deputy governor.

"Five people were killed and nine others wounded in the blast. Three were civilians and two guards for the governor," Abdi Ismail Gurre, a witness, said.

At least two   other civilians were also killed on Friday when a bomb exploded on the road to the main airport in southern Mogadishu.

"The bomb was buried under garbage. It was targeting a government official who frequently uses that route," Mohamud Hussein Daud, a truck driver, said.

Grenade   attack

In the town of Baidoa, four people were killed and six were wounded on Thursday evening when a grenade thrown into a crowd watching a foreign film exploded, witnesses said.

"The hand grenade was thrown at a video show in Baidoa late last night," said Mohamed Ali, a resident.

He did not know the identity of the attackers.

"Four people died and six were wounded. The video show was full of people watching an Indian movie at the time."

Many fighters opposed to Somalia's interim government are hostile to western and Indian films, which they say promote immorality.

Talks delayed

The latest attacks come shortly after the postponement of a national peace conference that had been due to start on Thursday.

The US ambassador to Kenya, who is also responsible for Somalia, handed over $1.25m to help pay for the conference and played down its postponement.

"The postponement doesn't in any way represent a problem. It shows they want to hold it in a way that will be truly effective," Michael Ranneberger said in Nairobi.

The planned peace talks will attempt to overcome deep divisions that have fuelled   conflict between Somalia's interim government and   opposition fighters.

In April, Ethiopian troops supported Somali government forces to combat   operations led by the Union of Islamic Courts [ICU] in Mogadishu.

Attacks on Ethiopian troops, government officials and troops from the African Union [AU] have continued in the capital, blamed on ICU fighters and clan members opposed to the interim government.

Source: Agencies

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