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Government denies any negotiation with convicted leaders

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By Simegnish Yekoye

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, June 29, 2007 – The Ethiopian government denied any negotiations going on with convicted Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) leaders and stressed there will be no middle ground for negotiation as long us their case is still in court.

Opposition party leaders were reported to have allegedly signed a document accepting partial responsibility for the violence that took place after 2005 election in exchange for their release as a result of negotiations between the prisoners and the government with United States and some Ethiopians mediating in the situation.

“Request for pardon can be raised only after the court gives its verdict,” said Prime Minster Meles Zenawi admitting there are some efforts to mediate by some people requesting pardon for the prisoners. “But,” Meles added, “there can never be negotiation with the prisoners.”

Meles refrained from giving any further detail about the claimed ‘negotiation’ saying any comment from the government on the issue might have an effect on the judge’s sentencing process. “So I would rather not comment any further,” he said.

Presenting his six- month report to the parliament, Prime Minster also said Ethiopia is making military preparations for deterring possible Eritrean invasion and to repulse any invasion that might occur.

“We have achieved the required military capability to deter and to effectively repulse aggression,” he said adding the government will continue to give all the necessary attention to continue bolstering the defense capacity until the peace is realized fully.

Meles also warned that the government of Eritrea would never miss an opportunity to carry out aggressions against Ethiopia with whatever opportunity it gets. Ethiopia and Eritrea have fought over border from 1998-2000, where thousands of people died and UN boundary commission had handed over Bademe, the town the two countries fought over, to Eritrea.

Though United Nations Peacekeeping Mission (UNMEE) forces are monitoring a buffer zone along the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Ethiopia has been accusing Eritrea for threatening the security of the zone. Tension between the two countries got acute last year due to the difference the two countries had over Somalia.

“Despite flaws in the decision of the boundary commission, we have declared our acceptance because it is the commission’s verdict, We are ready to discuss the implementation and move on to the actual demarcation,” Meles said during his speech. “But it has now become clear that there is no commensurate stance and commitment in the part of Eritrea.”

Source: The Sub-Saharan Informer

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