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Somaliland Doesn’t Need Advice From Mr. Gedi

Issue 301
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Somaliland Doesn’t Need Advice From Mr. Gedi

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By Ahmed Kheyre

I would have thought that Mr. Gedi, the "prime minister" of the transitional federal government claiming to rule Somalia, would have far more pressing things to be concerned about than Somaliland's affairs.

For one thing, he is getting bombed left, right and centre, and secondly, his one time, close friend, Mr. Yusuf is trying to exclude Mr. Gedi from the Somalia gravy train. Where is all the aid money? Why are the people of Somalia still starving to death by the thousands? Why are there incompetent and ignorant people claiming to represent Somalia overseas? Are the poor Somalis in Somalia still living the Barre nightmare? Somalis have many sayings for the person preoccupied with other people's whilst neglecting his own, but Mr. Gedi is inspiring even more sayings.

Mr. Gedi poor attempt to seem statesman is laughable. Surely, this is the same person who was accusing Somaliland of terrorism!, Is this not the same person who paid a visit to Puntland with express intentions of goading their militia to attack Somaliland? When did Mr. Gedi become concerned with Somaliland? Is it after  Somaliland ran out of patience and scattered the Puntland militia to smithereens. Who know what goes on in Mr. Gedi's mind, but one thing is for sure, realism is not one of them.

Mr. Gedi, here is a reality, Somaliland is a sovereign and independent country. We are touched by your concern, but you would do better to protect the poor people of Somalia from oppression, poverty, hunger, murder and mayhem. Somaliland can take care of itself, please Mr. Gedi, take care of your own house.


Ahmed Kheyre

London , UK


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