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Issue 304 / 17th November 2007
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Puntland Security Forces Defect To Somaliland

Somaliland Government Proposes New ‘Press Law’ To Gag the Free Press & Take its assets.

Town Youths Surrender Deadly Explosives To Somaliland Officials In Las Anod

Interim Qaran Leaders Released After being Held Overnight in Police Custody

Ethiopia Tightening Grip On Somalia — Or Losing It?

Las Anod Local Authority Begins Cleaning The Town

Dubai World Subsidiary Buys Daallo Airlines In Joint Venture With Founders, Djibouti Government

European parliament calls for war crimes probe in Somalia

War without end

President Abdillahi Yusuf Asked To Clarify Government’s Position On Press Freedom

US Africa command will aid security: general

Somalia: an opening towards the end of the impasse

Regional Affairs

Landmine kills 10 in Somaliland

Somaliland: Police Arrest Officials, Supporters Of QARAN Party

Special Report

International News

The 'Great Circle of Crisis': Britain's War Plan Against the American System

Farah Roble Aden & Sean Langan Win The Hard News & Features Awards At The 2007 Rory Peck Awards

Lame Ducks, Lame Hawks?


An Auschwitz For Africa

Rumsfeld Kept Bogey Of Terror Alive To Rally Americans For War

Challenges To The Modern Commonwealth

Africa: New Improved Disaster Response Tool

EMU, Somaliland University Hope Exchange Program Fosters Peace

Food for thought


Open Letter To Somaliland Finance Minister

Freedom Of Press

To save SHURO-Net is to help promote Human Rights in Somaliland

Viva Ali Gulaid

Free Press: An Integral Part Of A Democratic System

The Detention Of QARAN Leaders

Over Seven Ministries And Two Mayors Apologized, But The Minister Of Sports And Youth Still Denies

Somaliland and the press law

MOGADISHU, November 14, 2007 - At least 10 people were killed and 15 others wounded when a truck they were traveling in triggered a decades-old mine in the breakaway Somali state of Somaliland, officials said Wednesday.

Police said the incident occurred Tuesday in Togdher region near the Ethiopian border. The device was believed to be an anti-tank mine.

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Text of report by Somaliland independent Hargeysa Cable TV on 12 November

Hargeysa, Somaliland, November 12, 2007 – Authorities in Somaliland have arrested some interim officials of Qaran Party [unregistered party whose leaders have been convicted] and supporters.

The officials were arrested from their homes in Hargeysa and Burco this morning.

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Abuja, 14 November 2007- Nigeria is preparing to send troops to Somalia as part of a peacekeeping force.

A battalion of 700 troops is ready to fly into the volatile Horn of African state when the president gives the order, the army said yesterday.

The plans were revealed by US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte before he returned home from a visit to Abuja yesterday morning. He had been in discussions with the Defence Ministry.

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MOGADISH , Somalia, Nov. 12, 2007 – Media watchdog groups said Somalia is second only to Iraq in assassinations of journalists with eight killed this year.

The killings have escalated, especially in Mogadishu, since December when invading Ethiopian troops ousted an Islamic movement and installed a U.S.-backed transitional government, The Washington Post reported Monday.

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Mogadishu, November 12, 2007 – The Young Islamic Movement known as ‘Al-Shabab’ in Somalia recently threatened to kill the editor of, one of the Somali widely read websites after they accused him of ‘setting flame among the Mujahidsts’, sources say on Monday.

In a statement posted on their website on 9 November, the Al-Shabab said Dahir Abdulle Alasow is a great spy and sought to bring the Islamists against one another publishing fabricated news stories.

Main Developments

Sporadic fighting between Ethiopian/Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and anti-government elements continued throughout the week in addition to house-to-house weapon search in a bid to rid the city of firearms. These activities seriously hampered access of civilians to basic social services, such as health care, as some districts were rendered nearly impassable. As a result of sporadic shelling in residential areas as well as roadside bombs, about 300 people were admitted with war wounds in the last three weeks, with the number of deaths unconfirmed.

Mombasa, 14 November 2007 - With one slain crewman in the ship's freezer and Somali pirates threatening to kill his son, Capt. Xinshen Ling could think of only one thing to do: Threaten to throw himself into the shark-infested waters, calculating the pirates wouldn't want to lose the captain.

He was right. Four pirates immediately rushed to keep him from jumping off the Taiwanese fishing vessel.

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Ugandan peace keepers in Mogadishu

The spokesman for the Ugandan army says Uganda's 1,600 peacekeeping troops in Somalia will stay in the capital Mogadishu and defend themselves against any attack by militant Somali Islamists, whose leader has vowed to destroy the African Union force. VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has more from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi.

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MOGADISHU, November 15, 2007 – A Somali Islamist commander, thought to be al Qaeda's man in Mogadishu, has ordered his fighters to attack African Union (AU) peacekeepers in rare taped comments intended to bolster an anti-government insurgency.

Somali Web sites that posted the 20-minute recording named the speaker as Aden Hashi Ayro, who has been in hiding since his sharia courts group was ousted from its southern strongholds by joint Somali-Ethiopian forces in January.

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16 November 2007

The UN estimates 100,000 people have left Mogadishu in the last two weeks to escape fighting between U.S.-backed Ethiopian troops and Somali fighters. Former UN spokesperson and journalist Salim Lone says the international community is ignoring a major humanitarian crisis for which it bears considerable responsibility. [includes rush transcript]

While the situation in Pakistan is front-page news in the US and across the world, the media has focused little attention on a much more dire humanitarian crisis. In Somalia, at least 80 people have died in the capital of Mogadishu in heavy fighting between U.S.-backed Ethiopian troops and Somali fighters. Most of the dead are believed to be civilians. Ethiopian tanks and artillery battered parts of Mogadishu after an Ethiopian soldier was dragged through the streets. Residents of Mogadishu accused Ethiopian troops of attacking civilians.

Mogadishu, Nov. 15, 2007 – THE escalating violence in Mogadishu, Somalia's ruined capital, continues unabated. The fighting there in the last week has been awful. Over 80 people have been killed, some of them children. The bodies of Ethiopian soldiers killed in gun battles with Islamist fighters were dragged through the streets by angry mobs, beaten and spat on. Those grisly scenes were reminiscent of the treatment of American soldiers killed in Mogadishu in 1993.

A report this week by the EU claims that as many as 5,000 people have been wounded in the fighting in Mogadishu this year; 800,000 civilians are now displaced across the country. And the two sides are squaring up for more blood-letting. The leader of the ousted Islamists, Hassan Dahir Aweys, has called for a general uprising against Ethiopian and Somali government forces. Somalia's president, Abdillahi Yusuf, an old adversary of Mr Aweys, responded by demanding that civilians drive militants out of their own neighborhoods or face the consequences.

17 November 2007

THE PEOPLE OF Somalia are enduring yet another round of suffering as Ethiopian forces wreck havoc in the capital, Mogadishu. Apparently in response to an attack on one of its units, and the dragging of a soldier’s mutilated body through the city’s streets, an Ethiopian mortar reportedly exploded in Mogadishu’s Bakara market on November 9, killing eight civilians. A number of Somalis were also found dead the following day, some believed to have been rounded up by Ethiopian forces the night before.

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BAIDOA, Nov 07, 2007 – Somali lawmakers on Wednesday approved a law that allows non-legislators to become cabinet ministers, clearing the way for the president to nominate a replacement for Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi.

"All lawmakers have approved the issue," Parliament Speaker Sheikh Adan Madobe told more than 200 assembled legislators, who moments before had overwhelmingly approved the measure by a show of hands after three days of debate.

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11 November 2007

The Ethiopians in Somalia have discovered to their cost the same harsh reality confronting the Americans in Iraq: it is easy for a well-equipped and trained army to defeat in short order an inferior enemy. What follows, however, is frustration and humiliation as that enemy regroups and begins a guerrilla war against the occupying power.

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Vehicles belonging to Puntland forces (photofile).

Las Anod, 17 November, 2007 (SL Times) – According to SL Times sources in Las Anod, the administrative capital of Sool region, a large group of Puntland’s armed forces and three high ranking officials serving in Puntland government defected on Thursday to Somaliland’s armed forces stationed in Sool region.

The current band of defectors coming from Puntland’s security forces number 50-55 men, and include two former Puntland regional heads of police and a deputy regional governor.


16 November 2007

A Joint-Press Statement issued by Somaliland’s leading independent newspapers: Jamhuuriya, Ogaal, Haatuf, Geeska Africa and Saxansaxo

Somaliland government recently submitted a new ‘Press Law’ for the lower house of parliament to legislate into law. The new ‘Press Law’ contains desperate measures by the government to get rid of the independent media, in particular, the independent and privately owned newspapers in circulation.

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Las Anod, 17 November, 2007 (SL Times) – Youth in Las Anod, the administrative capital of Sool region, have been handing in an assortment of deadly explosives to the town’s newly established authority.

A ministerial delegation from Hargeysa, headed by the minister of Public Works, Saeed Sulub Muhamad, have been in Las Anod for a month, to oversee and coordinate the restoration of the town’s local government authority, its basic infrastructures, and to re-establish the regional presence of the various government departments and services which used to operate in Sool prior to Puntland’s capture of the region in 2002.

Hargeysa, 17 November, 2007 (SL Times) – The spokesman for the interim committee for the non-registered political organisation ‘Qaran’, Mr M Abdi Daud, and three other persons belonging to Qaran have been released on Tuesday by Somaliland’s police after being ‘illegally’ arrested on Monday without formal court orders or warrants in connection with Monday’s public rallies held in Berbera and Buroa, which were prematurely disrupted by the government in these two major Somaliland towns.

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By Bill Weinberg

15 November 2007.

In a near-explicit threat, Somalia's President Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed Nov. 13 called on Mogadishu residents to help fight insurgents—or suffer in government crackdowns in the violence-torn capital. "My government is doing all it can to save the lives of the Somali people, but insurgents are responsible for the continued violence," Yusuf told a press conference in Nairobi. "People in neighborhoods must also fight the Shabab and chase them away. Otherwise they are the ones who suffer in crackdowns." The Shabab (Arabic for "Youth") insurgent movement continues to harass government and Ethiopian troops in Somalia's capital. "When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers," Yusuf warned.

Las Anod , 17 November, 2007 (SL Times) – On Monday, the local-government authority that was recently set up by Somaliland administration in Las Anod, began cleaning-up operations in the town’s main roads and the collecting of road side debris and refuse dumps which have built up over the years in the town.

All week, bystanders in the town centre have marvelled at seeing the local government tanker spraying and washing the main road with water, after the local authority’s workers swept up huge amounts of sand and dust accumulated over the years on the road’s surface and then loaded it on the back of local authority trucks.

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Khaled Al Kamda, Vice Chairman Istithmar World, and Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin, Founder and CEO of Daallo Airlines signing the agreement.
Khaled Al Kamda, Vice Chairman Istithmar World, and Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin, Founder and CEO of Daallo Airlines signing the agreement.

Dubai, UAE, November 13 – 2007 – Dubai World company Istithmar World Aviation (IWA) Holdings has announced that it is joining with founders of Daallo Airlines and the Government of Djibouti to create a new holding company which will acquire all the shares of Daallo Airlines.

Las Anood, November 17, 2007 – A delegation led by the head of the UNDSS office in Hargeysa, Mr. Gabriel Mattie and three members of the United Nations Humanitarian office are currently in Las Anod, on a visit designed to appraise the stability and the needs of the region. 

The delegation were formally welcomed in Las Anod by the local administrative officers for the Sool region and members of the Somaliland government.

The governor of Sool, Mudane Ali Mohamed Ahmed met with the delegation at his offices in Las Anod, and urged the United Nations to take a more active role in the development of the region. 

Super Model Waris Dirie

Female genital mutilation is still widely practiced in Africa, It is (commonly described as female circumcision) performed across all ages---on infants, young girls, teenagers, and women. Most girls undergo the ritual live in Africa. Every 10 seconds a girl becomes a victim to FGM.They suffer for the rest of their lives from physical and psychological pain, many of them die. After reading Waris'' book "Desert Flower" I was shocked to find out that some countries in the world still practice the "ritual" of FGM.

A Somali boy covers the body of man who was reportedly killed by Ethiopian troops

NAIROBI, 15 Nov 2007 - European deputies called Thursday for an independent probe into war crimes and rights violations in the Somali capital, where the government is battling rebels, a statement said Thursday.

The resolution, adopted by the European Parliament, "strongly condemns the serious violations of human rights committed by all parties to the conflict".

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Meera Selva
Meera Selva
November 15, 2007

There are gun battles being fought in the Bakara market, and the bodies of foreign soldiers are being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu.

In 1992, American troops landed in Somalia under the absurdly optimistic Operation Restore Hope, to rescue Somalia from famine and rule by warlords. It ended as one of the most botched interventions the UN and the US have ever carried out. Hundreds of Somalis were killed in the fighting and American soldiers, UN troops and western journalists were murdered by lynch mobs.

Paris, France, November 16, 2007 – Mogadishu mayor Mohamed Omar Habeb’s demands that news media and journalists must register with the authorities in order to be able work in the capital are a violation of the Transitional Federal Government’s undertakings, Reporters Without Borders said today in a letter to President Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed.

Mayor Habeb said on 14 November that “all the media” including “representatives of foreign media” would have to register with the authorities “within 30 days in order to continue working in Mogadishu, otherwise they will not be authorised.”

William Ward

WASHINGTON, 15 November 2007 - The head of the new US military command for Africa vowed Wednesday that it would not interfere with peacekeeping efforts across the continent amid some hostility there to the project.

The situation in Somalia, after a short period of calm imposed to a high cost by the domination of the Islamic Courts, once again finds itself at the mercy of guerrillas. The population is tired and tried and the increasing number of protagonists on the scene renders the situation even more chaotic. Nevertheless the situation is evolving, but peace still seems to be a distant prospect.

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International News
16 Nov 2007

At no point, since the end of World War II, have so many regions of the world been swept up in chaos, asymmetric warfare, and economic disintegration, as at the present moment. Coming at a time when the global financial system has also already collapsed, this combination of seemingly isolated, ``regional'' conflicts and destabilizations represents nothing less than a growing threat of a global, asymmetric World War III.

Somalia’s Farah Roble Aden was awarded the Rory Peck Award for Hard News for his footage Somalia Reports and British-Irish Sean Langan won the Rory Peck Award for Features for Fighting the Taliban at last night’s annual Rory Peck Awards ceremony.

The Rory Peck Awards is the only ceremony of its kind to celebrate freelance achievement in television news gathering around the world. Through The Rory Peck Trust’s expansive reach, freelance cameramen and women are honoured for their enterprising spirit and integrity in raising awareness of critical issues.
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16 November 2007

It was not so many years ago that another "lame duck" president, facing a hostile Congress and a United Nations Security Council veto, launched an air war. In March of 1999, President Bill Clinton had 22 months remaining in his final term. Both houses of Congress were vehemently opposed to the Administration, so much so that the House of Representatives had recently made Clinton only the second president to be impeached. Russia, on the Security Council, was certain to veto any resolution for action against Russia's "little brothers", the Serbs.

Somaliland Map
Map of Somaliland Republic

It is common practice among commentators to blame President Rayale for the deteriorating human rights situation in Somaliland. This is understandable since the president is the highest state executive. But it is also important to point out that the president could not have committed all this violations if he did not get help and encouragement from others in his administration. There are several ministers who have played a key role in planning, executing and justifying the government’s assault on human rights. One of them is the Minister of Interior, Abdillahi Ismail Ali (Irro).

There are several reasons why Abdillahi Irro stands out. First, as the minister of interior, the various branches of internal security such as the police and CID fall under his authority. Unfortunately, it is these security agencies which are supposed to protect the public that are major violators of human rights. It is true that these agencies did not start violating citizen’s rights when he became a minister, but it is also true that since he took over the reigns of that ministry, it has gone through a sharp turn for the worse.

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Special Report

By Prof. M. Y. Ali

In this paper, seismic, well, and outcrop data have been used to determine the petroleum systems of Somaliland. These data demonstrate that the country has favourable stratigraphy, structure, oil shows, and hydrocarbon source rocks.


In November 2005, the Centre for Human Rights began investigating the possibility of a third destination for the LLM field trip. The reasons for increasing the number of field trip destinations to include Somaliland include the following:

Somaliland is a state in the making; it would be ideal for students on the programme to have a first hand experience of this.


By Mohamoud Raage Ibrahim

Dear Minister It is not an intelligent idea to hamper and hinder the Somaliland’s Business activities and restrict Companies freedom to trade.

Recently, I came across an article which was written by qarannews, having read that article I can not sit back and watch the Somaliland finance minister MR Hussein Ali dualle clearly announced that he and his government will loot and rob the Somaliland local business companies wealth and livestock if they try to export and import through the Bosaso port. ”.

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By Tv Somaliland Europe

Tv Somaliland Europe’s ambition is to see the Recognition of the Republic of Somaliland by the international community.

The Republic of Somaliland has been a Beacon and a good example to many countries of Africa as well as other parts of the world. Because of the freedom of press that has been in practice in Somaliland.

A quality, which we do not want to compromise, nor loose at any expense.

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To save SHURO-Net is to help promote Human Rights in Somaliland

By Amir Ahmed Manghali

When I circulated my advice Constitutionalism First for SHURO-Net Members to the all people who received the SHURO-Net Public Notice Ref/SHURO-Net/ 0333 /07, Dated 26/10/07 little did I know that SHURO-Net officers (employees) would be forced to handover or cooperate with the new board or even get locked out of office by the Somaliland Police on orders of the Ministry of Justice. And little did I know that my piece would appear in the news papers.

These were my personal views that were not necessarily the official position of my former Employer Progressio which I used for quick identity purposes.

Viva Ali Gulaid

By Jama Farah

Ali Gulaid demonstrated a rare leadership by withdrawing his nomination for the vise presidency of Kulmiye. He chose to put, the interest of the party and country ahead of his own ambitions. As man of principal, he refused to fall in line with the usual tribal lines and petty politics. He chose to step aside if he could not be judged on his knowledge and merits.

Ali Gulaid is a tested and tried leader. As one of the first members of the Kulmiye party, He managed to attract Somaliland professionals, elites and academies in the Diaspora. With numerous accolades he commands respect both on the local and the international scene.

Free Press: An Integral Part Of A Democratic System

By Ahmed Eid Adam

In democratic countries, freedom of press implies that all people should have the right to express their ideas in writing or in any other way of expression or creativity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR )indicates that every one has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This right includes freedom to hold useful opinions and impart information and ideas through the media.

By Ahmed Ali Ibrahim Sabeyse

Your Excellencies,

On Freedom and Democracy, perhaps the words of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt will make some sense to our parliamentarians:

" It is my right to be uncommon. For I do not choose to be a common man, if I can, I seek opportunity. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the government look after me. I choose to take the calculated risk, to dream, to build, to fail or succeed. I choose not to barter incentive for a dole; I prefer the challenges of life to a guaranteed existence, the thrill of fulfillment to the state calm of Utopia. I will not trade my freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. 

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By Dr. Abdi E. Obseyeh, Borama

During regional competitive tournament the BBC reporter had an interview with Borama district Mayor Mr.,Abdirahman Shide who told him what he had seen at Hargeysa stadium before his team arrived at the site. “I have seen many gangs who were holding big axes, knives and long sticks in the stadium” the mayor reported. On that same afternoon the reporter had an interview with the Minister of Sports and youth of Somaliland Mr. Mahamud who told him “that every thing was quiet and nothing of this type was expected”.

By Ahmed Kheyre

Freedom of the press is one of the pillars of a strong, free and democratic society. However, this freedom also requires maturity. Fabrication, slander and lies don't make a free press any better or stronger. The security of the nation is paramount, but giving aid to our enemies by fabricating, miss-reporting and slandering each other is not a mark of Journalism. 

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Tourists wait to enter the main gate at Auschwitz, Poland

Warsaw, November 14, 2007 – Last month I was in Poland, an inspiring place with a can-do attitude to rival America. Just 15 years after collapse of the Soviet Bloc, it is the eighth-largest economy in Europe, but more about that later.

I was researching a book I have in mind about the reaction to genocide and why some crimes gain world attention while others are ignored, even covered up.

A Kenyan man watches a Dhow sail past

The Dawn

Washington DC, Nov 16, 2007 – Former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld wanted his staff to “keep elevating the threat” of terrorism to make the American people rally behind the Bush administration in the Iraq war. In a series of internal memos to his staff, written between 2002 and 2006 and published in various US newspapers on Thursday, Mr. Rumsfeld appears desperate to reshape public opinion of the Iraq war.

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London, UK, Nov 13, 2007 – Commonwealth Finance Ministers first proposed bilateral debt relief in 1987. A generation later this idea has led to an estimated $100 billion of debt relief raised for around 30 of the world's poorest countries.

This and many other projects were used as examples of the relevance and impact of the "modern Commonwealth" by Secretary-General Don McKinnon for the London School of Economics on 12 November 2007.*

Johannesburg, November 14, 2007 – A new tool has been developed to help humanitarian agencies and donors analyze a disaster situation, make a comparison with another disaster that might be unfolding in a different part of the globe, and plan and prioritize their response to a particular crisis accordingly.

The Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU) of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Somalia developed a comprehensive situation analysis early warning tool in 2004, which uses a "common currency to describe the nature and severity of a crisis", said Nicholas Haan, the unit's former chief technical advisor, who developed the concept.

Somaliland flag
Somaliland lies within the physical borders of Somalia, but declared its independence from the nation in 1991 due to broad civil unrest in the rest of the country.

EMU and a university in the African nation of Somaliland are collaborating on an exchange program as part of a plan to boost peace efforts in the troubled nation.

Food for thought

By Saleban D. Abdillahi

The house of elder’s term has been stretched, the election days have been extended, the Qaran Political leaders are still in top-security prison, the constitutional crises are intensified, human rights abuse issues are under debate, Shuro-net (human rights union) executives have been altered and replaced, media is been threatened, which all means a democracy under siege and the world communities are watching.


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