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Ethiopian Airlines Becomes The First To Fly from Hargeysa Airport at Night

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Ethiopian Airlines Becomes The First To Fly from Hargeysa Airport at Night

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Hargeysa, 4 August 2007 (SL Times) - The Addis Ababa bound Ethiopian Airlines passenger `Fokker' airplane became the first ever passenger aircraft to use the newly installed runway lighting system at Hargeysa airport on Thursday night. The flight took off from the newly lit runway at 7pm local time.

A special reception was held at the airport for this epic first-time night flight. The reception was attended by the Minister of Aviation and Air Transport, Mr Ali Waranade and many other officials, prominent figures and dignitaries.

Mr Waranade said that this is a historical moment for the Hargeysa airport which was first built by the British during the 1950's, and that the airport has never witnessed, in its 50 odd-years history, commercial nighttime flights landing and departing from its runway.

The minister pointed out that the runway installation light system took a year to install, and will make it possible for passengers and airlines to use the airport according to their schedules, and that the airport will be in operation 24hrs a day.

Hargeysa airport has witnessed tangible transformation since the appointment of Waranade in August last year as the minister responsible for all airports and air transport.

Source: Somaliland Times

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