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The Theories And Realities Of Kulmiye!!

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Complaint About Your Editorial


By Yusuf A Abdi-Odowaa, London, UK

Kulmiye is the largest opposition party in Somaliland and purports that it represents a viable and successful alternative government to the present administration. However, how much are really fictitious and reality in Kulmiye’s many claims of holding the government accountable to the public?… In answering so, let’s highlight some of its many claims first;

Kulmiye utters that it represents an alternative government, and challenges the policies of the government by presenting different and effective policies than the government‘s.

It says it keeps a close eye and ear on what the public needs and wants… as well as promoting responsible and reasoned debate in a mature way. It also alleges that its there to strengthen the Somaliland institutions and civil societies. Furthermore, it also claims that it encourages democracy within it self and acts as a training ground for the future leaders of the country by conducting its party businesses in a more governmental-like and professional manner, promoting intra-party democratic elections and ensuring accountability.

In a nutshell, the above theories are some of the fantasies that Kulmiye would love to dupe you in to believing in them, because the reality of Kulmiye at the [PRESENT] could not have been further from its above alleged theories.

While the majority of Somalilanders agree -regardless of their political party affiliations- that the present government have swindled many opportunities to develop the country further, and does not seem to be equipped with the capabilities to take the country to the next level, they will also agree the fact that that the [PRESENT] Kulmiye party does not represent a viable alternative government to the present government as YET.

In Reality, Kulmiye’s leaders are united only in holding power for the wrong reasons, they believe in that Somaliland and its people owe them a living for the simple following reason;

Out of the three parties, Kulmiye has the highest no. of ex SNM commanders/leaders in its ranks and therefore, believes this simple fact entitles them to be the permanent governors of the country!

Let me make one point clear from the outset; I share with all my fellow Somali Landers that the SNM has given birth to Somaliland, and without their ultimate and many sacrifices, Somaliland would simply have not existed today. But its also worth mentioning that the SNM has existed in many different forms and shapes; from the financiers in the Diaspora to the herdsmen/women who assisted them with vital intelligence, as well as the mothers in the refugee camps who used to donate part of their daily rations from the aid agencies to the Mujahideen.

So, in many Somalianders’ opinions its morally wrong and grossly unjust for a small and well off clique to claim the country owes them special rights while denying the same rights from the silent majority who took part in the struggle in different forms and shapes, but freely integrated into the general public when Somaliland broke away from the rest of the Somalia, without boasting and bragging about their involvement in the struggle to liberate S/land, as they simply saw it an obligation fulfilled.

Somalilanders, passionately believe in that the orphans of the Mujaahideen and all those suffered, dislodged and dismembered in the struggle should be assisted in every way possible when the time is right. As well as honoring and putting in place a lasting remembrance and memorial schemes for the fallen comrades. (May Allah grant them Mercy and Rahmah)

So, to hammer the point home; the leaders of Kulmiye should wake up to fact that in TODAY’S Somaliland being an ex SNM leader/s and ex-lieutenant/s does not guarantee you to be elected to an office.

The leaders of Kulmiye should realise that the majority of Somali Landers -regardless of their background- will only vote for the most inclusive, participatory, consensus oriented, accountable party and above all to the party that is most responsive to its present and future needs and aspirations.

The Somaliland people -from all the corners of S/land- want to move forward, not to re-live in the past, they want to board on a fast forward moving plane, not an old truck stuck in a reverse gear. They want their present and future challenges/ aspirations to be addressed, not to be taken for a free meal and an easy ride of what they have been or not have been in many years ago!

KULMIYE will only be taken as a serious alternative government when it starts to come up more superior and ground breaking alternative ideas, principles and policies for governing the country. When it begins to be inclusive genuinely by representing all the regions of the country rather than the one or the two it does at the moment.

It will also be taken serious when it selects young and vigorous leaders of a formidable capabilities and skills of challenging the present administration and taking the country forward, rather than men who dwell on the past!

In conclusion, If past resumes wins you elections it would have certainly done so for Churchill’s conservative party after winning Britain the second world war!


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