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Ethiopian president in talks with mayors of Addis, Hargeysa

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Ethiopian president in talks with mayors of Addis, Hargeysa

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Text of report in English by Ethiopian radio on 11 July

President Girma Woldegiorgis held discussions with mayors of Addis Ababa and Hargeysa cities on the ways of building capacity of Hargeysa, capital [City] of the Somaliland.

While receiving the mayor of Hargeysa City, Eng Husayn Muhammad Dahir, at his office yesterday, President Girma appreciated the visit of the Somalian delegation to exchange views to enhance relations between Addis Ababa and Hargeysa.

According to the Ethiopian News Agency, the discussion held between Eng Muhammad and his Ethiopian counterpart Berhanu Deresa was encouraging since it is an indicator of the phase the two cities are exerting to draw lessons and share experiences in various sectors.

Eng Muhammad also said, when compared with Hargeysa, Addis Ababa is so advanced and added that Hargeysa wants to exchange experiences in capacity building, town planning, land administration, tax collection and other sectors.

Mayor Berhanu on his part said the Somaliland delegation was warmly welcomed and exchanged views with members of the Addis Ababa City Council in the city's capacity building bureau.

Source: Radio Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, in English 1630 gmt 11 Jul 07

Source: BBC Monitoring

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