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Issue 301 / 27th October 2007
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Government Led “Coup D'état” against Shuro Net

President Rayale Holds Talks With Visiting French Embassy Officials

Planning & Coordination Minister Refutes UNDP Deportation

Somaliland cabinet meets to discuss the needs of Sool

Somaliland Attempting To Silence Human Rights Network

Somali Government Harassing Media

Zenawi Says Favorable To Keep Ethiopian Troops In Somalia

Opposition Political Party Formed In Somalia Parliament

France Looking For Way Out Of ‘Walled Meadow’ In Africa

Radio shut in Somalia amid escalating attacks on media

Two soldiers killed as gov't official survives assassination in Somalia

Regional Affairs

UN Hopes to Resume Food Aid in Somalia

Somalia: Situation Report - 26 Oct 2007

Special Report

International News

Joaquim Chissano Wins The Largest Prize In The World

Biggest Discrimination In The World: Attacks On Somali Community In Bristol

Two Somalian Immigrants Honored For Service To Local Refugees


Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah - Coast to Coast Candidate

Letter From Djibouti

US Horn of Africa Policy at odds with the Declaration of Independence

The Somali Land Birthed?

Work starts on Axum obelisk

Food for thought


Premier Gedi of Somalia cracks under political pressure

Somaliland Government: Hands-Off Human Rights Defenders

Somaliland vs. Puntland: More Terror Accusations, More Crying Wolf

Somaliland Doesn’t Need Advice From Mr. Gedi

Without A Doubt KULMIYE Party Is The Only Hope For Our Country And Its People

Somaliland: Wrong policy on the Ogaden

Rayale’s Hostages In Mandera

Proper Hiring And Justified Firing Of Employees

John Holmes, the undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs

GENEVA, 24 Oct 2007 - The United Nations hopes to resume food distribution to tens of thousands of Somalis in the country's war-shattered capital now that the government has released a top aid official, the U.N. humanitarian chief said Wednesday.

Date: 26 Oct 2007

Main Developments

The Head of the World Food Programme (WFP) office in Mogadishu was released by order of the President of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) after being arrested six days ago. Reasons for his detainment have still not been given. The staff member was forcefully taken from the United Nations (UN) Compound and arrested by 50-60 heavily armed soldiers.

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An illegally conducted extraordinary general assembly claiming to represent Somaliland Human Rights Organisations Network (SHURO-net) was conducted on Thursday 24 th October in Ambassador Hotel.

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Nairobi, October 22, 2007 – Increased tension between the self-declared republic of Somaliland and the neighboring self-declared autonomous region of Puntland over the disputed region of Sool has led to the displacement of up to 20,000 people from the area, local sources told IRIN on 22 October.

Forces loyal to the Somaliland administration took control of the Sool regional capital Las Anod, which was previously controlled by Puntland, on 15 October.

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ADDIS ABABA, October 22, 2007 – Livestock smuggling costs Ethiopia $138 million a year, the government said on Monday, but the authorities are taking action against the illegal trade.

Livestock exports are a key source of hard currency for the country, which earned $52 million from the sector last year.

London, UK, 20 October 2007 (SL Times) – Prominent Somali poets Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame (Hadrawi), Mohamed Hashi Gaariye and Hassan Abdillahi Ganey arrived in London yesterday (Friday) for participation in The Somali Week Festival which will be launched this afternoon in Oxford House in Benthal Green.

The three poets as well as a dozen of Somali artists will present programmes featuring Somali culture.

Nairobi, October 25, 2007 – The UN special envoy to Somalia on Thursday exhorted the leaders of the war-torn nation to patch up differences that have stifled effective governance in recent months.

Ahmedou Ould Abdallah said the power struggle between President Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi was "unhelpful" in the face of escalating insurgency and a deepening humanitarian crisis in the country.

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Editoral: Business Daily

October 26, 2007: Somalia has all the potential to explode once again as the world watches. The kidnappings, murder, and intimidation, especially of the 1,600 Ugandan peacekeepers in Mogadishu, should not be allowed.

This year alone, the infighting between Islamic insurgents and government troops backed by Ethiopia, has seen more than 1.5 million Somalis internally displaced and there is no end in sight over the suffering.

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Hargeysa, October 24, 2007 – Livia Heron, a human rights officer with UNDP in Hargeysa, has been deported following a row between her and the Somaliland Ministry of Justice.

Initial reports say that Mrs. Livia was deported after she commented on several human rights violations in Somaliland such as the jail of Karan [opposition] political leaders and the holding of dozens of people in its prisons.

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HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum during his visit.
HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum during his visit

Djibouti, October 20, 2007 – In collaboration with 'Dubai Cares', the Government of Djibouti can increase net school enrolment from 66% to 93% by 2012, according to a joint briefing by the Ministry of Education and UNICEF.

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Since January 2007, fighting between the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and remnants of the rebel Union of Islamic Courts and militias aligned against the government, has displaced at least 400,000 people from the country’s capital Mogadishu.


Text of report by Somali independent Radio Gaalkacyo on 20 October

Traditional elders of the Warsengeli clan in Boosaaso have condemned local police for attacking their house and killing several persons.

Mogadishu, 24 October 2007 - At least one of Ugandan peacekeeping forces in Somalia has been injured after unidentified armed men hurled two hand grenades on a Ugandan base at Km4 intersection in the capital Mogadishu, on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Paddy Ankunda, the AU mission's spokesman, one of their soldiers received minor injures in the grenade attack.

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Mogadishu Mayor Mohamed Dheere

MOGADISHU, Somalia 28 October - The mayor of the Somali capital Mogadishu has warned residents in select neighborhoods to leave their homes because the government has "run out of patience" with insurgent groups.


Thursday's Shuro-Net press conference

Hargeysa, October 27, 2007 (SL Times) – An extraordinary annual general meeting (AGM) held in Ambassador hotel by the local human rights umbrella group “Human Rights Organizations Network” (SHURO-net) was said to have elected a new chairman, vice-chairwoman and secretary general as the group’s board of directors.

The meeting was opened by the government minister of Family Affairs, Fatuma Sudi Hassan and was addressed and attended by government ministers and various departmental ministry heads and officials from the State National Human Rights Commission. The main government and independent media organizations were also present to cover the meeting.

President Dahir Rayale Kahin

Hargeysa, October 27, 2007 (SL Times) – The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Dahir Rayale Kahin held a meeting, yesterday, with the region’s French embassies officials visiting Somaliland. The delegation was led by the Djibouti French embassy’s political head officer, Yves Bertin.

The visiting French officials, from the Djibouti and Nairobi embassies were composed of six officials and arrived in Somaliland on Monday.

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UNDP's Somaliland respresentative for human rights, Livia Heron - leaving Hargeysa airport on Monday

Hargeysa, October 27, 2007 (SL Times) – The Somaliland minister of Planning, Ali Ibrahim Mohamed has described recent reports in segments of the Somaliland press regarding the purported "expulsion" of a UNDP worker as "malicious and pure fabrication".

Speaking to the press at his office in the ministry of Planning, Ali Ibrahim sought to clarify the question of a temporary worker with the UNDP’s head of human rights desk in Somaliland. The minister stated that the worker in question was not a regular staff member of any United Nations organization or for that matter a person with a diplomatic status but a voluntary staff member of the UN body.   

Hargeysa, October 27, 2007 (SL Times) – In its weekly cabinet meeting, chaired by President Dahir Rayale Kahin, the Somaliland council of ministers discussed the current situation in the Sool region, and in particular Las Anod, which Somaliland regained control of on 15 Oct.

In a communiqué issued at the conclusion of the meeting, President Rayale stated that it is imperative that the government and the people of Somaliland offer the utmost support to the residents of Sool.

Press Release

Michael Walls, Chair, Somaliland Focus ( UK)

London, October 26th, 2007 – Somaliland Focus (UK), an organization set up by returned election observers and members of the diaspora, is concerned about reports that the government in Hargeysa is attempting to silence or subvert the independent human rights network SHURO Net. Reports are that the Somaliland government, particularly the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, and the Human Rights Commission, organized an extraordinary AGM inviting some Shuro-Net members from the regions.

  Human Rights Watch accuses Somali transitional government of failing to protect journalists

Not the best of circumstances

NAIROBI, October 25, 2007 - Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused the Somali transitional government of systematically harassing journalists and failing to protect the fledgling independent media in the war-ravaged Horn of Africa country.

"The violent attacks on Somalia's journalists threaten their courageous reporting on the crisis in Mogadishu," Peter Takirambudde, HRW Africa director said on 22 October. "The Somali government must condemn and investigate these attacks as well as cease its own harassment of the media."

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Addis Ababa, Oct 25, 2007 – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said he is against the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops in the current conditions from Somalia. He pointed out that this move means sabotaging sacrifices paid to stabilize the neighboring country.

Speaking on Tuesday 23 October at the 4th regular meeting of the House of Peoples’ Representatives Meles said total and immediate pull out of the Ethiopian army in Somalia under the circumstances would have been tantamount to sabotaging the sacrifices paid by the army and also rendering valueless Ethiopia’s contributions for peace in Somalia.

BAIDOA, Somalia, October 24, 2007 – Saudi Arabia has invited Somalia's top leaders to the kingdom for mediation talks on how to heal that country's government rift, a spokesman to the Somali prime minister said on Wednesday.

The invitation to Somalia's president, prime minister and parliament speaker comes ahead of a debate among the country's lawmakers over when Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi's 30-month mandate should expire.

GENEVA, Oct 26, 2007 – Somali government harassment is hampering aid workers trying to relieve some of the worst conditions in a decade because of poor harvests, fighting and attacks on government officials by Islamic insurgents, a U.N. official said Friday.

"We cannot accept that," said Eric Laroche, the global body's humanitarian coordinator for Somalia.

Somali parliament in Baidoa

BAIDOA, Somalia Oct 25, 2007 - Somalia's interim parliament that is attempting to resolve a row between President Abdillahi Yusuf and Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi officially split in two camps Thursday after pro-Gedi lawmakers declared a new political party.

Some 126 members of parliament convened at Hotel Bakiin in Baidoa, a town 250km northwest of Mogadishu that has served as parliament's home since early 2006.

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By Greg Mills

VETERAN French mercenary “Colonel” Bob Denard’s death this week signals more than the end of an era when soldiers of fortune believed postcolonial Africa to be their playground. It also comes at a moment when French foreign policy towards Africa is striking out in a fresh, more positive direction. Indeed, French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech to students in Senegal this July offered an early, if controversial, indication of change in his government’s Africa policy.

Somali soldiers patrol the streets of Mogadishu, August 2007. The Somali autonomous region of Puntland

NAIROBI, 27 Oct 2007 - The Somali autonomous region of Puntland has shut a radio station and detained its editor, media watchdogs said Sunday, as attacks on journalists escalated in the troubled nation.

Authorities shut Radio Garowe in the central region on Friday and arrested its head Abdi Farah Jama Mire, producer Mohammed Dahir Yusuf, and editor Isse Abdillahi Mohammed.

Mogadishu, 26 October 2007 - Two Somali soldiers were killed and eight others wounded Thursday while a government official survived an assassination attempt separately in central and southern Somalia, police and witnesses said.

"Two government soldiers died after a roadside bomb exploded as their vehicle was passing," Muse Yarow, a Beledweyne resident, told Xinhua by phone. "Two other soldiers were severely wounded in the explosion."

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International News
Kofi Annan announces the former President of Mozambique as the winner of the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership
Mo Ibrahim

London, October 22, 2007 – Joaquim Chissano, the former President of Mozambique, has been announced today as the winner of the inaugural Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. The largest individual award in the world, it comprises:


Bristol, UK, October 26, 2007 – A Somali resident forced out of a Bristol council estate has branded her experience in the area as Islamophobic.

A total of 14 households, twelve of them Somali, are being moved out of Bristol council estate due to targeted attacks by local residents. A further two Asian households have also asked to move elsewhere. Incidents have included scarves being pulled off and verbal abuse, targeted burglary, the smashing of car windows, vandalism, graffiti and in one case, arson.

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ALBANY, October 26, 2007 — Two recent immigrants from Somalia who now live in Rochester were cited Thursday for their courageous service by a family-planning advocacy group.

Khadija Abuka, 38, and Sadiya Omar, 40, received their awards from Family Planning Advocates of New York at a ceremony near the Capitol for their work in providing health care resources and services for Somali refugees living in the Rochester area.

JoAnn Smith, president of Family Planning Advocates, said Abuka and Omar received the awards because they overcame their own problems and helped other refugees, while also helping Family Planning Advocates improve the cultural literacy of their service centers.

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Somaliland Map
Map of Somaliland Republic

From the first day when the war with Majeerteenya (Puntland) started, Somalilanders from all walks of life, including civil society and the opposition, have strongly backed not only their troops but also their government and president. The purpose behind the support was of course to strengthen the government’s position in time of war. Common sense suggests that with his strengthened position and the unity shown as a result of the war, President Rayale should have shown his citizens real leadership by taking some conciliatory step, such as releasing Qaran leaders, as a goodwill gesture toward maintaining the newly found unity in the country. No such gesture took place. On the contrary, President Rayale picked exactly this moment, when the country is at war in Las Anod, to intensify his other war: the war against Somaliland’s civil society.
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Special Report

By Prof. M. Y. Ali

In this paper, seismic, well, and outcrop data have been used to determine the petroleum systems of Somaliland. These data demonstrate that the country has favourable stratigraphy, structure, oil shows, and hydrocarbon source rocks.


In November 2005, the Centre for Human Rights began investigating the possibility of a third destination for the LLM field trip. The reasons for increasing the number of field trip destinations to include Somaliland include the following:

Somaliland is a state in the making; it would be ideal for students on the programme to have a first hand experience of this.

By Farah Ali Hassan,

Premier Geeddi's speech in Baidoa shortly after he came home from Addis Ababa where he was for crisis meeting with Ethiopian government to sort out the Premier's differences with President Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed, gives all indications that political pressure is taking toll on him.

His speech contained inflammatory remarks that can be interpreting as his verdict on the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia. Geeddi made two contradictory remarks about armed groups behind Mogadishu's mayhem. At one point he instructed

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By Abdillahi Daud, Minneapolis

The Diaspora community was taken aback by the recent shameful acts of the Somaliland Government to engineer the unseating of the elected board of the biggest umbrella of human rights organizations in our county. The aim of the government is to turn all civil society groups into Siyad Barre's era ‘Ururada Bulshada' which was controlled by Siyad's loyalists. We all remember:

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Somaliland vs. Puntland: More Terror Accusations, More Crying Wolf

By Dalmar Kaahin

Traditionally, whenever Somaliland and Puntland forces are locked in a deadly battle, the Prime Minster of Somalia, Mr. Geedi, quickly flies to Puntland to prop up support for Gen. Adde Muse, the current president of Puntland region of Somalia. (Actually, this is a good sign—the Somali regime has given up Somaliland for good.)

Somaliland Doesn’t Need Advice From Mr. Gedi

By Ahmed Kheyre

I would have thought that Mr. Gedi, the "prime minister" of the transitional federal government claiming to rule Somalia, would have far more pressing things to be concerned about than Somaliland's affairs.

For one thing, he is getting bombed left, right and centre, and secondly, his one time, close friend, Mr. Yusuf is trying to exclude Mr. Gedi from the Somalia gravy train. Where is all the aid money?

Without A Doubt KULMIYE Party Is The Only Hope For Our Country And Its People

By Hussein Ali Elmi Eryal


It was the people of Somaliland NOT the Government of Rayale who brought in the peace and harmony in our country and between the clans. It was the people who made it happened for what the international communities and renounced Scholars called the “Beacon of Africa, the Land of Haney and Milk” and so on. It was the public who make it possible the three successful national elections. It was the people who elected the current president and his government and entrusted him their future and that of their children by giving him the mandate to lead them and the country for prosperous future politically, economically and socially.

By Ahmed Kheyre, London, UK

With regard to the recent events in the Sool region of Somaliland let me re-assure you that Somaliland is peaceful nation   striving to have   an amicable relations with all its neighboring countries in the Horn Africa and   the world.  

However, Las-Anod is Somaliland. I would like to make this clear, the Puntland militia had invaded Las-Anod few years ago. Exercising patience and maturity Somaliland decided to resolve the issue peaceably.

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By Yusuf Deyr, Hargeysa

In the morning the sun rises with beams of love and freedom for a beautiful World. But we humans make it a hard place to live. Introducing hate, slavery, exploitation, and creating enmity among friends and families. Upsetting the mother – nature with pollution and contamination. Our culture of corruption and greed makes our World a frightening place to live. As I am getting older, sleep became lighter and more difficult to get. While sleeping lightly, I often have premonitory bad dreams partly because of the political hiccups of Mr. Rayale and partly because of my degrading poor health.

By Ibrahim Adam Ghalib, Borama

Institutions, government or private will thrive with proper management of its people- the most important resource. Managing human resources and overseeing the office environment are of course means to achieve the institution's goals. Today I will cover hiring and firing of employees and related topics.

In addressing these issues I have outlined strategies that have been used successfully by professionals with responsibility in hiring, firing and appraisals of employees properly.

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Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah

By Mohamed Ali Mousa

October 26, 2007 - As the election fever gripped everyone and emotions are getting higher and higher and the competition has already started in a society marked by deep divisions based on tribalism, the lobbying for president and VP has become personal and nasty. The political parties of Somaliland are exploring their candidates and examining their resumes of the political candidates who have shown interest in the election.  

In the upcoming election in Somaliland, the fever is more acute in the Kulmiye opposition party, where the presidential and vice presidential tickets are among the most urgent issues.

By Jacob Laksin

DJIBOUTI, Djibouti, 26 Oct. 2007--If there were to be a contest for the world's most beautiful topography, it would take a formidable challenge to knock Djibouti out of last place. From the air, the country calls to mind nothing so much as a vast, sprawling junkyard, with the gutted remains of single-engine planes, taxicabs, and roofless hovels rusting in an unforgiving, humidity-thick heat.

Things improve little from the ground up. The first thought that springs to mind when arriving in Djibouti is puzzlement at how such an economically ailing nation, nearly half of whose 650,000 population lives in poverty, has nevertheless managed to dispose of so much stuff.

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Picture: Amhara – Tigray Abyssinian ‘Humanism’ as expressed in Somalia

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

October 24, 2007 - The American people, a large number of US legislators, and many political and Human Rights activists are totally unaware of the vast, detrimental consequences that the current US Horn of Africa policy will have on America’s future.

However, this has to become a major concern for many Americans who envision America’s role as that of the World’s Vicar of the Ideals and the Principles of the Founding Fathers.

The original photograph of Sheikh Issaq’s tomb at Mait taken by the author and the issued stamp

By Christopher Claxton

Christopher Claxton recalls a vacation in Somaliland in 1957, when he took a photograph subsequently used for the 1s.30 stamp in the then current definitive set—and the work of his father, H W Claxton, in designing the King George VI definitives. Anyone who has traveled through desert wilderness, whether it be Somaliland's hot Guban or the icy glaciers of, say, Mont Blanc, will know just how beautifully awe inspiring they can be.

Addis Ababa, 24, October 2007 - Ethiopia started re-erecting its famed Axum obelisk 30 months after it returned to the country from Italy where it stayed for 70 years, a UN expert said on Wednesday.

The UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), which is overseeing the operation, said preliminary work to restore the 1 700-year-old obelisk on its original site has been completed.

UNESCO expert Sumeko Ohinata said: "The obelisk is in three main pieces at the moment, but we have prepared the foundations, brought the necessary equipment and mobilised our labour resources at the site.

Food for thought
Transitional Government Must Protect Journalists, Respect Free Expression

New York, October 22, 2007– The Somali government’s systematic harassment of journalists, its closures of media outlets, and its failure to investigate the killing of eight journalists have deeply damaged independent reporting in Somalia, Human Rights Watch said today.

On October 19, two unknown gunmen shot at close range Bashir Nur Gedi, the acting manager of Shabelle Media radio, outside a cafe in Mogadishu. Gedi was the eighth journalist to have been killed in Somalia in 2007. In addition, almost a dozen journalists have been wounded, including during major fighting in Mogadishu, making this the most dangerous year ever for the Somali media.


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