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Refutation of Addis Voice Dictatorial and Barbaric Ethos – Part I

Issue 294
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Refutation of Addis Voice Dictatorial and Barbaric Ethos – Part I

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Somaliland and its path forward..

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

September 3, 2007

A Call for Oromo Sponsorship of two Oromo teenagers

Before you read this article, especially if you are Oromo national, you are reminded to read A Call of Help: Save Two Young Tormented Oromo refugees (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=36301) and come to their help, by presenting yourself as sponsor for the young boys who face deportation after September 23, 2007. Any person willing to help should contact the President and/or the Secretary General of the Oromo Refugee Community in Cairo (website: http://oromocairo.jeeran.com/ / email: orococa@yahoo.com / mobile: + 2012 2917839) as soon as possible. Do not let the two Oromo teenagers of Cairo end up in the Hell of the Abyssinian jails!


The present article is dedicated to all the pleads’ authors and explicit supporters of my effort for more Light in the West about the East and for more Courage among the Oppressed and Tyrannized Nations of East; it is at the same time dedicated to the Management of the American Chronicle, who in a brave manner rejected an immoral demand and a dishonest blackmail, defending therefore the Principles of Freedom of Speech and Expression that have so brilliantly radiated from America over the past 230 years.


Before proceeding through a point by point refutation of the arguments of Mr. Abebe Gelaw, editor of Addis Voice and fanatic supporter of the dangerous Kinijit racist and totalitarian party, and those of Mr. Eliab Tarkghen who improperly attempted to support the racist claims of his Amhara compatriot, I have to thank you all, not only because so wholeheartedly expressed your indignation for the Addis Voice immoral demands and dishonest blackmail but, because you understood me so well; it is always a moment of great satisfaction for an author to attest that the readership understands the approach, the principles, the concepts, and the argumentation so clearly and so accurately.

So, yes, Dear O. Umar from Khartoum, you are absolutely right (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=36170), “Calling a spade a spade is not a crime”, and it will never be!

The illuminative story started with the first letter that the Addis Voice editor sent to the American Chronicle editorial board. I reproduce it here integrally. Mr. Gelaw thought he was writing to an Abyssinian portal in Gondar, and in the process he reproduced the entire Amhara argumentation that I call “Neo-Nazi” because it is precisely “Neo-Nazi” and nothing else.

Mr. Abebe Gelaw’s First Letter

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you regarding the vitriolic and hateful articles of Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis. I would not like to say much about this preacher of hate who has been churning out racist, hateful and divisive articles on Ethiopia via the American Chronicle. His controversial articles may attract a much needed web traffic because of their offensive nature, but will tarnish your image as a credible media outlet.

I appeal to your conscience to read just his last two articles: "Refutation of the Kinijit Neo-Nazi Amhara Abyssinians" and 'The Real Face of the Kinijit Neo-Nazi 'Ethiopian'.

It has been clearly stated on your website that "No defamatory, obscene, or malicious material may be submitted. Nor may any material submitted include hate speech, vitriol, or links to obscene and pornographic sites, or sites with information you know, or have reason to know, is false or defamatory information."

As far as I understand, Muhammad's articles clearly violates the above statement. Unless the "American Chronicle" takes appropriate measures to stop Mr Muhammad's anti-Ethiopian hate speeches, Addisvoice.com and other Ethiopian websites will soon launch an online petition to Google news to remove the American Chronicle from its list of trusted news sources for disseminating such offensive, racist and demeaning writings that are in breach of Google's terms and conditions and may referee the case to US-based Ethiopian media lawyers to look into this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully
Abebe Gelaw

Refutation of Mr. Abebe Gelaw’s First Letter

Point 1. I totally reject that my articles are either vitriolic or hateful. First of all, Mr. Gelaw does not make a correct sentence in this regard. There are no ‘vitriolic and hateful articles’ in general; there are eventually vitriolic and hateful articles “against” someone and/or something. This Mr. Gelaw fails to specify in his first sentence; he does so in the next.

Point 2. Mr. Gelaw speaks of my “racist, hateful and divisive articles on Ethiopia”. “ Ethiopia” is not what may possibly please Mr. Gelaw. “Aithiopia” ( Ethiopia) is Ancient Sudan, the various successive kingdoms of Kerma, Napata (Kush) and Meroe, which find their descendants in the Christian states of Sudan, notably Makkuria, and the modern Eastern African Kushitic peoples, notably the Oromos. I never published anything “racist, hateful and divisive” on Ethiopia, and on the contrary I can show to the inconsistent Mr. Gelaw a multitude of articles that illuminate in the best possible way aspects of Ethiopia’s past (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=21760) of which Mr. Gelaw is totally irrelevant.

Mr. Gelaw is an Amhara Abyssinian, not an ‘Ethiopian’, and his country’s correct name is Abyssinia. He and his Amhara compatriots have no right to the name of Ethiopia that they usurped illegally, criminally and malignantly.

As act, Abyssinia’s usurpation of the Fair Name of Ethiopia – to which only Kushitic peoples or Sudan itself have right – represents the most odious, the most racist, and the most inhuman attempt to rob other peoples’ Identity, History, Cultural Heritage and even Biblical References.

The conditions and the circumstances under which the racist, anachronistic and fossilized state of Abyssinia (ruled by the Semitic Amhara tribe of Yemenite origin) attempted to expropriate today’s Kushitic peoples from their Name, their Identity and their Cultural Heritage consist in a fully documented Genocide – the Black Continent’s bleakest page.

How the Amharas proved to be worse than Nazis.

I do use the term Neo-Nazi for the unrepentant Amhara racists; actually, under real terms of comparison, the Amharas have been far worse than Hitler and Nazi Germany, and it has been a serious, critical and disastrous oversight for the rest of the Mankind not to focus on the issue scrupulously and not to tackle the matter properly. For too long, a hideous and cancerous ideology of racism and ignorance persisted in the Eastern Africa region, jeopardizing the World Peace and the area’s progress to development. Only recently it made its Al Qaeda connection, as exacerbated Somalis were driven to Islamism in despair.

What the Abyssinians did, and have insisted down to our days on doing, is the equivalent of Hitler calling Germany “ Israel’, thus expropriating the targeted as enemy people from its own name.

Calling the Kushitic Oromo capital Finfinne “ Addis Ababa” is the equivalent of Hitler invading Paris and renaming it “Neue Blume” (lit. “New Flower” this is the meaning of the imposed, fallacious name “ Addis Ababa” in Amharic).

And Mr. Gelaw wants persistently, unrepentantly and menacingly to name his portal “Addis Voice” instead of “Finfinne Voice”, as he should! I believe he has to thank me for calling them ‘Neo-Nazi’ as the term is not as heavy as it ought to be. Calling these people ‘Neo – Nazi’ is not pejorative; it is rather a eulogy.

I am not racist as he comically accuses me; racists are Mr. Gelaw ancestors and compatriots, all those who contributed to, participated and were involved in, took benefit and rejoiced from the invasion of the lands and the subjugation, exploitation, deprivation, oppression of the Kushitic peoples that were not part of Menelik’s Abyssinian kingdom, namely the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Afars, the Gambellas, the Shekachos, the Ogadenis, and others.

My texts are not hateful.

My texts are not hateful; I don’t hate the Amharas; I feel pity and sorrow for them, and their entanglement into a bottomless pit of Barbarism, Hatred of the Other, Racism and Inhuman Behaviour. Their souls must be the bottom of Hell. Denouncing the deeds of a people that went for too long unpunished – contrarily to the Germans in the aftermath of WW I and WW II – is not an act of Hatred. It is an effort of Salvation.

I have the Task to denounce; as Orientalist and specialist of the History of Eastern Africa, I have to unveil the disastrous plans of the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian (monarchical, communist, and pseudo-federal / bogus-republican) ruling class for which even I do not hold them responsible – their colonial masters, the academic and diplomatic elites of France and England drew them into the colonial anti-Kushitic adventure.

Until the middle of the 19th century, the small, mountainous, backward and fossilized kingdom of Abyssinia had not threatened or oppressed any other than its own Muslim citizens, and the Western travelers, explorers and missionaries, who were mercilessly butchered. But those days were the time of slavery in Tsarist Russia. This is not an excuse, but highlights the fact that the world had not entered the Era of Democracy, Human Rights, and Freedom.

The problem is that ever the middle of the 19th century no progress has taken place in the minds of the entire Amhara population that – even worse – developed and cultivated an incredibly inhuman attitude towards the Kushitic peoples they invaded.

I have the Task to denounce; as a Human Being concerned with the unbelievable deeds of oppression and inhuman tyranny that have been perpetrated in the Cenotaph Abyssinia, without becoming known in the West. As a person who traveled to that country, and encountered the terrible conditions of underdevelopment caused exclusively because of the illegal and inhuman Amhara / Tigray occupation of Ogaden, Oromo Ethiopia, Sidama Land, Afar Land, and other territories.

My articles are not divisive.

Even worse for Mr. Gelaw, my articles are not divisive; except he wants to admit that he too is truly and plainly Neo-Nazi. Who can say that my articles about Abyssinia (stop calling it Ethiopia) are ‘divisive’? Those who want to perpetuate the illegal and inhuman Amhara / Tigray occupation of Ogaden, Oromo Ethiopia, Sidama Land, Afar Land, and other territories.

-You just get out of Finfinne, Mr. Gelaw; go back to your Gondar, and stop imagining about the possible ways through which you will help replace Meles Zenawi tyranny with the - 100 times more abhorrent - Kinijit cruelty. Just get out of Finfinne, and stop calling it Addis Ababa!

How truly comical it is for someone to call my articles about Ethiopia and Abyssinia ‘divisive’! Imagine you live somewhere in continental Europe in 1943. Someone calls for an independent and democratic France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Holland, and so on.

-Who would call that writer’s articles as ‘divisive’? Only the Nazis. All those who would like to perpetuate the illegal invasion and occupation of so many European lands by Hitler.

Abyssinia : a dead and decomposed body

Actually, my articles are not divisive because there is nothing ‘united’ that could be divided; Abyssinia, mendaciously and criminally re-baptized ‘ Ethiopia’, is not a united country. It is a dead and decomposed body that the ailing Zenawi tyranny has difficulty to treacherously keep it together by means of unprecedented oppression, extrajudicial killings, arrests, and overwhelming terror. The Tigray bandage is falling apart, and the disconnected parts of the corpse ‘Fake Ethiopia’ want to find again their Vivacity through Freedom, Independence, Self determination, Democracy, Progress and Prosperity.

They will not allow Mr. Gelaw to drive them back to the Amhara days of the pro-Communist bloodthirsty beast Haile Mengistu.

Actually, there was never a unity in ‘Fake Ethiopia’; it was just a misleading appearance, a façade of terror, threat and killings. Has Mr. Gelaw forgotten what happened in his country?

1500000 people killed in the Genocide perpetrated by Mengistu

One and half million dead are the fruits of the Mengistu Genocide of Kushitic masses; it is all due to the Amharas’ attempt to position themselves within ‘Fake Ethiopia’ in the same role the Russians had tailored for themselves within the Soviet Union. In the same way the Russians wanted the Azeris, the Uzbeks and others to write their languages in Cyrillic characters, the criminal and inhuman Amhara elites attempted to impose on Oromos to write their language in Amharic – Gueze characters. The totalitarian concepts and practices give the impression that there was an almost absolute resemblance and no difference at all between Amhara monarchy and Amhara communism.

Are Communist Dictators back? Kinijit Leader was Mengistu’s best friend

To better illuminate international readerships on the Amhara ways of tyranny, Mr. Gelaw could perhaps invite for a public debate someone he knows very well, a former friend and minister of the Amhara cruel communist dictator Mengistu; a person who escaped – thus far – any local or international Court of Justice, despite his involvement in the abhorrent Kushitic genocide of the Mengistu days; a person who still aspires to bring ‘Fake Ethiopia’ back to the worst moments of tyranny and inhuman excruciation: the leader of Kinijit party, Mr. Hailu Shawul, the 72-year old fossil who intends to travel to America for contacts with democratic leaders and statesmen and for US support to Kinijit in view of an eventual replacement of the Tigray Zenawi tyrant by ….. Kinijit.

The question is:

-Why should America accept on US soil the Abyssinian Yuri Andropov who aspires to become the African Kim Jong Il?

For an informative comment on the Kinijit leader, I quote Antony Shaw (12/1/2005):

“From the beginning there were problems between the two larger parties in the CUD, the AEUP, and the EDUP-Medhin, though in fact friction between Hailu Shawel and Lidetu Ayalew long predates the formation of the CUD. Both were originally members of the AAPO. Hailu became vice- president but split the party when he was not elected president following Professor Asrat's death, taking a majority of members with him. He was chosen as chairman of this fraction in 2000, and changed the name to AEUP in 2002. Its leadership certainly does include some whose views can only be described as hard-line Amhara chauvinism, as well as members of the former administration and Derg supporters, many if not most in the Diaspora. They have provided significant financing for the AEUP, and for CUD as whole from the US.” (http://www.sidamaconcern.com/news2005/some_thoughts_on_the_cud.htm)

Perhaps just for one time I would accept Mr. Gelaw’s rejection of the expression Neo-Nazi for Kinijit; if he agreed that Kinijit is truly Neo-Stalinist. But does it make a difference?

Hailu Shawul to face charges for Mengistu times Genocide

I believe it becomes imperative now for US authorities to meticulously examine whether the arrival of bloodthirsty tyrant Mengistu’s friend to the US should be a good reason to take him to a Court of Justice for crimes against the Mankind. On the other hand, it is urgent for US Congressmen to deliberate whether Kinijit offices, publications, websites and overall activities in the US are compatible with American Law and democratic principles.

The refutation of Mr. Gelaw’s letters will be completed in the forthcoming Part II.


The times of Abyssinian colonial expansion and subjugation of the Ethiopian Kushitic peoples.

Saint-Petersburg. Extraordinary Abyssinian delegation in St. Petersburg. In the photograph: Prince Belyakio (right), Prince Damto (left), Ato-Iosiph, personal secretary to Menelik II (centre). 1895. Photo by Anufriyev

Source: American Chronicle


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