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The Growing Instability in Central and East Africa

Issue 292
Front Page

S/land Mediators End Government & Parliament Deadlock

Live Stock Deputy Minister Resigns From Rayale’s Government

Imprisoned political leaders to be released as elections approach

INTERVIEW-Mogadishu mayor says govt has boosted security

A letter from Puntland Finance minister on Oil law issue

Somaliland rolls out ARV treatment, but HIV/AIDS education lagging

Somalia pledges tight security for relief agencies

Deportations of Somalis convicted of street robbery deferred Supreme Administrative Court to rule on appeal application

The Growing Instability in Central and East Africa

Shabelle Radio and U.S. Embassy in Nairobi Promote Peace

Regional Affairs

Office provides tree seedlings to Somaliland

Africa wages war on scourge of plastic bags

Special Report

International News

An intensifying US campaign against Iran

As Mogadishu Mayor Says to Let Displaced Children Starve, UN Prepares Mild Reminder

Mother of All Fiascos!


Videotape shows witnesses ignored woman cries for help


Camel Milk Transforms Mauritania's Herding Lifestyle

The Real Face of the Kinijit Neo-Nazi ‘Ethiopian’ Interlocutors of the US

"Ineffectiveness in Action: The Failure of the League of Nations"

Africa to get cheaper, high-quality Internet

Rahma Hirsi, Somaliland, "I will never tell my children I am HIV positive"

Somaliland – A Beautiful Non-Country

Somalia's Puntland region rejects draft oil law

Food for thought


Open letter to Garaad Jaamac Garaad Cali Garaad Jaamac

How to become a professor
Who is a professor?

Is Awdalnews.com an Online Tabloid or a Reputable Website?

Somaliland Research Group

30th Anniversary of the Somali Studies International Association

Arrest of vicious politicians: The immorality of ignorant power

The internationally approved Sub-clan cleansing/genocide in Moqadisho/Somalia


By Scott A Morgan

At a recent regional summit in Nairobi the membership of IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) announced that they were taking the step to set up a regional standby force to assist the African Standby Force.

There have been growing calls for African Troops to handle peacekeeping operations on the continent. African Troops are currently in the forefront in several missions like in Darfur and in Somalia. But the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa will provide unique challenges and opportunities for decision makers and soldiers in the near future.

The current goal of having this force online by 2010 is ambitious and could be too little too late if some events are not resolved by then. Recently there have been reports of attacks on the Opposition in Burundi that is another call for concern in one of the most turbulent regions of the world.

The situation in Somalia is still in a state of flux. Fighting continues on a small scale as Ethiopian Forces back the current Transitional Government against an Islamist Opposition Force. Currently there are Ugandan Forces acting in a peacekeeping role as several other countries in the region currently debate whether or not to assist the AU Mission. Recently the UN voted to extend the current Peacekeeping Mandate for another year.

The situation in the Great Lakes Region is also in a state of flux as the Democratic Republic of the Congo reemerges from a decade of Violence. Various Militias from Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan and even the DRC have taken sanctuary in the eastern part of the country and have used the region to launch attacks in various areas in the region. The fate of the current talks about ending the insurgency in Uganda could hinge on how the mission to eradicate the militias in the region achieves success.

This is not the only region currently organizing a peacekeeping force. Last week the SADC (Southern African Development Council) rolled out its Force at its recent summit with great fanfare. Who knows how long it will be until this force has to intervene in Zimbabwe to restore order there. But in the East and the South Regional Efforts to create stabilization forces are moving along at a rapid pace.

The author comments on US Policy in Africa and the struggle for Human Rights email: scott_morgan_23220@yahoo.com

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