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Letter To The Editor
Issue 291
Front Page

Qaran Leaders’ Trial Opens
In Mandhera Jail’s Vicinity

Violations Against The Rights Of The Leaders Of The QARAN Political Organization

Fighting breaks out between Sool and Puntland clans

Somali oil bill targets former concession-holders

Letter To The Editor

Somalia Is Still A Failed State

Armed clan feud in Somalia kills 16

Somalia: War Crimes in Mogadishu

Commencement of Second Phase of National Reconciliation Congress

Nurse Tutor/ Lecturers wanted for posts in Somaliland

The World After Bush Part II: Somalia

Regional Affairs

Peacemaker assassinated

250 More Troops For Somalia

Special Report

International News

U.N. peacekeepers may head to Somalia

Woman wins US court battle over hijab

On-The-Record Briefing On U.S.-Eritrea Relations

Martin L. King Jr. & Acceptable Killing of Children by Air Strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia

Lawmaker Apologizes for Muslim Remarks


Safirka: An American Envoy

China's Play for Somalia's Oil


Puntland:" A State or a Parasitic Entity within the Body Politic Of Somalia?

Land disputes fuel tensions in war-torn south Sudan

East African Nations Creating Regional Peacekeeping Force

Food for thought


Somaliland And Its University Graduates

Letter To The President Of Somaliland

Will Future Somaliland Presidents Ever Make The Mo Ibrahim Foundation List For Good Governance

No Chance for Kulmiye But Reforms

(As amended)
LAW NO 14/2000

The Family Circle Is The Survival Of Our Nation

The internationally approved Sub-clan cleansing/genocide in Moqadisho/Somalia

The Triumph of Rayale and Somaliland Tragedies

Dear Somaliland Times,

Do you believe journalism and the media have the power   to save a nation from the bowels of   hell???



Zhukov Georgy,

Editor’s reply.

Dear Zhukov Georgy,

Thank for your query and the interest you have shown in us. I would have preferred that you introduced yourself first, before we got into any discussion. Nonetheless, since you have let the cat out of the bag I will try to respond honestly in my personal capacity and not necessarily those expressed by S/land Times.

You asked, "Do we believe that journalism and the media have the power to save a nation from the bowels of hell?" The answer is no, I don't believe that the media has any power whatsoever to save a nation from the bowels of hell. On the contrary, I believe the opposite is true in that the majority of cases that the media can be   chiefly held responsible for a nation’s spiral fall, headlong, into the bowels of hell. The German Reich used the media to brainwash its citizens in believing they were superior to the rest of us. We all know where this led Germany. Rwanda, in most recent times is another good example, which used the media to fuel hatred and genocide against their fellow brothers/sisters.

A nation can only be a nation if it is united with same ideals, expectations and insight for the causes of their troubles. A disunited nation will produce a disunited and fractured media, which serves the interests of the different and contesting divisions within a fractured society. The media is a byproduct of the society and not the other way round. The media is a mere ‘mirror-reflection’ of the society it serves and provides for. Certainly, the media is not something fallen out of the sky, unattached and unaffected by the ills of the fractured society, more likely, the media is the one affecting, attaching and transporting these ills in a fractured society to every nook and cranny in/outside the society.

Partitioning of what?

If two countries unite to form a single entity and this newly found entity becomes horribly wrong for some reason or the other, and one of the two [countries] decides to disengage itself from the union of the entity, simply, because things did not work out the way it wanted or had envisaged. Can we truly say, that those who are in favor and support this divorce are “partitioning the new found entity? The answer is no. Those who support the divorce are resorting to the pre-defined states of the union that was responsible for the formation of the now defunct entity.

To partition a matter, is to subdivide that which initially had a unitary form in body and essence then became parts or portions of the original single unit of matter. As in our case, S/land existed before the union of the Somali republic and when things didn't work out, it resorted to its pre-existing state. This is not partitioning but restoring entities that were two units in form and essence.

First and foremost, it is most saddening that our brother and sister counterparts in Somalia are suffering, killing and obliterating themselves from the face of the earth and that it being obligatory upon us to ‘do whatever’ is in our power to halt and put a stop to this madness. Somaliland cannot continue to sideline itself from the mayhem and devastation of their brethrens in the south. It has to intervene and mediate the warring factions by all means and necessities. We just don’t know how, yet?

Secondly, it’s our brothers and sisters in the south who have abandoned the very notion that we were initially two countries who came together, freely and unconditionally, with diverse histories and backgrounds to form the republic of Somalia. The very least that can be expected from our brothers and sisters in the south is to respect this or the very thing, which brought the north in 1960 to come and unite with their brethrens in the south, i.e., their ‘God-given’ freewill to choose.

In other words, they had chosen in 1960 to bring with them to the south the ‘choice’ to form the ‘Somali republic’, and this is the very same choice that in 1991 manifested itself in another republic, namely S/land.

Whether, the people of S/land have taken the right or wrong decision to dissolve the union is completely irrelevant. What matters, is the indifference shown by our brethren in the south ‘for the right to exercise our freewill today is no different than the right which was exercised in 1960 to form the union of our two regions’.

What makes our southern brethrens to have the right to hold on to the union of our two regions and deny us the right to absolve the union of our two regions; is anyone’s guess? We, both, came from the same but different surrogate mothers, weaned from the same source but molded, differently in style, mode and language input, one British and the other Italian.

What right, do southerners have ‘to impose themselves’ on the will of the northerners, when they were on an equal footing in 1960, this again is anyone’s guess? Unless, one agrees that the other has a right to differ, how on earth, can one co-exist in union with the other or together?

Rashid M. X. Noor (Editor)
Somaliland Times

Source: Somaliland Times

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