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Somaliland and the press law

Issue 304
Front Page

Puntland Security Forces Defect To Somaliland

Somaliland Government Proposes New ‘Press Law’ To Gag the Free Press & Take its assets.

Town Youths Surrender Deadly Explosives To Somaliland Officials In Las Anod

Interim Qaran Leaders Released After being Held Overnight in Police Custody

Ethiopia Tightening Grip On Somalia — Or Losing It?

Las Anod Local Authority Begins Cleaning The Town

Dubai World Subsidiary Buys Daallo Airlines In Joint Venture With Founders, Djibouti Government

European parliament calls for war crimes probe in Somalia

War without end

President Abdillahi Yusuf Asked To Clarify Government’s Position On Press Freedom

US Africa command will aid security: general

Somalia: an opening towards the end of the impasse

Regional Affairs

Landmine kills 10 in Somaliland

Somaliland: Police Arrest Officials, Supporters Of QARAN Party

Special Report

International News

The 'Great Circle of Crisis': Britain's War Plan Against the American System

Farah Roble Aden & Sean Langan Win The Hard News & Features Awards At The 2007 Rory Peck Awards

Lame Ducks, Lame Hawks?


An Auschwitz For Africa

Rumsfeld Kept Bogey Of Terror Alive To Rally Americans For War

Challenges To The Modern Commonwealth

Africa: New Improved Disaster Response Tool

EMU, Somaliland University Hope Exchange Program Fosters Peace

Food for thought


Open Letter To Somaliland Finance Minister

Freedom Of Press

To save SHURO-Net is to help promote Human Rights in Somaliland

Viva Ali Gulaid

Free Press: An Integral Part Of A Democratic System

The Detention Of QARAN Leaders

Over Seven Ministries And Two Mayors Apologized, But The Minister Of Sports And Youth Still Denies

Somaliland and the press law


By Ahmed Kheyre

Freedom of the press is one of the pillars of a strong, free and democratic society. However, this freedom also requires maturity. Fabrication, slander and lies don't make a free press any better or stronger. The security of the nation is paramount, but giving aid to our enemies by fabricating, miss-reporting and slandering each other is not a mark of Journalism. 

We should also bear in mind that not a single local Somaliland paper has actually seen the proposed changes, and it was only submitted to parliament last week, so let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Somaliland journalists are free to report the news, express their opinions and political ideas, but they must also show some accountability. Good journalism is about obtaining all the facts, giving each side the opportunity to state its case and then publishing with the express intend of giving the readers the chance to make up their own minds.

The Somaliland press has contributed the success and development of the country, so they must now show the same patience and not get ahead themselves. Let the elected representative of the people have their say and make the law.

Ahmed Kheyre


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