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Arrest of vicious politicians: The immorality of ignorant power
Issue 293
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Arrest of vicious politicians: The immorality of ignorant power

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By Abdirahman Ahmed Ali

Freedom is not a license, Somaliland is livery of Freedom and if we want to retain freedom we need decent conduct. Creation of Somaliland is like building the kingdom of God on earth. Decent cooperation is a must for Somaliland democracy and that of the world. Qaran politicians should learn how to win election through love, not public uprising and security disturbances. Ladies and Gentlemen, Somaliland’s status is moral, peace and freedom. Somalilanders should lay down strong foundations for Somaliland, in order to have strong and democratic Somaliland. I say “Realisation never pays” just like the one lost in 1960.

A Nation must defend itself against illegal public uprising; lawlessness and tribalism are terrible diseases in Somaliland. The illegal Qaran party planned to overstep the law and order in Somaliland and hijack the nation from light of freedom and democracy to darkness of anarchy and civil war. Arrested Qaran politicians did not respect Somaliland Constitution, elected Parliament and government in Somaliland, instead planned to push their own way towards election in order to win highest post in the country.

Qaran politicians and other similar wrong doers in Somaliland should accept their own failings in politics and build trust in hearts of the people again. "Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Oliver Goldsmith said. They should begin a new chapter of politics that can win public votes for them again; today Somaliland need light not darkness of illegality. Such vicious politicians should be pure and wise towards Somaliland freedom and democracy that came at expenses of lost of thousands of our freedom strugglers. We are heading towards big days for us and democracy, we got only 236 days remaining from presidential election plus Dec 2007 Municipality Election, so lets us unite and fight to the best.

The famous Indian Legend Mahatma Gandhi said “Exploit not the Nation” and "Leaders must serve the public". If Qaran politicians are serious of leading Somaliland towards prosperous and development, it’s not necessary only through politics. Education is an area that needs an improvement and Social Services too; they should serve the nation first to prove their loyalty to goodwill. Nelson Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." So it will be easy for Qaran leaders to change Somaliland towards their view of construction and development in Somaliland as they claimed.

Arrested Qaran leaders are nothing but Politicians is Dharma, trying to find solution to their failure in wrong place at wrong time. Dharma usually is turning good for evil. Somaliland will never ever be a victim of illegality and lawlessness because Somaliland passed the era that single man used to decide its destiny, today we are fully functioning government and nobody will be allowed to take the law and order on his own hands. Dear citizens, we got jails ready to receive any wrong-doers against national interest. Somaliland is better position against violent citizens, politicians and even our outside enemies. I say “God will help true public servants”.

Our citizens including Somaliland Diaspora should be capable of distinguishing between good-wishers and violent, because Somaliland destiny rests in our hands and single wrong article or support to violent politicians will have negative impact on Somaliland image because every Somalilander is part of Somaliland and his vote has share in public opinion. Public should see clearly to live well, we should carefully examine our support or vote because if majority of us support wrong politician then defiantly lead us towards an endless darkness of ignorance.

As free and democratic nation, everybody is free to place his vote in the ballot, which makes him a decision maker. This is characters of modern and free societies in the world. This is very huge responsibility and needs every citizen to examine his favorite candidate or party before going to ballot station because when your vote-paper gets in the ballot will be end of your choice in this election. Let us make our decisions based on our national interests not based on tribe or friendship. We should know that, if you vote for your tribesman this man will decide your destiny and that of 3.5 million people that he many not know them. So be sure with your support and vote.

My final word,

We live in a time when the call for freedom and democracy echoes across the globe. Eastern Europe has cast off the totalitarian governments of almost half a century, and the republics of the former Soviet Union are struggling to replace the Communist regime of almost 75 years with a new democratic order, something they could never before experience. But the drama surrounding the extraordinary political changes in Europe obscures the remarkable degree to which the promise of democracy has mobilized peoples throughout the world. North and South America are now virtually a hemisphere of democracy; Africa is experiencing an unprecedented era of democratic reform; Somaliland is part of most successful democracies in Africa, and received respect across the world.

Democracy is double-edged tool, so we should not use to propagate tribalism through democracy. Democracy and respect for human rights have long been central components of Somaliland even in 1960s. We should protect this excellent culture of freedom and freethinking. Somaliland should live to make the world better place.

I say “Let us prove Abdullah-Yey wrong words” that Somaliland cannot be independent of Somalia. Mahatma Gandhi said “I value people who abuse me".

May God grant good sense to all Somalilander …………………We all stand United

Abdirahman Ahmed Ali

Email: citizen@somaliland.com



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