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Somaliland Attempting To Silence Human Rights Network
Issue 301
Front Page

Government Led “Coup D'état” against Shuro Net

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Somaliland Attempting To Silence Human Rights Network

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Regional Affairs

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Somalia: Situation Report - 26 Oct 2007

Special Report

International News

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Food for thought


Premier Gedi of Somalia cracks under political pressure

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Rayale’s Hostages In Mandera

Proper Hiring And Justified Firing Of Employees

Press Release

Michael Walls, Chair, Somaliland Focus ( UK)

London, October 26th, 2007 – Somaliland Focus (UK), an organization set up by returned election observers and members of the diaspora, is concerned about reports that the government in Hargeysa is attempting to silence or subvert the independent human rights network SHURO Net. Reports are that the Somaliland government, particularly the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, and the Human Rights Commission, organized an extraordinary AGM inviting some Shuro-Net members from the regions.

The meeting was held on 24th October and a new Board of Directors were elected by the participants. We are not yet sure how many member organizations participated but according to Zamzam Abdi, the SHURO Net chairperson, the government is trying to get rid of the current BOD and administration and put in their place one selected by the government. The chairperson also informed us that the SHURO Net members in the regions were threatened by the Mayors of their regions that if they did not participate in the extraordinary meeting in Hargeysa, they would not be allowed to work in their regions. Those who refused made their way to Hargeysa and reported the case to SHURO Net office.

The chairperson elected by yesterday’s meeting is the head of the programmes at the government-controlled Radio Hargeysa, a civil servant, who is not a member of SHURO Net. The Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) declared that he did not represent them.

It is believed that SHURO Net was targeted by the government because of their calls to abolish the Emergency Law, and for appealing for the release of prisoners including political prisoners and journalists. The heads of the 30 member organizations of SHURO Net have signed a letter declaring yesterday’s meeting illegal.

Somaliland Focus (UK) is concerned that these reports mirror other recent occasions where the government has shown authoritarian tendencies contrary to its push for democratization which we and others have been so keen to highlight. It does not make the work of organizations such as ourselves who pride ourselves on being international friends of Somaliland an easy one.

Source: Somaliland Focus

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