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The internationally approved Sub-clan cleansing/genocide in Moqadisho/Somalia

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LAW NO 14/2000

The Family Circle Is The Survival Of Our Nation

The internationally approved Sub-clan cleansing/genocide in Moqadisho/Somalia

The Triumph of Rayale and Somaliland Tragedies

By Mohamud Samatar

The sub-clan cleansing against the Habar-gidir of Hawiye in Southern Somalia particularly in Moqdisho are mostly caused by the so-called military army or the militia created by the governments Somalia/TFG, in the name National Army. Most government militia who operate in Moqdisho the capital of Somalia and it's surroundings are of the sub-clans, of the Abgal of the Hawiye and the Majertens of the Darood clan, both arch enemy of the Habargidir sub-clan of Hawiye.

The Abgals and the Habargidir who belong to the Major Hawiye clan settle and inhabit side by side share grazing and water and have fought one another for centuries for control water and grassy area.

The Abgals who are the majority in the Capital, Moqdisho have always resented the settlement of the Habargidir in the capital, Moqdisho. Unlike the Abgals, the Habargidirs are the most business oriented people in South Somalia including Moqdisho, and owned the most lucrative business and trades centers in Moqdisho, which the Abgals have envied.

After the Collapse of the Siyad Barre's dictatorial and sub-clan based regime, which they both Abgal/Habargidir fought side by side to remove Siyad, they turned their guns against each other which led to the civil war which erupted in Moqdisho in early nineties and divided the city, Moqdisho into two section south and north, where each sub-clan inhabits and the formation of the Green-line, dividing line.

The late Aidid of Habargidir and the commander of the USC, who became a warlord and the current Ali Mahdi of Abgal, a warlord who is the head of the so-called Somali reconciliation currently taking place in Mogadishu led the war between the two Sub-clans.

How could a Warlord who has blood in his hand, could lead a reconciliation congress? Ali Mahdi was appointed by the Warlord president, to organize few clan elders who support the Mbaghati Government and to mislead the international community that the so-called TFG supports the so called reconciliation. Reconciliation could come only when the Moqdisho residents of the Habargidirs are compensated, for what they have lost during the last eight months. Their live time investment was looted and confiscated by the clan militia of Abgal and by the Puntland clan militia of the current warlord president.   Their homes and residential area become subject of daily search bombardment and the arrest of innocent people being accused of supporting the resistance against the TFG and it's supporter.

What is going on in Moqdisho today is , the clan militia of the Warlord president and the sub- clan militia of Ali Jelle , Gedi and Warlord Mahamed Dhere all arch enemy of Habargidir got approval from the so called international community, to execute the genocide , atrocities and sub-clan cleansing against the Habargidir. The civilian Habargidir, politicians ,   intellectuals, business people became the target of the TFG militia , most of the thousands who fled Moqdisho belong to the Habargidir sub-clan , because their homes and livelihood were destroyed , simply for being Habargidir, while the Abgals in North have returned home and enjoy the TFG support and their

leaders Jelle, Mohamed dhere and Gedi.

The current killing OF the Horn Of Africa   Media workers Mahd/Sharmarke who both belonged to the Habargidir , has the ear mark of the TFG militia and security killing for an intention to hide their dirty work against the Habargidir elites.

Last week when The Parliament members of Habargidir like Asha abdala and others who introduced a motion to audit the TFG and hold it accountable for it's dirty job, they were threatened to be killed if they don't stop criticizing the TFG by other PM who are paid under the table just to do that and oppose any motion brought against the TFG, they were paid recently large amount of cash when Gedi , PM visited Baydhabo last week.

The free media , Radio and Internets have been   constantly threatened and were subject of intimidation by the so-called TFG security/militia forces to silence the media and cover the reality on the ground in Moqdisho.   Shabelle Radio and Horn Of Africa radio station were raided many times and the workers of these two station have been arrested/tortured many times for no reasons , just for reporting the reality on the ground to the world.

Jelle the deputy defense minister openly stated while conferring his Abgal supporters, "that very he soon, with the help of the Ethiopians, we would clear the Habagidirs from Moqdisho and just you have to watch and your support is needed while this mission is in process"

Like wise the Majertens, current inhabitant of Puntland , have been an arch enemy of the Habargidir , like it's normal for Somali tribes who share water and grazing area to be enemies for the control of resource, Galkayo of Mudug and it's surrounding regions are the dividing borders between the Habargidir, Hawiye and Majertens/Puntland.

Based on the animosities that have existed between the Habargidr verses the Abgal and the Majertens of Puntland , the allegation of the Habargidirs , particularly the Ayr sub-sub-clan belonging to the Islamic Courts and playing the Terrorism Card , became a killing machine for a few who delwel on tribalism and hatred against the Habargidir sub-clan of Hawiye.

The current Warlord president , who hails from the Majerten/Puntland of Darood , cleverly used and manipulated , this tactic and led the Ethiopian army and his clan militia , to commit crimes against humanity , against the civilians of Habargidir in Moqdisho. Everyday the clan militia of the Warlord president kill, arrest civilian Habargidirs and confiscate their property.

Similarly the few Abgals, the Prime minister, the deputy of the Defense Minister, Ali Jelle and the Warlord Mayor of Moqdisho, Mohamed Dhere, who dowel on revenge, hatred and removing the Habargidr sub-clan from the Capital, seem to enjoy the killing of civilian Habargidrs and the destruction of their property committed by their sub-clan militia, wearing the national Army Jersey.

The dirty work against the Habargidir is like revisited Darfur/Ruwanda scenario laid out and supported by the so called international community, who created the Sectarian Government/TFG and still watching what is done to a particular sub-clan , in the name of War Against the Terrorism.

The insurgents who are resisting the atrocities committed by the few Abgal militia and the clan militia of Puntland , are nothing but Sub-   clan militia of the Habargidir who's live has been destroyed. The insurgents are fighting the Abgal militia and the Puntland clan militia, who are responsible for the crimes against humanity committed against a single sub-clan, while the rest of the World is watching.

Of course the resistance/insurgents do kill TFG supporters, lay mines and throw bombs, and they only do after their livelihood and their reason to live, like their live long investment homes were destroyed, and it's unlikely that the Horn Of Africa Media Workers were killed by the insurgent, because they both belong to Habargidr and commonly opposed what is being done to their people.

Finally the reason why this crime is being ignored by the so-called international community is simply Gedi, Jelle , Mohamed Dhere and the Warlord president A/Yusuf played the TERRORISM   CARD to fulfill their hatred based on   tribalism and narrow mindedness, to get even with the Habargidirs, and it seems so far that it has worked for them as the World watches.

Mohamud Samatar



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