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Somaliland Democracy vs. An Era Of Dictatorship On The Horizon

Issue 293
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Somaliland Democracy vs. An Era Of Dictatorship On The Horizon


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By Abdinasir Mohamed Abdilleh 'Six'.

Most Somalilanders abroad wonder what’s the outcome of the political statement in the government’s agenda.. After the mediation team had solved what we observed as an overwhelming political crossroads, but now we are here again and the road is coming to a full traffic jam of political disobedience.

I believe this is the tactics of the government

“Qowda maqashii waxbana ha u qaban”

For the past weeks I had wondered and asked myself where the wind is blowing to, and what direction is it going at this time for Somaliland politics?

I usually don’t write and use my opinion in public to show my support or criticism on websites but instead I write to the government and tell them straight forward my beliefs, and whether they’re right or wrong for the government’s political act.

Now we are heading to the 17 th anniversary and elections for the upcoming year.

The expectations have a long and jumpy road ahead. Delayed election in the coming presidential votes is foreseeable. Excuses, tactics to manipulate the campaign is common.

Kulmiye party is eagerly waiting for the highest Chair in the Country. The wounded healing lion can’t rule like that and it might take time to recuperate UDUB’s errors and miscalculations. This is a dire warning to the Lion.

According to the people of Somaliland the present ruling party UDUB and the government are disarrayed and misguided. The factors are obvious number of sickening and unemployed people is rising day after day, false promises, disrespecting the constitution. Failing institutions and government services is wiping out slowly.

The economical business opportunities for international company’s investment can’t feel save in investing any longer there is no agreement laws in Place and they wouldn’t bother to come until they see the Minister’s previous executed actions with sincere transactions.

All we see now the Saudi Livestock venture didn’t go, thought the Berbera project became Faanoole and so on. Enough is enough when are you going to make a good deal instead, you lied on the Cement factory, Electric plant and over 10,000 personal will be hired in Sahil region alone, and so on.

The political pending situation and cases for future leaders to speak up and exercise their freedom of speech will rise up… more people will visit Mandhera prison and fishing companies will steal and pay no tax and dues, but they will give you couple of thousand U.S Dollars in foreign accounts to accommodate them continuing the fishing piracy.

You are talking about election and we are forming Anti Corruption Committee (A.C.C.) to take over the cases reality comes to light see where things can take into wrong turns.

AAAH…. When an African leader will be honest and fair to step forward and lead the people who voted for him.

Somalilanders will spent days and nights sleepless, listening to the Mediators, House of Elders “Guurti”, elected Members of the Parliament “Wakiilo “arguing back and forth until the end of this year. That’s not my Somaliland that’s Ina Sanweyne’s house for mediation and resolving cases. Where is the court’s of the land Supreme Court.

There’s no pressure on the government at all because they don’t care.

  • Somaliland Republic government should step forward and deal with the petroleum companies and sell the oil exploration projects to the Interested Parties.
  • Somaliland Republic government should ratify international venture agreement so the investors should come and be comfortable in signing deals with private sector and the government. Not economic Hit man!.
  • Somaliland Republic government must initiate local NGO’s and INGO to pursue the development of the country and spent the money wisely. Tangible and concrete projects with the ministry of Planning foreseeing them
  • Somaliland Republic government should immediately release all political prisons without any condition and present them to the Supreme Court to finalize any miscarried justice or political ills. (There’s no room for that kind of exercise now).
  • Somaliland Republic government must develop the social stamina of the Individual in order for them to look out for opportunities and be creative to earn a living. The Police and Military personal must wear their ranks to feel that they are worth it.

The present government tactics are not good whether it’s economical development Health improvement, infrastructure, re building roads and rural areas.

Hargeysa is sinking with over population shortage of economic prosperity and healthy economic empowerment, you continue on this road and the consequences will lead to disruption and political uprising by voting no to UDUB’s future campaign.

I supported UCID and UDUB 50% in the past five years. Now I hope you understand we’ve the right to speak and tell you Captain the boat is getting lots of water shall we save it now or you want to let it sink.

My Somaliland deserves better leadership and prosperity for all. We mustn’t chase each other for nonsense and waste the good deeds done in the past.

Mr.: president you must hear yourself to campaign with full confidence you win or loose

Leave it to God this time the last memories of your actions are the last benefits that can either result rewarding in governing and justice in the land.

Somaliland Victorious
Peace, Progress and Prosperity
Another Five years for Good governance.

Allaa Guul Leh
Abdinasir Mohamed Abdilleh 'Six'.
Director of
Somaliland Investment and Development Agency
Toronto , Canada .


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