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A United Nations Delegation Visits Las Anood

Issue 304
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Las Anood, November 17, 2007 – A delegation led by the head of the UNDSS office in Hargeysa, Mr. Gabriel Mattie and three members of the United Nations Humanitarian office are currently in Las Anod, on a visit designed to appraise the stability and the needs of the region. 

The delegation were formally welcomed in Las Anod by the local administrative officers for the Sool region and members of the Somaliland government.

The governor of Sool, Mudane Ali Mohamed Ahmed met with the delegation at his offices in Las Anod, and urged the United Nations to take a more active role in the development of the region. 

Mudane Ali Mohamed gave a brief report to the UN delegation and emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian aid to the returning citizens of the town.  

The delegation also met with Somaliland minister for Public Works, Mudane Saed Sulub Mohamed, who the special Presidential envoy to the region, and the deputy minister for Planning, Mudane Ahmed Hashi Abdi.

Mudane Sulub appraised the delegation on the crucial role the government Somaliland is playing in the region, in terms of security and aid, but mentioned the country's resources are limited

Mr. Mattie's delegation also met with members of the Las Anod community, elders, social activist and political leaders. During their visit to the city the UN delegation visited the general hospital and other local facilities in the town centre.

Omar Mohamed Farah, Hargeysa

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