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The True Face of “Dr” Muhammad Shamsadin Megalomatis – Part Three

Issue 302
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“Somaliland Does not Need Our Permission To Capture Las Anod,” Ethiopian Ambassador

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President Rayale meets a delegation from Norway

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The True Face of “Dr” Muhammad Shamsadin Megalomatis – Part Three

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Constitutionalism First For Shuro-Net Members

Buzu Mengistu

October 30, 2007

I was taking that the so-called “Dr.” Megalomatis is a real personality based on his resume on every entry of his article with his picture. Now I realized that it is fallacious.

As it has been indicated in part two of this article (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=41223), it is really better to unveil himself and come out clearly with political agenda on Ethiopia rather than writing unfounded information by the name of history. If he claims to be a direct reporter/spokes person of extreme elements in Ethiopia, yes it will be trustful position for him, because he is practicing it. In fact some evidences are confirming about this on the ground. Among these facts, the following could be taken as an example:

His report using the title “A Great Victory for the Oppressed Nation of Ogaden” on http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=41243 and emails to me from some individuals who are claiming to be members or supporters of OLF and ONLF, confirm that Megalomatis is their reporter. In fact he is good to report fabricated news.

On the other hand he tried to write his article with historical information by the title “The West’s Ethiopian Aberration: the kingdom of Priest John between Myth and Reality” (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=40832) and further discussing he entered into quagmire and after lengthy writing failed to deliver the essence of the subject matter. He found it easy to write that he would continue in a forthcoming article. This shows how this individual is very junior in knowledge, unscholarly and untruthful in history.

On the response to my “open letter” to him and other occasions he criticised the English language usage of others and mine. As English is my 3rd language I think it is precisely enough to me to deliver the message of my intention. In fact it is one of his tactics to make people keep silent when he walks by unwashed his boots on the hearts and minds of innocent people. I think, my sincere advice is, that history and political science are not worth-full to him. Let him find some other jobs related to some gossip-likes in English language.

Dear readers, my fundamental question concerning “Dr” Mohammad S.M. is: Is it genuine to show to the world, the face that doesn’t belong to you like Megalomatis did? Is it acceptable in the academic world to confuse people using the academic title or rank like “Dr. or Professor?” I think it is shame on him. I would be curious to be introduced with the “dissertation” or “thesis” which Megalomatis defended to earn his Ph.D. if at all it is true. Which institution awarded him the title? And I think I will put this case to be one of my follow up.

Although I am not historian, I have enough experience to investigate cases like that of Megalomatis. There is no need to be historian to understand the presentation of historical facts. I think historians are those people who study, investigate (research) and submit their findings of the past deeds in well-mannered and official language. All the rest including Megalomatis and me are users. But the difference between Megalomatis and me is that he is trying to interpret evilly. Based on his interpretation he claims to be the socio-political map designer (the fake one) of east Africa. He still refused to learn from the world famous living legend of Great Mandela of South Africa. Of course Mandela worries for his people and left all past grievances for history. But our Evil Megalomatis is preaching hatred, trying to ignite unrest. He is doing this because of simple reason that these people, whom he claims stands for are not his people. He doesn’t mind about their suffering based on the Quencequences of his agitation. Dear readers I am not comparing the bogus, ignorant, evil with Mandela. Just I would like to remind my readers how Megalomatis is evilly engaged in our people issue, that the Ethiopian people had been supporting Mandela during the struggle with apartheid. I am really sorry for my readers to use such “impolite” terms and words addressing Megalomatis. If he has owned a manner of full-distinguished scholar based on facts, I would have been followed moderate debate on history and political issue. But, He is in deed famous ignorant leave alone history, also in political science. His evil mind is simply busy with anti-Ethiopian issues to such level that he is not even able to think properly. He is bully-like hooligan to use the words like...“Abyssinian hyenas” (please find in the link below), which jumps here and there, to defame and disregard any thing related to Ethiopia.

Look at the following his statements on “http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=41423

“Somaliland attributed a great part of importance to its alliance with Abyssinia; as Somaliland represents a part of the Somali territory, is inhabited by Somalis, and reflects part of the Somali National and Cultural Heritage, an alliance with Abyssinia, fallaciously re-baptized as Ethiopia, is practically impossible.

The reason is simple; you cannot become the ally of those who disrespecting your past and national heritage, hate your heroes, defame and minimize if not usurp your past, and oppress your compatriots, who happen to be involuntarily included of their territory.”

My refutation for the above is:

It is simply the true face of “Dr.” Megalomatis, his ignorance in political “situation analysis” which he sticks only on ethnic thread by ignoring economic benefits of one country in relation to the other. Megalomatis refused to accept that Ethiopia is a great, historical, heroic and very populous country in the region where it locates and attracts not only Somaliland, and other neighbouring countries but also the big economic powers of the world

On the same reference mentioned above Megalomatis is trying to foolish the readers that he received a lot of support from Somalis except one person. This is rubbish to count his paid co-writers in the issue as a supporter from the people. In stead it is clear that Somaliland people very well understand their benefit and very cleaver enough to know who is who. They aspire peace and stability and economic growth not a machine-gun to demolish their efforts as per Megalomatis’ agitation.

Megalomatis has got very jealous on Somali land people by raising a question why they are living in peace comparing to the other part of Somalia. Yes, he is evilly jealous!!! And worries why they are not thinking like him. He is in search to insert his hatred manifesto and evil mind in the Curriculum of Somaliland schools. But will never succeed.

Ethiopia is a country where more than 80 languages are spoken. It is a museum of diversified cultural heritages and a living home for peoples, nationalities and nations at large if needed. We don’t have place for evil-intended history references like Megalomatis does.

Source: American Chronicle


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