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Uganda: Save Buganda From Itself
Issue 295
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By J.M. Tamale

Kampala , September 9, 2007 – Many people have spoken about Buganda's desire for independence from Uganda.

However, they have not answered the most salient issue of all; whether Buganda can become a viable state.

While I support Buganda's cause let us be realistis. Buganda is not a viable state.

For one, it will take a long time for Buganda to get international recognition, without which it cannot function. Many states have fought hard to gain international recognition to no success good examples of which are Somaliland, the Japanese-backed state of Manchuria and many others that have walked the tight and hard road to international recognition but failed.

Another issue that will fail Buganda very quickly is the economy. I do not think Buganda is economically viable; it does not have economically viable natural resources to talk about. Yes, there is tin and other metals, but can they be mined economically? Can an agricultural-based economy propel Buganda into a modern state? Does it have the skill and the acumen to forge a state out of ten or less million agricultural Baganda? Can Buganda find the right balance between state needs and those of a kingdom vis-à-vis its small population?

Can Buganda create jobs? Those are the questions one should ask him or herself before agitating for Buganda's independence. Buganda cannot compare to states like Lesotho which have gold.

So, before our politicians excite the public about Buganda' s inherent and long-running desire to secede, they should provide answers to the above and also as to who would be the eventual beneficiary of Buganda's secession. Our politicians are talking up 2011 and making the public believe that the current government has deliberately refused to afford Buganda independence. They know a Buganda state is not viable but the issue is a vote winner. Buganda needs to be saved from itself and from its politicians.

Mr Tamale is a student at the faculty of law, Makerere University.

Source: The Monitor

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