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Somaliland and its path forward

Issue 294
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Somaliland and its path forward

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Somaliland and its path forward..

By Ahmed Kheyre, London, UK    

As the ship of state that is Somaliland sails smoothly over turbulent waters, there are still several challenges   ahead for our country.

Somalilanders must see to it that nothing hinders the upcoming local and presidential elections. The government of Somaliland must enable all of its citizens to express their elective preferences.   It is also imperative the people of Somaliland   use their votes in a mature and responsible manner.

The international community has a moral obligation to assist Somaliland in conducting these up-coming elections. This assistance must constitute both monetary and logistic support. The onus is on the international community to make sure that Somaliland continues   on its path towards democratic maturity, which will in the fullness of time lead to international recognition.

It goes without saying that Somaliland must remain on its course unhindered or distracted by the countless meetings taking place   across the globe with regard to Somalia. Somalilanders must be self-confident in their ability to determine their own destiny.

We, Somalilanders, have many challenges   to overcome, in terms of economic and social development, employment, poverty and other environmental issues. We can only overcome these challenges if we remain united and focused. Somalilanders must exercise self-examination   and self-accountability, we can't afford to rest on our laurels.

Let us not forget that politics are just for today and tomorrow, but   a nation, a state can last   forever. Somalilanders have   been trying for more than seventeen years to convince the international   community of their intentions, and finally,   it seems the world   has acknowledged the reality of Somaliland.

Somalilanders   understand that world opinion had been focused on   other pressing issues in the region, but we are proud of our   achievements, our struggles, victories and set-backs, and to the world we say,   "What has taken you so long?"

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