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Thumbs up for President Rayale

Issue 285
Front Page

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Regional Affairs

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International News

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Torn Between Two Cultures

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Food for thought


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SL document archives

Sack The Somaliland Leaders

UDUB, UCID, and KULMIYE: Are There Any Differences?

Democracy Requires An Informed Citizenry

The Mayor Of Hargeysa—The New Mohammed Dheere Of Somaliland



Have you surfed Somaliland websites lately? Have you scanned the internet services that mushroom everywhere thanks to modern technology? And have you read and followed other media outlets plenty of which are out there? If so, it is possible that you may have noticed how the mercury barometer is rising wildly!

It is strange but it is true that many Somalilanders including some politicians know nothing more than playing the tribal cards. It is strange that some are fomenting only hate. It is true that some are driving a wedge between the few clans that are left to support internationally isolated Somaliland. And it is strange that many Somaliland political commentators are posting wildly opinionated articles in their websites with no respect for the views of others.

Of course, some legitimately criticize others by posting legitimate questions. But others senselessly come to the rescue of “their” often “glorified leaders” who themselves rarely talk of subjects that are substance. Give me a break; but little do those myopic people realize that this has the potential to lead to disaster and concrete steps are necessary to be taken today to stop them!

My fellow Somaliland citizens, in any democracy every citizen has the right to express his/her views. We know that anyone can raise a legitimate question to the president. We know that one can even be critical about his administration’s ability or inability. And we know that everyone has the right to criticize the executive body, the parliament, the Guurti, the opposition leaders who have aspirations to lead tomorrow. But we should also know that no Somaliland citizen has the right to denigrate others.

For centuries Somalis practiced their own kind of democracy. Theirs, according to outsiders was respected and known as the pastoral democracy. The Europeans admired it and anyone who knew Somalis loved their way of life; their way of solving problems and their way of initiating dialogues at times of troubles. And certainly the peace and stability Somaliland enjoys today is due to our traditional elders’ ability to lead communities wisely….historically, traditional xeer upholders (chiefs, ugases, sultans and other wise elders) often reined in their community members at times of troubles. And would be peace and stability agitators were often severely punished. But where do those modern era western-educated clan bashers come from? On whose behalf do they talk? And do they realize that their preaching has the potential to wreck the whole boat?

For over a decade and a half, resilient Somaliland survived against all odds. And certainly that is why Somaliland’s unique peace and stability in the troubled lands of the Horn of Africa received international acclaim. In addition, that is why Somaliland today continues to impress and show the world in general and the Africans in particular that its own kind of home-grown democracy can make a difference for any one who adapts it. In fact, that why today, it has been suggested by many world leaders, that all strife-torn Africa should emulate Somaliland’s kind of democracy, peace-making and problems solving!

And thank goodness, Somaliland is now poised to take long strides toward development. For instance, against all odds of international isolation, President Rayale seems to have finally secured Somaliland economic development blueprints. And by convincing the corporate world to invest in Somaliland, he has already established the basis to rescue the country from the debilitating poverty that is the root cause of all its ills….hunger, devastating sicknesses, lack of development etc.

In his recent visit to the port city of Berbera, President Rayale laid down the foundation of three badly needed projects worth $300 million, the majority of which is invested by a German company. And in doing that alone the president has certainly scored high points. Strangely enough however, from what we are hearing from Somaliland media lately, even bringing investment to poor Somaliland by Rayale is seen by many only as an anathema and not as a blessing. To some groups it seems, whatever President Rayale does is a political ploy with lasting negative repercussions. To me however, the president this time deserves big credit and a full support by all who care Somaliland.

Moreover, it is unfortunate that in the eyes of some politicians, every thing President Rayale does stinks. Every thing his close cabinet ministers do is a deception and a ploy. And everything his supporters do is silly and must be repudiated. To those groups, therefore, even bringing investment to poor Somaliland at this time of need is a deception and a gimmick. And shockingly, to those groups, all the president’s actions are always devoid of all character and dignity.

But to me, however, this contradicts the whole aspirations of poor Somaliland. It comes against the hopes of Somalilanders who waited for so long to reap the fruits of their sacrifices because here at last they have a chance to get employment to feed their beloved families. So, at least this time, thumbs up for president Rayale! He has certainly succeeded to convince the world that investing in the fledgling democracy of Somaliland is profitable. He has sold the idea that all such investments in the country are secure, thanks to the peace and stability that was brokered by its great people sixteen years ago. And thanks to the sacrifices of the nation that patiently waited. It is a high time they see the sun shine so bright and beautiful. And thanks to President Rayale and all those who are with him in this noble achievement!

But any opposition to a national achievement of this caliber can only be explained as the sickening politics of “us versus them“ syndrome and truly fits the message of the following lines of a Somali poem:

“Waxba yaanu xeerkay imarin xoolana I siine….xaashee nin libin kaa xisdiyey xumihii waa yaabe!

“…It is ok if someone does not reward you for your noble deeds; but it is a shame if that someone refuses even to acknowledge your successes!”



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