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Police Raid Injures Eight People in East

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Mogadishu, 18 October 2007 - At least eight people have been wounded six of them Puntalnd forces in a firefight in Bossaso town, the regional capital of Bari in eastern Somalia In mid of political hostilities in neighboring Sool Region.

The skirmishes took place between forces from the Semi-autonomous region of Puntaland and armed men in Qas and Raaxo neighborhood inside Bosaso town.

According to Shabelle correspondent in Bosaso, both sides were exchanging heavy and light weapons; the sound of the gunfire could be heard through Bososo town.

Medical doctors in Bosaso hospital say, one of the Puntland soldiers injured in today's clashes said to be in critical condition.

The clashes broke out after, forces belong to the regional administration of Puntland had raided a house in Qas and Raaxo neighborhood which they said, some militants were hiding out in the house there have been fierce resistance from the militants during the police raid on their house.

The Police in Bosaso say, the armed men in the house are the militants in Bargale but now regrouping in Bosaso city, adding that the armed men are those who welcomed the foreign militants in Bargale neighborhood on the 1st of June which prompted US air strike on the area.

The latest reports from Bosaso indicate that the house is still surrounded by heavily armed police force meeting a tough rebellion from the militants in the house.

The exchange of gunfire continues so far.

Source:Shabelle Media Network

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