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Issue 297
Front Page

Haatuf Reporter Jailed in Berbera

Ugandan Foreign Minister Says His Country’s Military Presence In Somalia Will Pose No Danger In Somaliland

Somaliland Urges Arabs To Accept Its Passport

Somaliland’s Interior Minister Undergoes Heart Bypass In South Africa

A U.S. Diplomat On Thursday Dismissed Widespread Criticism Of Somaliland

Tensions Rise in Sool Region

Three Somali govt soldiers killed in fierce battle

Myanmar, Somalia worst for corruption

Somalia teeters on edge of survival

Straight to the point

America’s woes with international law

Arab League Supports "IGAD" Force in Somalia, On Darfur Serious if UN Rejects Egyptian Troops

Daily violence bleeds life out of Somalia's largest market

Regional Affairs

Officials Express Concern About Somaliland-Puntland Clashes

Somaliland reportedly hands over three Ethiopian army deserters

Special Report

International News

Only Cheney Knows for Sure
Just How Powerful is the Israel Lobby?

US$1 Million Alcan Prize for Sustainability 2007 Shortlist Announced

Cops seize shipment of the narcotic khat, a first in Philly

Thousands of Somalis Soon Entering the Workforce


An Eleven Old 'Colindale' Boy Makes Kids Smile In Hargeysa

Invisible Warriors- Somaliland Camel Corps History

Jawahir promotes Somaliland in African capitals

Somali teen takes top Euro award

Canada Changes Policy on Macedonia Name

800 Chinese State-owned enterprises active in Africa, covering every country

Experts warn Somalia disintegrating

WB, UN Join Drive To Recover Corrupt Leaders’ Spoils

Food for thought


Saudi Arabia takes the wrong approach to Somali conflict

Bad Choices

KULMIYE Is The Most Democratic Party, Doctor

Youth Must Prove That They Can Lead


Part 2 Of The Dangerous Smell Of Crude Oil That May Ignite A New Civil War In Somalia

Calling All Somaliland/UK Scholars 1969-71

Islam And Alcoholism


September 26, 2007

Dear Friends,

I have received this email from a Journalist friend in the British Guardian.  Please write an article on this subject and ask people to contact me on my Email, who wish to be interview. 

I’m looking to interview someone of Somali origin who was born in Britain -- but who has now migrated from the UK back to Somaliland. The move needs to be the result of a positive 'roots' decision (as opposed to eg, accompanying a spouse who happens to be posted to the 'homeland' by his/her company). This person would be currently living in Somaliland, and would hopefully still have one or two usable family portraits we could print – either paintings or photographs. Any additional old pictures or drawings they have of the house or village or town which their ancestors left behind to come to the UK would also be excellent. We would also need to take a picture of the person I interview for the article.

All I would need would be 30 minutes on the phone to discuss their family story. Why did their ancestors come to Britain? How did they find it? Why did they go back, and what is it like?

The interview would appear in the Guardian as part of a special issue about people returning to their ancestors’ homeland.

We need to highlight the positive contributions made by our people her and in Somaliland.

For Further information contact:-

Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan



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