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Rebuttal of Mr. A.A Jama’s misinforming article of Dr. A.H Essa’s recent visit to Minneapolis

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By Dr. M.Y Balayah, Minneapolis

In response to a recent perplexing and tainted article written by Mr. A. A Jama, I could not help but feel bewildered at the inaccuracies and misrepresentation of the actual event. The article has by far been contrary to the real presentation and exchange of a briefing session convened in Minneapolis by Dr. A.H Essa of Kulmiye party.

Rather, despite his disclaimer of not belonging to a political party, It seemed evident and quite obvious that Mr.Jama’s argument may have been a personal vendetta. This has been demonstrated by his indulgence of attacks on honorable Dr. Essa and his poor attempt to retrospectively hijack the discourse and paint it Udub bashing as he put it. Such shadow and erratic personalities have, unfortunately, become a common hunting scheme to fruition by some individuals. Such proxies are doomed to fail.

Dr. Essa has a sound and distinguished history and track record of which it speaks for itself and therefore I will not attempt to defend. However, it is my responsibility, as a citizen like any other, to dispel facts from fictitious and erroneous claims that may be politically motivated or otherwise personal.

From my perspective, as a truly non-partisan, Dr. Essa had put together a well-executed presentation that was multi faceted and precisely to the heart of the grave issues faced by our infant republic.

Yes, it was quite obvious and a no brainier, that Dr. Essa, while briefing us of the current situation of the republic, was certainly there to sell his party, albeit in a manner that was educated, candid and adorned with civility. It would be expected of any politician to cater his party to the wider audience, a task Dr. Essa did not shy away from. To this end, any intelligent, orientated or with an inch of political expertise, would know to be taken with a cum grano salis. It is the responsibility of any informed citizen to filter what is party bias, in other words party propaganda to further their cause, from the real issues that are at the heart of the matter. A point which eluded Mr. Jama as he has failed to grasp it and has seemed to be in a state of diem perdidi.

On the contrary, having been following Somaliland politics, debates, or politically motivated dialogues, in absentia, I was impressed with Dr. Essa’s knowledge, expertise, character and candidness. He was by far very well versed with the issues and affairs of both the nation and beyond, and has provided possible exploratory remedies of which he did not elaborate further, due to lack of time and speculatively lack of party positional consensus it seemed. It may be true that Dr. Essa has not been forthcoming about his party’s deficiencies, per se, nonetheless, he has shown eagerness to fulfill the belly of the curious.

Unless delusional, any realist would expect such tactics from any sharp politician. In fact, side tracking and shifting the binoculars of scrutiny from their party is a trademark of career politicians.

Dr. Essa has put forth his views about the danger faced by indifference and neglect of the republic. Clearly, he argues that the leadership of the nation needs to be changed. Of course, we would expect this from the opposition party and these views will be consistent with those of his Kulmiye party. Now, as has been postulated many times before, Kulmiye as a party itself may lack direction, sound leadership and therefore could benefit from a change of top leadership itself vis-à-vis Somaliland’s top leadership. On these grounds there is a well-founded merit and I might entertain an exchange, albeit devoid of personal attacks, with the expectation and hope of constructive criticism for the sake of advancing our people and land.

Moreover, another point of discussion, as Mr. Jama alluded to, by saying that Dr. Essa was “attempting to delude his audience”, may perhaps be, do we need career politicians who can “delude” their audience?

Before I dwell further, let me remind us that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. These characteristics of Dr. Essa, if indeed true, would certainly appeal to sections of the same audience in engagement, who consider such tricky possession as the right quality and ammunition to succeed and sail through the rough and hostile seas invested by our adversaries. Others will be rebelled, as your case reveals. I say to you, this is the essence of the art of politics and the reason for political parties.

Somaliland is at cross roads. There is a clear and grave danger that we are faced with of which the ramifications and consequences, of indifference and neglect of the remedy, will be far felt into the future. Our existence and preservation, as such, is in jeopardy. We are in political, economic and ideological stagnation. Clearly, the republic needs change of guards. The republic deserves new blood, if you will, which is a capable, smart, directive and well acquainted with both local and international political maneuvering. If you had reviewed Dr. Essa’s record, capacity and what is at his disposable of the highest level and quality, I am confident you will not have looked any further. This will be the testimony of anybody that knows Dr. Essa or has had the privilege of working relationship.

We, all of SomaliLanders, from Low-yacado and Bokh to Aynabo and Dhahar will testify to this fact. We have the same goals and driven by the same vision. Our difference is certainly grounded on which avenue that may lead us to our goals and dreams. Again, here is where political parties come in to choose the most viable and competent candidate.

As Mr. Jama started on his title, before he deviated from course, “Udub, Ucid and Kulmiye. Is there any difference? We should perhaps bring this debate, with no malaise and personal attacks, to the fore front and force political parties to put leaders that are capable of formulating a course of direction that is presentable and thus can be sold at the relevant international arenas. This, in my humble view, is what, at this stage, Somaliland shed tears for the most. It will, beyond measure, propel the cause into the next orbit.

If Udub and cohorts can achieve this, which I doubt given their time at the helm and track record of corruption and discord, then so be it. Surely the voters will decide through the polls.

In the meanwhile, we can all do our share and contribute both as collective as well as unitary advocacy measures in a non-partisan fashion, with the sole goal of Somaliland.

Dr. M.Y Balayah, Minneapolis




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