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The Mayor Of Hargeysa—The New Mohammed Dheere Of Somaliland
Issue 285
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The Mayor Of Hargeysa—The New Mohammed Dheere Of Somaliland

Dalmar Kaahin, Ottawa, Canada

In Somaliland, corruption, mismanagement, and totalitarianism seem all part of the norm. And those who dare to speak out against the stench of corruption that fills the air, the rampant injustice, and looting public properties (billiliqo), are often beaten, harassed, and arrested without charges, sometimes held an incommunicado for as long as the thugs like the “Mayor” of Hargeysa, Mr. Hussein Mohamud Jiir, wants. Undoubtedly, Mr. Jiir is “the” clone of the infamous warlord Mohammed Dheere—the ruthless gangster, the mayor wannabe of Mogadishu.

Mohammed Dheere recently beat unconsciously a civialin man in the streets of Mogadishu while hundreds of people watched the warlord’s savage behavior. Could this also happen in Hargeysa?

Far away from Mogadishu: Hargeysa, a city that boasts about its tranquility and law abiding citizens witnessed yet another savage beating of a young reporter—Mr. Abdirahman Musse Omar.

On the fateful morning of June 28, Mr. Omar visited the undisputed Hargeysa’s new warlord Mr. Jiir’s offices and asked a simple question about the theft of civilian land that the Mayor was allegedly involved.

Surprisingly, Mr. Jiir behaved like a street gangster and not only beat up Mr. Omar, but also arrested him for few days. What a disgrace? Worse still, while Mr. Jiir delivered heavy blows against Mr. Omar’s face, stunned citizens watched the shameful event in dismay. Was it a terrible déjà vu? And like the savage beating in Mogadishu; civilians in Hargeysa witnessed the vicious attack with horror as the Mayor and his “militias” took turns to beat, with their bare fists, and dragged Mr. Omar on the pavement. Siyadism all over again! So much for freedom expression in Somaliland!

Mr. Jiir—the new warlord of Hargeysa—has more in common with his counterpart: the most feared warlord of Mogadishu—Mohammed Dheere—than he [Mr. Jiir] has with an elected mayor. These men are uneducated thugs that have no respect for the law. Both were parachuted into power. They neither fit the position they hold, nor have a clue of its value. Time and again, they showed their ruthless tactics, abuse of power and gansgestrism behaviors.

However, while Mohammed Dheere is on the hit-list of Mogadishu fighters, and dodges car-bombs; Mr. Jiir, on the other hand, continues his savage attacks against reporters that question his involvement in Hargeysa’s lucrative land theft. And time again, he does not even get a simple slap on the wrist. Did we sacrifice thousands of our people to have thugs like Mr. Jiir in office? Was this what our struggle was all about?

So much for the hollow mantra of “democracy” and “human rights” protection in Somaliland! As it seems, the mighty fist of Hargeysa’s top warlord, Mr. Jiir, is above the law.


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